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Numero Dieciocho

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I'm sooooooooo sorry for lack of updates!!! Epilogue!!!!!!

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/Keep an eye out for Pregnancy for Dummies it's the last one!!!!/

Four years later and everything was the way it should be. Allison was now nine and enjoying life as a fourth-grader. She was 'married' on her seventh birthday to the boy next door only to change her mind after learning boys had cooties. She and Pete still had a relationship that would turn other fathers green and as far as she knew Natalie was the only mother she ever had and could ever want. Although she now spent lots of time complaining about her little brother, Allison could vaguely remember everything that they went through during the first few weeks of his life and grew to love him more each day.

Kingston Wentz, the name most pre-school teachers had learned to fear. Kingston was a spitting image of his father, complete with the personality, the only difference was his mother's gorgeous eyes. Kingston was the definition of trouble-maker, he loved to play pranks on people and was always getting into things, but no one could ever stay mad at home for long as he'd perfected the Wentz pout by the time he was two. But he was also a Mommy's Boy, after the two weeks he spent away from Natalie after he was born she barely let him out of her sight and wouldn't trust him with someone else unless she or Pete were with them, but over time she grew more comfortable.

Finally we come to Pete and Natalie. Pete and Natalie are currently getting ready to celebrate their six year anniversary and are expecting their third child, a beautiful baby boy named Patrick Brody, named after you guessed it, Patrick Stump. Over the past few years their love for each other has grown impossibly stronger, making it almost impossible for them to be apart for long periods of time. Pete and the rest of Fall Out Boy decided to take a few years off to focus on their families and things of the like, meaning that he and Natalie had the ability to spend more time around each other. While Natalie devoted her time into opening her own law firm with Andy's girlfriend and one of her friends from school, Chelsea.

Over time the Wentzs have gone through more things than most people would ever dream of, pregnancy, fatherhood, marriage, and babynapping. All resulting in one thing that most people spend their entire lives searching for. Love...
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