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Chapter 1; where many secrets are found out and the emergency room becomes home

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Jessica is the sister of the one and only Frank Iero. What happens when things go wrong at home and Jessica [or Jess for short] has to go travel with the band?

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Angst, Drama, Horror - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Warnings: [?] [V] - Published: 2007-06-12 - Updated: 2007-06-13 - 755 words

The beating had been bad this time. My dad kept asking the same question, "What did you do with you mother's meds?!?!?!" he would yell right in my ear. "I didn't do anything with them" I would whimper. "Ya, right!" then he would kick my somewhere on my body. My body had already been numbed about an hour ago. Ya,his had been going on since my mom lost her meds because we couldn't pay for them. "Now, get out and don't come back!!" I heard my dad scream at me and kicking me a couple times before I got up and walked out the open door. I was crouched clutching my stomach.

I had blood on my hands and face and shirt. I guess I should call Frank. I dialed his cell. I hope he wasn't performing. "Hello?" that wasn't Frank that was...oh what was his name...oh it was Mikey! "Mikey, I need to talk to my brother" I said sobbing into the phone. "Jessica, oh god what's wrong, did some kids beat you up at school?" he said in a teasing voice. "No, Mikey, just give him the fucking phone," I said whimpering. "No, not till you tell me what is just oh so important that you have to interrupt our rehearsal," he said in an angry tone. "Mikey, my dad just beat me and I think I'm bleeding inside or something" I screamed into the phone. "Oh my god" said Mikey silently. "Frank your sis is on the phone, it's bad" I heard Mikey yell to my brother. I heard some shuffle as the phone switched hands. "Hello, Jess, it that you?" asked Frank from the other side of my phone. "Ya it's me" I said coughing up blood onto the sidewalk. "What do you need?" he asked his voice coated with worry. "Can you come get me?" I asked not thinking of where he was. "What, Jess were in California, you're all the way back in Oregon" he said the worry totally gone. "Please Frank, I can't take it anymore" I said sobbing. I was getting dizzy from walking to I sat on the ground. "What? What do you mean you cant take it anymore?" he asked the worry back in his voice. "Frank, dad beats me" I said choking on the last part. "WHAT!" Frank yelled into the phone. I could hear some rustling and the jingle of keys in the background. "He's done it since we couldn't pay for my meds and mom's meds anymore" I was crying softly now. I had never wanted to admit this to my own brother before but I guess I need to now since I didn't have a place to live anymore. I remember along time ago dad took me downtown after he had beaten me and pointed to the concrete and said "pick a spot". Of course he came back and picked me up the next day from school where I got teased daily for the bruises I had. Everyone knew my secret. Everyone but my brother. "Jessica can you survive one more day in the house?" Frank asked bringing me out of my memories. "Frank, that's the point, I'm not in the house anymore, I'm on the concrete in the park" I whispered. "I will kill him!" I heard Frank yell in anger. "Frank hurry, I'm bleeding into my lungs I think" I said hurriedly to my brother. I had just spotted my dad across the park heading towards me with anger on his face. "Frank, I have to call you back" I said hanging up on him and getting up from the concrete. I turned and started to run to the only safe place I could think of. The hospital. It was hard to run in my condition but I was way faster than my dad. I looked to see that he was actually gaining on me. I yelped and ran faster. I was getting close. I ran up in front of a car and into the door of the emergency room. I stopped and looked at the people staring at me with bewilderment. I was knocked over from behind and I fell to the ground. I was getting kicked in the emergency room by my dad! Wasn't he smart enough to know that he could get arrested for this? He was pulled off me by 2 cops as I lay on the carpet bleeding onto its niceness. I saw one face of a doctor then I went unconscious.
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