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Chapter 2; in which Jessica wakes up in a hospital and i acually put author's notes

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Name 10 candy bars and other memories from the back of Jessica's mind.

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A/N: right now im on a plane and some guy just leaned his chair back into my head [die die die!!!!!] Oh and by the way thank you all for the reviews, i love them. Ciao

I woke up to people arguing. There voices had awoken me from my dreamles sleep. I recognized the voices as Frank and Bob. "We cant just letr her stay here and fend for herself!" I heard Frank say sharply. "I just dont think she is ready for the road" said Bob fighting back. "Why dont we just ask Gerard when he gets back?" said Frank smugly. "Fine," said Bob in a deafeated tone. I had a feeling he was going to lose this argument. Gerard loved Frank. He and Frank had been friends forever and i dont think he would let Frank leave me here. No matterwhat. I opened my eyes to see Frank walk in with a smug look on his face [told you]. "Hey" I said. My voice was hoarse and weak. "Hey sis, your awake!" said Frank happily. His mood had changed rapidly. Wow. "Ya how long have I been asleep?" I said my voic getting better. "About 2 days" said Frank he said sitting down next to my bed. "2 days!" i said sitting up but immediatly regretting it. I yelped in pain. I looked at my shoulder, from which the pain was coming from. I looked to see it taped up and bruised. I looked at Frank in confusion. "What happened to my shoulder?" I asked in confusion. "Well when dad was kicking you he cut open your shoulder and they had to stitch it up," said Frank anger flashing in his eyes. "Oh," and I fell back onto my pillow. Just then a nurse came in with some packet of liquid. She hooked it up to my IV then asked me how I was feeling. "Um, fine, just thirsty" I said relizing my mouth was dry. "That will be from the medications, i'll get you some water" she said and walked out**. She came back with the water and a man followed her. I recognized him. It was Gerard. He had changed alot since I last saw him, which was like 4 months ago. His hair was dyed back to black and he had lost weight. He also looked taller but i couldnt tell from my position. Frank got up and met him with a "bro hug". "Oh gosh, Jess, is that you?" Gerard asked coming to sit on my bed. "Yep" I said smiling. I hadnt smiled alot since I lost my meds. I was usally too depressed. The med I lost was Prozack which handled the depression I got when my brother left home to tour with the band. I was always devising plans to commit suicide. It was like that quote "when it rains, it pours". After my little ADD moment I focused in on what Frank was saying. "So, can she go on tour with us?" asked Frank obviously talking about me. "Of course she can! I'm not going to let her stay here with that monster!" said Gerard looking me in the eyes. In that moment I felt like the only people in the room were me and him. I mean, ya, I had always had feelings for Gerard, but I dont thing he had them back. But what did I know, right? I yawned and drank some of the water the nurse had left me. I looked at Frank and remembered when me and him used to make up funny songs on his guitar and make lyrics to them. I felt weight on my bed and looked to see Gerard sat down. I looked at him and remembered when he used to pin me to the floor and name 10 candy bars before he would get off me. I started to laugh at the memory. Gerard looked at me funny and I explained. "Remeber when you used to pin me to the floor and make me name 10 candy bars before you would get off me?" I asked watching Gerard slowly start to laugh at the memory too. "You mean like this?" and he pounced on me. I squealed in laughter as he held me there. "Name 10 candy bars" he siad smiling. "No, I refuse to play this game in a hospital!" I said pouting. He laughed and got off me. "Okay fine, but just wait till you spend every day with me" he said winking at me. I laughed and rolled onto my good shoulde, turning away from Gerard so he wouldnt see me blush. I soon fell asleep int hat position, stil blushing at the thought of Gerard pinning me to the ground like he had so many years ago.

** The hospital doesnt really matter to the story so i didnt make it a big deal when the nurse came in.

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