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Chapter 13

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The truth is out. Will Arthur Peterson get away with his crime?

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Pandemonium immediately broke out in the boardroom. Gregory started for the door, but Michael stopped him. "This is what I'm here for. I'll stop him and bring her back safely."

"You do that, Knight. I just found my daughter; I don't want to lose her."

Michael went to the door and pulled it open slightly. No one was outside, and he heard the elevator doors losing. He turned back to the room and said, "Everyone stay here." Then he headed toward the stairs, raising his wrist to his mouth.

"KITT, Peterson is trying to get away and he has Kelly with him. Meet me out front. And keep him in sight."

"I'm on my way, Michael."

He headed down the stairs at breakneck speed and made it to the ground floor unscathed. As he ran out the front door, KITT arrived, opening the driver's side door as he screeched to a stop. He got in and KITT said, "They are pulling out of the parking lot now, Michael."

"Okay. Keep them in range. I need to know where Peterson is going. And call Devon."

When the older man came on the line, Michael apprised him of the situation. By that time, it was evident that they were heading for the mansion. Devon said he would call the police, having them approach the estate discreetly, but quickly. He reached for the phone as his image faded from the screen.

When Michael pulled up to the gate, it was closed and the guard was no longer around. He had KITT check, and no one was on the grounds. His sensors indicated two figures in the mansion. "KITT, can you access the gate controls to open it?"

"Of course, Michael."

The gate never had a chance. In seconds it started to open, and Michael drove through, heading quickly up the driveway.

KITT skidded to a stop next to Peterson's car and Michael punched up the scanners once again. "They are upstairs in the master bedroom, Michael."

"Okay, buddy. Stay alert. I may need you before this is over." Michael got out and headed into the mansion.

He paused in the foyer and whispered into his wrist-com, "Let me know if they move."

"All right, Michael," was the equally quiet reply.

He quietly went up the stairs and toward the master bedroom. Soon he was able to hear voices.

"Why are you bothering to do this? Everyone knows now, and you'll be hunted. That's not freedom. You'll be looking over your shoulder all the time and never sure when someone will catch you."

"Shut up! There are plenty of places I can fly to where no one will find me. And they won't find you, either. I'm going to drop you off along the way - without a parachute."

There was a pause, and Michael heard Kelly exclaim. "You weren't siphoning money for your pet projects; you were siphoning money for yourself!"

"Right you are. It was just an unexpected perk that I became interested in hypnotism and found out I was good at it. It came in handy, didn't it?"

"Well, so much for providing for your daughters. You were just going to leave them to fend for themselves, weren't you? You never really loved them, did you? I don't think you know how to love."

Michael heard the sound of a slap, and the words, "I said shut up!" Seconds later, there was a click and then, "Okay, young lady; get up. It's time to go." There was movement, and he ducked back into another doorway as he saw Kelly come out, closely followed by Peterson. But he wasn't far enough back and the older man spotted him.

"I see you, Knight. Come out into the hall or I kill her here and now."

Michael moved into the middle of the hall. He saw that the man had a gun in one hand and a large suitcase in the other. "Give it up, Peterson. There's no way to escape."

"Wrong, Knight. I have the upper hand here. Now turn slowly and move down the stairs. Move!"

Michael started to turn, but Kelly decided just then that she'd had enough. She said, "That's it! I'm not going any further!" She elbowed Peterson hard in the abdomen, causing him to drop the suitcase, and quickly moved to one side.

Michael turned back and lunged toward them, reaching for Peterson's gun hand. They struggled, and Peterson's gun fell out of his hand. The older man shoved him away, grabbed the dropped suitcase and ran down the hall, with Michael hot on his heels.

Peterson made it out of the door, but Michael had alerted KITT, who blocked the way just in time. Peterson ran into him, and Michael reached him before he could recover. They struggled once again, then Michael slugged him. He fell heavily to the ground, moaned once, and didn't get up.

"Nice hit, Michael." He turned to see Kelly at the top of the steps. She walked toward him and looked down at Peterson. "I wish I could have done that, but I'm glad I was here to see you do it."

"Are you okay, Kelly?" He put an arm around her and felt her shaking. He tightened his hold.

She nodded. "He couldn't hurt me, as long as I was doing the driving. But I'm very glad you came when you did. Thank you." She reached up, pulled his head down and kissed him on the cheek.
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