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Chapter 14

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Peterson is caught, and Kelly is safe. But there are some loose ends to wrap up.

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They heard the sound of cars coming up the drive and turned to see two police cars and Laura's car. Michael went over to Peterson and, grabbing him by one arm, pulled him up just as the first vehicle arrived. The officers got out and came toward the two men.

"Officers, he's all yours. The charges are embezzlement and attempted murder, for starters." Michael handed the dazed man over to the cops, who took him, cuffed him, and put him in the back of their vehicle. One of them started back to talk to Michael, but stopped as Laura and Shauna rushed by him.

"Kelly," Shauna said, "are you alright? You have a mark on your face!"

"Yes, I'm fine. He didn't get a chance to hurt me, not really. He just didn't like something I said to him." She smiled at her sisters.

"We owe you a big apology," began Laura. "We both imitated the way he treated you, and we had no reason to do so. It was just that he was doing it, and we - I - thought he had a good reason. We never knew, nor did we even bother to ask him why. I hope you'll be able to forgive us someday."

"What she said goes for me, too. I'm so sorry," added Shauna. "I feel so foolish. I loved - love him, but what he's done - well, it's just wrong. I never realized he hated our mother so much. I guess I didn't want to know."

"Thank you both. I accept your apologies. After all, half or not, you still are my sisters." She reached out for them and they indulged themselves in their first group hug. Then Kelly continued with, "And together we can do a lot for this company. I think you two should think about what more you could contribute. By the way, did my - father - tell you his offer to buy the company?"

"Well, he started to, but Shauna and I left. We couldn't stay, knowing that Dad might get away and you would be hurt. We had to come," answered Laura. She smiled suddenly. "Gregory's probably still talking to the board."

Kelly laughed. "You're right. After all, he's known that I'm his daughter less than 24 hours, and has been a businessman for far longer than that. He told me about it yesterday evening. It's a good offer, but I think I have a counter offer to make. I'd like to tell you about it later, then we can present it to him and to the board."

"Miss Peterson."

All three girls turned to the officer who spoke. He smiled, realizing why, and pointed to Kelly. "Sorry, I meant Kelly Peterson. We'll need a statement from you; actually, we'll probably need statements from all three of you. We'd like you to come down to the station as soon as possible."

Michael stepped forward. "Officer, I'll bring Kelly down in a while, and the other two can follow in Laura's car."

"That will be fine." He picked up the suitcase that Peterson had dropped and took it to his car, putting it in the trunk. He and his partner got in and soon only Michael and the girls remained.

"Let's go inside. I think we need to sit down and relax for a while before going into town," said Shauna. "I know I do. And it is lunchtime. Let's get something to eat, then we can go"

"Wait a minute," Kelly said. "Michael, I saw you talking into your watch when you chased him down the stairs, and heard your car start up. Yet there was no one in it, and never has been, other than you. What is going on?"

He turned to his car. "Well, buddy, it looks like the jig is up. Say hello to the ladies."

"Hello, Kelly, Laura, Shauna. I'm pleased to meet you all."

"Ladies, meet KITT."

Exclaiming in astonishment, all of them went over to the vehicle, which opened both doors, allowing them a better look inside. Laura and Shauna had already seen it, but Kelly had been pretty much out of it when she was transported to and from the hospital, so they let her sit in the passenger's seat. Michael had him call Devon, so he could report what happened and introduce the sisters. Devon, as always, was the soul of charm and courtesy, expressing his delight at making their acquaintance. He also told them how happy he was that no one was hurt any worse than Kelly's injury. About that time Chambers, who had kept out of harm's way, but witnessed the events, came to the door and told them that lunch was ready. They said goodbye to Devon and went inside.

Kelly first called the office to have someone advise the board of Peterson's capture and arrest. As it happened, there was a speaker phone in the boardroom, so she was able to tell them herself, and assure them that everyone was fine. It turned out that she was right about her real father; he was there, nearing the end of his presentation of his offer. She asked them to hold off making any decisions, as she had a counteroffer in mind. They agreed, and another meeting was set up for the following week. Two hours later, they were at the police station, giving their statements
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