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Michael, Devon, Bonnie, KITT, Kelly, Laura, Shauna

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Two weeks later Michael, Devon and Bonnie found themselves at RTC Enterprises, by invitation. The gathering was held in the CEO's office, which was now Kelly's. The Petersons were having a celebration, and asked the others to join, since they were instrumental in making it happen. Shortly after the FLAG group arrived, Laura and Shauna - one carrying a tray of champagne flutes, and the other a bottle of Dom Perignon - walked into the office.

"I have an announcement," said Kelly. "We are merging with Cameron Enterprises, and will be setting up a subsidiary, which Laura and Shauna are going to head up. This way, any surplus employees have a chance at continuing to work, just in a new department. My sisters and I ended up having a sort of pajama party that night, improving our relationship. It continues to get better each day. They've even helped me learn to dress more fashionably. That's what led us to the idea of the subsidiary."

"It will help talented young fashion designers develop their own ideas, instead of having to design in the styles of the established ones. Shauna and I have long felt the creativity of the new people was being suppressed. And if it works out, we may branch out into other facets of social life, such as home decorating and catering," said Laura.

"We have a long way to go to get this established. We have to decide what types of fashion designing, whether it's just clothing or accessories, too, if we're going to include specialists in certain areas like leisure wear, mix-and-match, and so on, plus what our criteria will be for selecting who we back," added Shauna. She sighed. "There are so many details to work out."

Kelly smiled at her sisters' enthusiasm. Then she continued, saying, "The audit is complete, the stolen money has been returned, our stock has risen and the credit rating will be reexamined in six months. By that time, everything should be restored to what it was, if not better." She grinned. "I liked Dad's offer, but he loved ours."

"I see you are having no trouble calling him 'Dad', Kelly," Michael observed, smiling.

Her smile changed to one of complete joy. "Not a bit. It feels so good to have a father who shows me that he cares. With Laura and Shauna's blessing, I'm planning to have my last name legally changed to Cameron. Plus, we're redecorating the mansion together; it turns out that we have very similar ideas about how it should look. When it's done, we'll have another party there."

"And you are all hereby invited to that party, too." Laura saw Devon eyeing the bottle and said, "Nothing but the best for those who helped save us. I only wish we could do something for KITT."

"Now that you mention it," KITT replied through Michael's wrist-com, "I do have an oil change coming up -"

"KITT," said Michael. "What do you think you're doing?"

"Well, if they really want to do something for me, they should be given the opportunity, shouldn't they?"

"You're absolutely right, KITT," said Kelly, watching Devon gallantly open the bottle and pour the golden liquid into the glasses. Laura and Shauna began passing them around. She glanced at Bonnie, who was looking amused.

"KITT gets a special oil, and his checkups are highly specialized as well," Bonnie said when she caught Kelly's look. "You wouldn't be able to obtain -"

"Maybe not, but," Kelly glanced at her sisters, who caught on to her train of thought and nodded smilingly, "all the oil changes, lube jobs and checkups for the next year are on us. Okay?"

Michael, Bonnie, and Devon all looked at each other, then at the sisters. Finally, Michael said, "KITT, how does that sound to you?"

"It's just what I had in mind, Michael. Finally, someone is willing to express his - or her - admiration and appreciation tangibly."

Amid the laughter, Michael proposed a toast. "To tangibility."
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