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Tour Canceled

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very very short. sorry guys.

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The next day the boys decided to call it quits with the tour and rescedual it a few months from now.
The four of them packed their things and boarded the plane. They were headed home to Chicago, finally. The tour would have continued if they wern't so depressed from the earlier events. Sure, their fans would be dissapointed, but their wouldn't have been much of a point on continuing since they wern't performing their best as they could have been.
It was a very silent plane ride home with not many words said at all. The four of them just sat in silence, enjoying their ride home.
When the plane had landed in Chicago, the four of them exited the plane and took a cab home. When they arrived home, they were suprised to find that all of Kate's things were gone. Not a single thing of hers remained in the lonley house. She must have moved everything out after the argument between her and Pete. It was a very sad thought to think that she had moved out, but it was for the best.
The four boys unpacked their things and all took a seat on the couch. They were decided as to what they should do. Kate was gone, but it was nothing to be celebrated. They were very happy when she was living with them and they wouldn't have had it any other way. But, since she was moved out, and obviously not visiting them for a long time, they had to get used to it.
It would be a hard adjustment for all of them, but their was no way that they were going to allow her to continue living with them. They were still trying to understand why she would do such a horrible thing. It didn't only hurt Pete, but Joe, Andy and Patrick were all very dissapointed. They considered her a very close friend and would have done anything for her.

I know what your thinking, it's a short chapter. if you can even call it that. Promise next chapter is gonna be alot longer.
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