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Lyk New Chapter.

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its baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

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Sometimes it kinda sucks, the place where I'm at. I have no girl friends. No best friends with me that I can just talk to and confide in.
I don't even have any one true friend to call either. I have Joe, yes, who already brought to my attention his willingness to be my 'best girlfriend' on tour, but it still wasn't the same.
I still hadn't spoken a word about what happened between Pete and me, not even to him. I didn't want to look at him. Fuck! I didn't even want to work with him anymore.

Now, I'm sure he didn't mean to cause any harm but for some reason unknown, I let Pete's actions affect me more than I thought it could,.


Patrick and I had managed to escape in upstate New York, due to a day off. Patrick rented a car and we managed to sneak away before anyone was awake and drove to the mountains. We climbed a trail to the top of a site where you can see the skyline of New York City and all the other mountains. It was beautiful.

We sat on a rock facing the view and I put my head on his shoulder. "This is beautiful."

He turned his head and smiled at me. "'God I like you so much Rachel. I havn't felt this way in a long, long time." He sat up and turned to face me and grabbed both my hands. "I don't want to hide this anymore... I'm just tired of people talking about you and Beckett and him all over you all the time." He rubbed my arms and leaned in close. "So let's just do it... let's tell everyone and be open about it."

I bit my lip and lowered my voice and eyes. "Well Patrick... things might turn out to be worse than you think."

"What are you talking about? You and William didn't..."

I stopped him. "No! Not even close. But..."

Patrick shifted and sat in front of me. "Uh oh..."

"Patrick, two nights ago Pete kissed me and things went a little far."

Patrick shook his head in disbelief and held his hand up. "Wait what?! Pete did?! Rachel - you're my girl right? How far did things go with Pete?!"

"I stopped it before things got out of hand, trust me. We didn't have sex and yes Patrick, I'm your girl and if you want to let everyone know then I support that just don't say anything to Pete, please." I found myself talking very fast.

Patrick stood up and put his hand to his head. He walked over to a tree and punched it. I had never seen him get angry, ever.

He let out a yell and turned to me. "Rachel I'm sick of everyone thinking I am a 'take a back seat' kinda guy and now two of the most fantasized about musicians are after you and you're my fucking girl, not their's and I want them to know that!"

I shook my shoulders and smiled "I'm your girrrrl?!"

He rolled his eyes. "Don't be cute."

I batted my eyes. "But Patty, don't you want your girl to be cuuuuuute?"

He got back on his knees, stumbled slightly, and landed on one knee. I made a disgusted face. "Oh god... you're not going to propose are you?!"

He made a face. "No, I just lost balance..."

I laughed and grabbed the collar of his shirt. "Ooooh I love you, you nerd."

He kissed me. "Yeah right... this nerd's got the girl. Let's go."

We walked back to the car holding hands, we left a lot earlier than we had planned, but Patrick had some 'business' to take care of...


oh haay i rose from the dead.
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