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"Rachel -- hey Rachel."

The sound of Patrick calling my name seemed to be a million miles away as I woke up. I opened my eyes and picked my head, drool and all, off of his chest.


"I just wanted to know -- do you want to be here when everyone wakes up or do you want to go back to your own bunk?"

My eyes adjusted to the dark and I looked at him. "Oooh we're so scandalous..."

I kissed him on the mouth and he smiled into my lips and kissed back.

I pulled away. "As much as I would love to stay here with you and drool and you some more, I think it's probably best if I go back to my bunk..."

He nodded. "Okay" he kissed me on the forehead. "I'll see you tomorrow..."

I started to climb down from his bunk when I stopped out of panic. "We're gonna keep this quiet, at least for a little while right?"

He kissed my lips quickly. "Yes, yes of course!! Goodnight, see you tomorrow."

I smiled and bit my lip. "Night Patrick."

I could barely sleep for the remander of the night and I wondered if Patrick was going through the same mindset.


Being around Patrick the next day and not being able to kiss him or show any kind of affection made me want him all that more. I mean, give me a break... I havn't had sex for about 5 years and here was a guy that I actually had managed to fall head over heels for.

Everytime Patrick and I happened to be in the same room, it was clear -- you could cut the sexual tension with a fucking rubberband.

Before the next destination, Patrick and I were sitting next to eachother at the booth, both trying very hard to not act any differently towards eachother. We both decided it would be best for the band, as well as The Academy Is, to keep this little romance on the back burner.
Plus, it was kinda fun sneaking around. I'm not gonna lie.

Not to mention,
everyone still pretty much thought there was something with Beckett and I going on,
considering we had a talk and I was too much of a pussy to tell him that 'We're better off friends' and settled on 'We'll keep up with what we're doing and then see how things end up...'

Almost right on cue, and cue meaning about 15 minutes after we got the bus parked, Sisky, The Butcher, Michael, Mike, and yes, William Beckett strolled right on into the bus.

I all of a sudden got a knot in my stomach as Beckett stood up next to Patrick. Patrick looked uncomfortable and locked his eyes into mine. Bill... tall, thin, beautiful Bill, and Patrick... short, stubby, amazing, beautiful soul, talented, ahh fuck it, I could go on and on.

I chucked to myself and pressed my lips together in a tight smile seeing these two men standing next to eachother... William and his annoying confidence, and Patrick with his awkwardness.

William nodded his head up and looked at me. "Rachel you're looking might beautiful today -- the dreads are looking nice and tight." He punched Patrick and laughed. "Ha! Tight -- get it?!"

I forgot to mention that Bill Beckett really isn't very funny.

Patrick made a face. "Yeah wow -- that, that was a pretty good one."

I laughed at Patrick's sarcasm. He had a good, dry sense of humor.

William looked at him. "Dude - what the fuck is your problem lately? That's the most you've said to me for this whole tour ... if you have a problem just say it."

My snickering stopped and I pressed my lips tighter together.
Everyone stopped talking and concentrated on Patrick.

Patrick shrugged his shoulders. "You're just getting on my fucking nerves man."

William shook his head and looked at me. "Whatever dude. Hey Rachel, wanna get going?"

Great. Now I was put in the middle. I looked at Patrick and he looked at me with pleading eyes.

I looked around... everyone was looking at me. "Uhm actually Bill, I think I'm just gonna hang out here with everyone else..."

He slapped his hands to his side. I kinda felt bad for him. "Well fuck! I don't wanna go alone... I'll just stay and keep my mouth shut, you know, since I'm getting on Patrick's fucking nerves and all."

Still, everyone was silent. No one wanted to say anything, no one wanted to pick sides. I couldn't help but giggle behind my hand. It was all too dramatic.

William walked over and sat down next to me, unknowingly pissing Patrick off more and more.
I smiled at him, I felt bad... he was obviously feeling humiliated. I nudged him into him playfully and he smiled at me. He leaned over and gently kissed me on the forehead. I didn't even dare to look at Patrick... I could imagine that any man would be threatened if a guy looking like William Beckett kissed their [in the tune of the song, of course] 'seeeeecret loooooverr' on the forehead.

Mike Carden broke the silence. "Hey Pete, do you feel awkward that someone else is scamming on your ex-girlfriend?!"

Pete laughed. "Awkward? More like fucking jealous! Rachel's great man."

I smiled. "Aww, thanks Pete! You're okay too, I guess."

He laughed a defensive laugh. "Ohh ohh oooooh! Okay? That's not what you thought that one weekend we spent at that hotel in the city." He looked at the other guys. "Just okay! Psshff... she was begging for it. Morning, noon, annnnd night."

I laughed remembering that weekend, not to mention getting a little tingling sensation in the pit of my stomach... or maybe it was just between my thighs. Yeah, it was a pretty intense weekend.
"Oh is that how it went down?"

He laughed. "Oh yes -- thats how it went /dowwwwwn/. And thensome!"

I blushed and looked over at Patrick casually and he rolled his eyes and leaned against the wall.

"Alright alright boys... that's enough. I'm getting uncomfortable." I laughed.

Beckett squeezed my thigh under the table and rested his hand on the inside of the top of my thigh. I bit my lip. Between the memory of that very sexually intense weekend with Pete and William Beckett's hand so close to my ah-hem "hoo haa".
I kept biting my lip... chewing on it hard.

Bob flew the bus doors opened, letting everyone know they had to be backstage at that very moment. As everyone stood up and started to move out, Pete stopped me by putting his hand on my stomach.

"Hey -- I need to show you this idea real quick." I nodded and he led me to the back of the bus.

"What is it?" I stopped when he stopped, and looked at him. He turned towards me and took a breath in. He walked over to me and gently threw me up against the wall. He cupped the back of my neck and pulled my face in towards his and kissed me hard.
He pulled away and looked deep into my eyes for my reaction.
I breathlessly whispered. "Pete -- what are you doing?"

He smiled at me. "I saw you chewing on your lip -- thats what you do when you're horny."

His tongue formed circles on my neck . "I figured I'd help ya out... since I can tell you're not interested in Beckett."

I let out a breath, but still allowing my body to give into him. "Yeah, but I'm not interested in you either." I said slowly, my body shivering under his spell. My leg scooped up in between his and teased him has knee massaged in between his thighs. He moaned and smiled.

I bit my lip again and went up the inside of his shirt with my hands. He wrapped his arms around my back and pulled my body up, propping me on the counter in the back.

I let out a delighted yelp as Pete unbuttoned my pants and pulled them off very smoothly. He gently worked his hand from my ankle to the top of my thigh, using it to spread my legs farther apart.

He was about to enter my body and I snapped out of the spell. "Patrick!!"

Pete pulled back. "Patrick?"

I looked at Pete, standing there... naked, in front of me. I allowed myself to get too caught up in the moment and a stab of regret flooded my stomach.

"I'm sorry Pete -- I can't."

I hopped off the table, grabbed my pants and walked to the front of the bus to get changed and head to the venue.

I walked through crowds of people and felt a tug on my arm. Pete.

"What?!" I said to him in a sharp tone.

He placed his hand on my hip leaned close to my ear. "We don't have to tell anybody."

I pulled away. "Fuck off Pete."

He got another grasp on my wrist. "You know you can't turn me down. You know what I can do for you."

I raised my hand up and slapped him. "Pete - grow the fuck up!! It's not like that anymore -- we're not a thing anymore and I don't need you to "help" me out cause you think I'm horny. Fuck you man, just stay away from me."


alright my loves, keep sending your ideas from chapter to chapter, this story is all about making you guys happy and reading whatcha like!!!!

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