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Reinventing The Wheel To Run Myself Over

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Gabrielle has an idea...

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Pete's P.O.V

I never realized how painful a 3h drive could be. This was going to be a looong tour.

Gabrielle's P.O.V

Well, it was the first day of my lonely 3 months, and what i have i done?? Nothing! Well, i don't have anthing to do anyways, but i might as well go to the mall to get my wandering mind off Pete's leaving.

As I walked through downtown Chicago, I noticed a little boutique I've never seen before. It was named "Identity Theft," and as it was so enticing, i decided to take a look inside. To my utter amusement, I discover a store filled with all kinds of clothes and costumes. There were also all kinds of random phrases written on the walls, like, "Change your identity!" &, "Be whoever you want to be!!"

It was like a lightbulb went off in my head. In university, I studied acting and costume design, and this could be an opportunity to experiment with what I've learned! Plus, it could definitly occupy my mind.

As I browsed through the store, I noticed a quite natural looking, appealing blue wig, completely opposite my natural black locks. I also came across some rather dark opposed to my usually creative bright wardrobe...Perfect.

"Your total comes to $148.96, please!!" The cashier exclaimed, with an all-too-familiar, and all-too-fake smile and cheery attitude. "Thank-You!!" she squeeled as i handed over the cash, "Have a WONDERFUL day!!!"

"You mean, have a wonderful 3 months.." i muttered under my breath as i pranced out of the boutique.

.....This was going to be interesting.
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