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The Silent Child

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Fragile as a dying flower, Loras wanders the streets without sight, hearing and voice. But she is snatched and now Van Helsing, with a young foolish hunter, must find her. In the shadows, an ancien...

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Hello! Yes, now don't be angry, this fic is a bit different from the others! And anyways, I'm bored, though I have to do a lot of things (many of them I don't wanna do). Also this fic is more of a 'go with the flow' kind of fic. No? Don't get it? Well I'm only experimenting. I seriously have no such plot. Just characters in my head, and a scenario. So the plot is going to pile up in every chapter. So BEWARE of what you imagine for this fic, for it may be flipped around back and forth for some time. lol Well I hope you read and enjoy, please review too! NO FLAMES!

Disclaimer: -sigh- I do not own anything from the marvelous movie called Van Helsing. At least I own Loras and others I have created!

The Silent Child

She never spoke, she never heard and she never saw. It has always been that way. And she thought it would be forever. She stands alone in the world, no mother, father, sister or brother. All she has in possesion is her gift, a gift which she uses often to leave her physical. Until she was found, she knew she would know no future. She was wrong. Very wrong.


Fingertips searched gently through the air as a girl around fourteen years old walked blindly through the billowing night. Her steps wavered with each step she took and although her eyes were closed, this blind young girl somehow made it through unharmed. Her hair was hidden inside a dark green hooded cloak that swept back and forth with each moving wind. Even when some stranger hit her hard on the shoulder, she didn't not give on painful gasp. Not even a sound. All she did was continue walking, wearing a painful expression on her face.

Her name is Loras, or what she thought was her name. She never really knew. She was blind and deaf, and if this did not make it worse, she couldn't speak. Because of this, she was abandoned in a very young age by her own mother and father. She now walked alone with no company to keep her warm or happy.

Loras shivered and licked her lips, shaking herself softly before taking another step forward. She needed to get away from Transylvania, from this awful place. This was never her home. Her only friend had told her so. And Loras trusted her with her very life.

Loras sucked in a deep breath and then embraced herself for the next step. For all she knew, this might either be the end of her or just another simple step to the train station. Slowly and carefully, she let her right foot touch the ground. She gave out a silent sigh of relief. It was solid and there was nothing there that would make her stumble or fall.

Loras continued and she slowly opened her eyes. She felt warmth on her cheeks as she did so. And then she heard it, the familiar feeling that warmed her body and warned her of any dangers. The pulse of every living being. She could feel their warmth and therefore it warmed her body. She smiled as she saw one blue pulse that shined with brilliance in her dark eyes. She saw another colored pulse, one which was white and she frowned. That was never a good sign. It meant that person was empty at heart. Loras closed her eyes to the darkness and then continued. Unable to speak, and hear was a horrible disadvantage from the first time she was born but until that fateful day she had become 10 years old, she had been also unable to see as well. She had been frightened and many thought she was the devil child, cursed to be the silent child.

Cursed... Loras thought and bit her lip as she took another blind step forward. She was not cursed. And she knew this for sure. She knew.

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