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The Mistress's Call

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Fragile as a dying flower, Loras wanders the streets without sight, hearing and voice. But she is snatched and now Van Helsing, with a young foolish hunter, must find her. In the shadows, an ancien...

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-sigh- I do not own anything from the marvelous movie called Van Helsing. At least I own Loras and others I have created!

The Mistress's Call
Angie! Anges Mangy! Where are you going? Lorry deary you're such a troubled mind. Clear your life with light. Push away the darkness! Angie Loo-oo-oo-rry? Looryyy? ...Looryy
Loras woke up slowly with a dazed expression on her face. She got to her feet, stumbling for a while until she got a hold of herself. Fingers touching the grimy wall beside her, she breathed in a deep breath and then shivered in the cold.

Had I been asleep? Or was that really her? Loras thought. What made her also wonder was why she was asleep. She had been walking. Yes maybe perhaps she had gotten hit by a cold wind and fell unconcious. She had that happen very often now. Perhaps because of the strange power she had.

Loras deary run...

Loras head jerked back with a expression mixed with suprise and fright. So it was her in the dream. And now she's telling her to move it. Loras immediately opened her eyes and searched for any intruders. Fingers still flexed on touching something solid, she took a step forward. Even through the darkness in her eyes, she could see not one beating pulse. No one was around. But why was she telling her to run? There was no danger, nothing here...

Loras gave a silent scream as a cold hand touched her shivering hands. Loras's eyes were immediately wide with horror as she stepped backward, stumbling as she did so. Her hands now touching nothing but air, Loras gave out a mental scream for help in her head. She knew though it wouldn't be answered as she started to run with difficulty. Unfortunately for her, someone did answer her.

Hmm... you aren't very special then I thought. You cannot even see me.

Loras froze. She was hearing a voice, a voice inside her head that was not her own. She shivered terribly as her body froze as well. She couldn't move even if she wanted to run and only her wide open eyes flashed back and forth, searching desperately for a pulse.


Your worst nightmare, my love.

I am not your love.

Certainly not, my little rose.

Let me go from your spell, you demon!

Loras's hands stretched out into the open air in search for a face to touch and feel. Instead she felt a cold bony finger. Loras gasped in silence as she felt the icy coldness of the touch. Surely this man or woman was not what she thought they were.

You are correct, my dear.

And with that, Loras slowly felt lulled into unconciousness.

A/N: You are getting very very confused. lol Well, this story isn't much of a clear story. But you might get it and you might not. For now, I will say this! Lorry is Loras and Angie is something very personal to Loras. Also 'she' is her friend. Confusion continues! lol Please review and NO FLAMES! Btw, that other person is NOT Dracula.
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