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The Help She Desires

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Fragile as a dying flower, Loras wanders the streets without sight, hearing and voice. But she is snatched and now Van Helsing, with a young foolish hunter, must find her. In the shadows, an ancien...

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-sigh- I do not own anything from the marvelous movie called Van Helsing. At least I own Loras and others I have created!

The Help She Desires

The woman he dearly loved... gone. The friendships he used to have... gone. What's he to do? Let me be, he thinks. Yes, let him free. Let him go from pain and loss. Let him /go/...


Van Helsing gave a shout of anger as his fist smashed into the wall. A sob escaped from his throat, causing him to fall onto his knees in grief. He lost everything. Anna was gone. Carl was gone. His heart seemed hollow and empty and felt as if it was empty as they were. He couldn't help but cry his heart out. And for another, he was still in the Order, bound to be their very own trash collector as he put it. He felt miserable.

He heard a furious knock on the door and Van Helsing only gave a growl and a glare at the door that was disturbing his grief. He was not going to another mission again, killing either another innocent. He was not going to kill another innocent-- like Anna. No he wouldn't let himself kill any, even for the sake of Humanity.

"Van Helsing, you fool! Open!" shouted a sharp leaderly voice and Van Helsing only glared back, tears hiding the color of his eyes. Those tears shined with misery and sadness any would have cried with him.


Van Helsing gave a loud snarl of insults at his door and then wiping his eyes with one rough cloth of his clothes, he ripped the door open. He saw without much shock the newest hunter in line, Doris Jovene. Certainly he was a know it all like Carl, but he was certainly no hunter. He couldn't even hold a gun properly. No not even with extensive training could Doris become a hunter.

A raised eyebrow was all he got from Doris as Van Helsing gave a sharp deadly glare. He could have easily murdered Doris if it wasn't for the faded picture in Doris's grasp. Van Helsing raised an eyebrow at the picture and looked back at Doris, who wore, as usual, a stern stony expression of either approval or disapproval. This time it was disapproval. Probably of me, Van Helsing thought with a dangerous glare.

"What do you want, Doris."

Van Helsing saw the end of Doris's lips twitch as it slowly curled into a grin. A grin of self-confidence. Doris thought very highly of himself, but eventually, Van Helsing knew, this self-confidence was going to kill him. The Holy Order had invited this knowledgeable newcomer with open arms and to that Van Helsing hated the Holy Order. It was as if Carl's memory was forgotten.

Doris gave a fake cough, something he usually did when he had an audience. He raised the photo in his hands higher but instead it was snatched from his hands to Van Helsing's. Doris bit into his lips hard, glaring sharply at the old fool of a hunter. If only this stupid hunter would die in one of his missions... Doris grinned at himself though. Unlike him, he thought to himself, he was very handsome then Van Helsing. He had his dark blue eyes, his long trailing dark hair that is cut short, unlike Van Helsins's. And along with this, he had knowledge. Van Helsing was nothing but disposable, and his skills could be replaced by his, if the Cardinal would now let him get lessons.

Van Helsing searched the fading old photo of the little girl in his hands. The edges of the old photo was covered with dust and clearly this photo was not taken care of very nicely. But that Van Helsing didn't really care. What he saw made him pity the little girl in the faded photo. The little girl smiled back at Van Helsing with the most sweetest, comforting smile he had ever seen. She had black curly hair that trailed down on her shoulder and the little girl wore a small little peasant's clothes, along with a small brown cloak covering her body and her black curls. The little girl had green bright eyes like jewels and small hands that poked out of the small brown cloak. Van Helsing also saw a small black bruise on her cheek and it made him wince.

"Are you done?" Van Helsing's eyes snapped back at the Doris.

"Yes, why did you bring this photo here?" Van Helsing spoke, narrowing his eyes.

"That's our next mission. The Cardinal said-" Doris began but was cut short abruptly.

"Our mission? Oh no, I'm not going with you. I work alone." Van Helsing gave a angry curse under his breath at the Cardinal for assigning this young fool in front of him.

Doris's malicious smile grew even wider. "Well then, this will be my mission. You're not needed, Van Helsing. Go feel sorry for yourself."

Van Helsing's eyes immediately flared with anger and without thinking, he gave a angry howl and punched him straight on the face. Doris fell out of Van Helsing's room, onto the cold floor of the Vatican, a pained gasp escaping from his now cut lip. Van Helsing started to punch the young boy but instead he heard a familiar shout, which Van Helsing recognized in an instant.

"Stop Van Helsing!" the Cardinal shouted again as his voice echoed through the hall. Van Helsing stopped reluctantly and looked up, a balled fist in his right hand. Doris's eyes were round with shock and anger as he quickly stumbled up to his feet again. Van Helsing received himself a glare from Doris and from the Cardinal when he stepped back with an angry bite of his lips. Doris looked like he could fight back as well, except he wasn't fit enough to. The Caridnal wore a stern gaze.

"I have told you before. No violence will be permitted in the halls of the God. Now dress up, I am guessing Doris has told you about the mission?" The Cardinal spoke with a hard gaze towards both of them. Van Helsing only looked away from the Cardinal.

"Van Helsing, answer me."

Van Helsing looked up and with a steely look, he answered through gritted teeth. "No. But I will hear it from Doris while we get to our horses."

Doris's eyes lit with a gleeful as his grip over the small old photo in his hands tightened. Van Helsing's lips turned to utter disgust as he walked off without a backward glance.

A/N: Hehe, another chapter. Just a bit bored! I'm just imagining you saying, AT LAST, something decent to read and understand! lol Well anyways, you're probably wondering why Carl is gone. Well I'll get to that later on! And yes, Carl is dead. I'm sorry I had to kill him off in this story. Anyways, please review and NO FLAMES!
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