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The Awakened

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Fragile as a dying flower, Loras wanders the streets without sight, hearing and voice. But she is snatched and now Van Helsing, with a young foolish hunter, must find her. In the shadows, an ancien...

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The Awakened

Ice. Death. Blood. Hunger.


Lorrry Angie! Stay asleep--- Don't wake up! Lorry desirrree noooo noo nono Lorry stopppp----------!

Loras woke up her conciousness blurred as if someone had punched a whole in her head. She gave out an agonized scream in her head as she felt pain jolt through all her body. Loras opened her eyes and struggled as hard as she can to her feet. Instead she felt the prick of thorns on her flesh. She screamed mentally again, tears now blinding her eyes and falling on her hands. The tips of her fingertips tried to search for anything so she can find out where she was. But instead, she felt the stab of a thorn and the excruciating pain of it. She opened her mouth in terror, unable to express it with a loud piercing scream, as she smelt a horrible stench. It was the smell of rotting flesh.

Servant, bring her to me.

The feminine voice thundered in Loras's mind and Loras struggled. Instead, she only got more stabbing sensations of the thorns beneath her body. She felt a hiss of laughter echoing in her mind and she tried to shut it down.

The ropes that bound her to the thorns were loosened and quickly, Loras was falling. Loras grasped for air, anything, so she wouldn't fall. The rush of the ground was near. It would only be seconds now before-

Why despair, dear child?

Loras felt the rush of the wind stop and her eyes shot open in rage as she angrily tried to pry away from whatever thing that was stopping her from falling. Unfortunately, whoever held her did what she wanted. Loras screamed, her arms flailing wildly in the air as the wind rushed through her hair and fingers. THUD. She was in the arms of her kidnapper. Loras bit her lips angrily as she struggled furiously in her kidnapper's gasp.

Silence is the key, my love. My lady calls for you.

Why should I care? Leave me! Let me go! You are a demon!

I'm insulted! A demon? Yes, perhaps I am. But you are no human either, my dear.

What are you talking about-


Loras gritted her teeth in agony as she felt something sharp cut into her palm. Something cold licked at the rich blood pouring out of the wound as Loras struggled like a bound dog, unable to flee from wherever she was. She felt wet lips touch her neck and the sliding touch of sharp fingernails. Loras shivered from the cold and wet touch and the figure that held her stopped. Loras only felt tears rise freely from her hollow unseeing eyes as a deep cruel sounding chuckle echo through her mind.

Your blood is rich, my lovely.

L-let-t m-me g-g-go...

Now why would I do that? She who we worship so highly has awakened, and you have the honor of meeting her.

I-I do no-t-t want t-t-o meet a w-woman of dar-k-k ma-ggic...

Dark magic? No my dear, you are meeting the Darkest Lady of our kin. She is our master, our god.

W-Who are you?

I am a Vampire, dear girl. I will- cannot harm you. The Lady's hold over all of us is strong. If any disobey, she will not let us live. But perhaps I may have the pleasure of seeing your blood on the marble floor.

You will never,
never see my blood again. You will never ever get a taste of it again. Now let me go...

You are brave, my young one. But it will not save you.

Save me? No I mean to destroy you. You and all the other evil kin you have. Vampyre's are all evil.

You may become one if you do not be quiet, my love. What will you say to this, love?

I will kill myself when that happens.

Oh but you won't. The mistress will decide.

Loras felt cold hands letting her go onto the floor with a hard, rather painful, thud. She groaned but before she can, she felt suddenly dizzy, as if something of someone was searching her mind. She opened her eyes and searched for a pulse of any living color near her but she couldn't see any. She guessed it was because the pulses were all dark and the darkness in her eyes made these pulses blend with her shadows.


Loras suddenly felt a powerful force tug at her to rise. Reluctantly, her body seemed to rise at its own accord. Loras only gave a moan of pain as cruel laughter echoed through her mind again, as if mocking her. She wished she had the ability to see now, just for one moment.

/Weak mortal. Servant, are you sure this is she? She who can thus let us go through the other world?/

Yes my lady.

Call me Queen, servant.

Of course, My Queen. Our Queen.


The voices faded in Loras's mind's ears as she felt a forceful tug and a pull as her body was lifted off her feet. Loras's mouth opened wide open in fright and terror as she felt more cold fingers sliding through her body. Hands forced her to her knees and another pulled her hood off of her, so she lay shivering on the smooth marble floor, tears filling her eyes.

/Tell us of your friend./

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