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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6. Reviews anyone?

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Ray opened his eyes when the warm sun touched his skin. He yawned and sat up, rubbing his eyes sleepily. His stomach growled, signifying that he hadn't eaten for too long.

"Come on, Bob, get up already," he said to his friend on the other side of the room. The blond-haired man grumbled a reply and rolled over, trying to go back to sleep. Ray just smirked and threw a pillow at him with blinding speed. It slammed into his shoulder like a missile, but he just picked it up from the floor and chucked it back with equal strength.

"We have to go hunting today," he said almost absentmindedly. Bob was instantly awake and practically jumped out of bed.

"Where and what?" he asked as he stretched, cracking several joints as he did so.

"Probably closer to the forest; I haven't had a decent deer or bear in a while."

"Sounds good," said Bob, heading for the kitchen. "Just let me have my coffee." Ray laughed and went to the living room to watch TV. He glanced out the window, seeing that the sun was shining bright. This only put him in a better mood.

'We won't have to worry about any of them hunting at the same time as us,' he thought with a smirk. 'The light scares them off like cockroaches.'

"Here," said Bob, handing him his coffee. "Anything important going on in the world?" Ray shook his head, curly hair bouncing in response.

"All the reason to leave sooner, right?" he asked with a laugh. Bob smiled, agreeing. They finished their coffee in a few minutes and walked outside eagerly. Ray took a deep breath, smelling the air carefully. Amidst the usual scents of the trees, something caught his attention. He glanced at Bob and smirked.

"Found something?" Bob asked. Ray nodded and took off running, dropping to all fours and picking up speed within a few seconds. Bob took off after him, feeling his bones crunch as they lengthened. He soon fell to his hands as well, still running, as his hunter's senses took over. His teeth began to grow and sharpen. He could smell it now, too.

They came upon two mountain lions a few minutes later, which Ray and Bob quickly disposed of. Both were completely in their other forms now, two massive wolves hunting for their next meal. They were just about finished with a black bear when Ray suddenly stopped, tilting his head back and sniffing the air.

'What is it?' Bob thought, also pausing to smell the air.

'I'm not sure. Something unfamiliar,' was the response. Ray leapt into the forest once again, running full speed towards the strange scent. Bob followed him, also picking up a trace of the smell. They came to a clearing soon after. Ray followed the trail with his nose close to the ground, eventually coming to a spot of grass that seemed to be the source of it. He wasted no time and began digging with his front paws, sending clumps of dirt and green blades flying in all directions.

'Find anything?' Bob asked him. Ray stopped suddenly, growling.

'I can smell one of them,' he thought angrily. 'I don't think any are nearby, but they were here recently...maybe even last night.'

'Should we come by tonight, then?' thought Bob, looking at him with his head tilted to one side, ears perked up.

'No, they might have just been hunting whatever this is. There were at least two of them here; whatever they found must have been good. We'll come by tomorrow night. If they're still coming here, we'll get whatever it is before they do.'
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