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Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

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Mikey lay on the floor, arms folded behind his head, and listened without a single movement. This usually made it easier to hear, and it seemed more necessary now that Gerard was only whispering.

"I found something, Frank," his older brother said quietly. "Something different."

'I wonder what he's talking about,' Mikey mused to himself as Frank asked the very same question. He breathed deeply and focused on their words, letting his eyes fall closed.

"A human."

His eyes shot open. 'Where could he have found a human?' he thought, sitting up. They exchanged a few more words before Frank raised his voice. It quickly became a one-sided shouting match. 'It couldn't be that difficult to find this creature. Gerard smelled of something strange...probably its scent.'

He stood and opened the window, inhaling the cool night air. His eyes narrowed slightly as another scent drifted past his nose. 'That's what my brother smelled of,' he thought, leaping out the window. He landed on the soft dirt with no audible sound and immediately took off running through the dark forest. Patches of moonlight flashed white as he passed through them, remaining in the darkness as much as possible. He paused every few minutes to sniff the air, being certain never to lose the scent.

He came to a meadow several minutes later and stopped, recoiling from the overpowering smell. He felt the venom began to fill his mouth and swallowed out of habit. It did nothing to ease the dull ache of hunger he felt.

'How long has it been?' he asked himself as the feeling intensified. 'Two weeks, I think, since I've last eaten. Too long, apparently.' He approached the cave Gerard had mentioned, being hit with another wave of the scent. It smelled sweet, with a strong taste of lavender. It was the most delicious thing he'd smelled in over a hundred years.

'Can it really be a human?' he thought as he stepped into the cave's shadows. 'I thought we rid the world of them decades ago.' He sighed quietly as he thought of the conversation between Frank and Gerard. It was an unwritten rule not to speak of the War or their opinions of it. Mikey had never taken a side; Frank hated the humans and Gerard wanted to protect them. He couldn't choose between his brother and his best friend.

He came to a wall of rock, closing his eyes and allowing his hunter's senses to take over. The smell seemed more potent than ever, digging into his lungs and drawing him toward it. 'But there is nothing here,' he thought with a slight frown. His teeth began to grow and sharpen as more venom filled his mouth. He spit some of it out, wincing at the hissing noise as it ate through the rock. He placed a hand against the stone wall before him, leaving tiny cracks from the force of his fingers.

Mikey's hand found a crevice in the rock, a jagged opening leading from the ground up to about a foot above his head. He wedged both hands in the crack and pried away at the stone, feeling it begin to roll away from his touch. A wave of heated air blew into his face, completely saturated with the scent. He did the only thing he could to keep himself from charging through the opening: he stopped breathing.

He didn't need to breathe to survive, but as a hunter, scent was his first hint that prey - or danger - was near. Already his mind was beginning to protest, commanding him to inhale once again and let the scent guide him to its source. He felt a twinge of sadness as the last trace of the smell faded from his nostrils. He wanted to smell it as if it were the last thing he would do alive. To calm his mind he tried to imagine it.

'It's lavender,' came the startling thought. 'Like standing in a field of lavender.' He could stand it no longer and inhaled deeply, allowing the intoxicating scent to curl into every inch of his lungs. He already felt addicted to it, like a drug. He needed it, and soon he would have no control over his senses -

Mikey roughly slammed the boulder back into its place, hearing the stone crack and crumble in response. He turned the other way and broke into a sprint back across the meadow, leaping into the river at the very edge of the clearing. He ran through it for several strides, eventually coming to the waterfall that was its source. He stood under it for a good five minutes, allowing the water to cascade onto his head and over his shoulders. He had to get the scent off of himself before it drove him insane.

He finally climbed onto the bank of the river when he could no longer smell the intoxicating aroma. Sweeping his hair out of his face and toward one ear, he continued the run towards his home. The air whistled by him with cold trails, tearing the remaining water away from him - and hopefully taking that smell along with it. He leapt from the ground, planting his feet against a tree and pushing off of it as well, then landed lithely on the roof not more than two feet from his room. He climbed back through the window and locked it behind him, breathing heavily as if trying to find the scent. He could still smell it very faintly, but knew it was only from his brother.

'I must find the human it belongs to,' he thought with determination, 'and kill her.'
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