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Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

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You need to eat.

'I did already,' he thought grimly, trying to ignore the voice in his mind.

You need to eat the human.


He continued fighting against his thoughts all the way back to his home, now in full sprint. It would be so easy to turn around and take her now...the stone would prove to be no obstacle for him...

He stopped. He calmly knocked on the door, very lightly so as not to break it, and stepped through the frame nonchalantly. The first thing he noticed was his friend, seated at the counter, glaring coldly at him.

"You are late," the younger man said flatly, arms folded.

"I was delayed," he responded, coming to rest in his usual place on the sofa. "Where's Mikey?"

"Late as well. It seems I'm the only one who can be home at a reasonable hour." He received a laugh in response instead of the uncomfortable silence he expected.

"What are you, Frank? My mother?" he asked with a smirk. Frank opened his mouth to respond when the back door opened, cutting him off. The intoxicating smell of spent blood entered the house, filling both of them with ravenous hunger. A moment later the culprit entered the living room.

"Mikey, what happened? You're covered in blood," asked Frank. Mikey sighed.

"They tried to steal one from me," he said simply. The other two immediately understood.

"At least you have a good reason for returning late," said Frank crossly. Mikey's eyes widened.

"Did you just get home, Gerard?" he asked. He received a single nod in response. "What happened?"

"I was delayed," he repeated placidly. Mikey simply frowned at him and walked up the stairs to his bedroom.

"Now would you like to tell me what really happened?" asked Frank, eyes burning with curiosity. Gerard studied his face for a moment. His eyes had been a calm topaz just seconds earlier, but upon smelling the blood, they became a deep forest green with the pupils diminished to thin vertical slits. They looked like the eyes of a cat who had just spotted its prey.

Gerard closed his own eyes for several seconds, listening quietly to see if Mikey was still nearby. He decided they were alone when he heard nothing.

"I found something, Frank," he murmured, more out of habit than necessity. "Something different."

"Like what?" Frank asked, eyes gleaming. Gerard paused for several seconds before speaking again.

"A human," he said in a low voice, eyes shifting back and forth nervously. Frank's eyes widened, pulsating a brilliant green for a moment. Gerard was certain he saw a flash of light dance beneath Frank's upper lip. His teeth.

"Where?" he asked anxiously. It had been too long since he had tasted human blood. Cows all began to taste the same after a while. Gerard shook his head, much to Frank's displeasure.

"We can't, Frank. She may be the only one left."

"That makes it even easier!" Frank nearly shouted.

"What if there are others, then?" Gerard asked placidly. Frank smiled, revealing his teeth.

"More for us."

"That's not my point," Gerard said with a sour tone. "It would mean we were murdering part of a family. People who would mourn her loss." Frank's face turned dark and a low growl escaped his lips.

"I never did understand your morals during the War," he said through clenched teeth, biting into his own gums. "They deserved everything that happened to them. Every drop of blood spilled was a step forward for our kind. We succeeded. They did not. It is that simple; do not try to go against it. Remember who you are, Gerard." Gerard shook his head once again, now glaring directly into Frank's livid emerald eyes.

"It is not that simple. We betrayed them."

"Betrayed them?" Frank finally yelled, standing from his chair with fists clenched. "They betrayed us! Our kind lived at peace with them for hundreds of years, only taking what was necessary to survive. They came after our people for no reason. We had every right to retaliate!"

Gerard remained silent during his friend's rant, spreading his fingers apart and pressing his fingertips together in thought.

"Retaliate, possibly," he responded quietly. "Exterminate, no." Frank looked at him in open-mouthed shock, black poison dripping from one corner of his mouth. Gerard looked up at him calmly, still seated on the sofa. "You seem to have forgotten," he said softly, "that you were once one of them, too."

"But I am no longer. I recognized them for the vile creatures they became." Frank glided toward the hallway leading to his bedroom. He halted at the doorway, placing one hand on the frame and glancing back at Gerard with one tooth bared. "You would be wise to do the same." He vanished into the darkness of the hallway.
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