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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

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Alicia stared at the figure before her with fear, finding herself lost for words. She had never thought anyone else would venture outside. She had never seen him before, either, and she knew everyone else in the World. Everyone.

"Who...who are you?" she asked in a quivering voice, rising to her feet. She brushed some dirt off of her clothes and offered him one delicate hand. He looked at it hungrily, fighting the urge to bare his teeth and bite it in that instant. Instead he vanished.

Going against every word his body screamed at him, he circled behind her and crept closer to the cave, lurking in its shadows and allowing them to drape over his form like a cloak. Perhaps he would not yet lose the element of surprise. He flattened his back against the wall, watching her through narrowed eyes. He had not yet used his power and, most unlike himself, he hoped he would not have to.

Alicia looked around wildly for any sign of the man that had been kneeling before her just seconds earlier. The image of his face was clearly etched into her mind, as if he had not moved at all. Short, midnight black hair covered his head, with a few charcoal strands hanging in front of his eyes of sparkling hazel. She felt as if she could stare into them for ages and not understand their depth.

But perhaps his most startling feature was his skin, bleached a pale white that could not have only been the result of the moon resting high overhead. She looked at one of her own hands, finding herself to be paler than normal as well. But he was a different kind of white, like metal heated to an intense temperature. Dangerous to touch, but beautiful to look at.

Alicia sighed sadly, finding herself alone once again. 'I should get back inside before anyone notices I'm gone. Jamia would kill me if she found out I left,' she thought as she took one last glance at the world surrounding her, taking mental pictures of everything. The sky in shades of deep purple dotted with stars, the soft grass of deep jade, even the dirt it anchored in place. It was all so new to her, so beautiful. She never wanted to forget it.

She trudged back to the entrance of the cave, blinking several times as she stepped into the liquid shadows. Her eyes had already become used to the moonlight; she doubted they would ever recover from losing sight of it. The darkness seemed to swirl before her in thin trails, nearly making her dizzy. She finally made her way to the entrance, running a hand along the gap between the rocky wall and the boulder. She didn't want to go back; if anything she wanted to turn the other way and run until her legs gave out. She wanted to see the world so badly.

Her fingers fell upon something colder than stone, and she recoiled from it. It felt as if she had touched ice, but she knew it to be impossible. Before she could react, two hands gripped her shoulders and slammed her back against the wall. A wave of fear washed over her, but she dared not cry out. She closed her eyes and waited for something to break or bleed, but nothing happened. Cautiously opening one eye, Alicia could see a dark form before her, silhouetted against the lighter world beyond the cave. It was completely black, contrasting sharply with the smoky purple and blue shades of the field she had just visited. Finally her voice returned to her, but still she did not shout or scream. Instead she made a simple request.

"Please don't hurt me." Her tone was soft, but clear and without terror. The figure seemed to contemplate her words for a moment before opening his eyes.

Two shimmering orbs stared straight through Alicia's eyes, as if looking at her soul. She felt frozen, held in place not by steel-strong grips on her upper arms but by the eyes. They were a mystifying light brown overtoned with biting shades of green around the edges. They faintly caught the moonlight and seemed to sparkle, almost like the stars she had just been looking at. Still she could not see the face.

"I will not hurt you," said the smooth, dark voice of her captor. He paused for a moment, thinking. "Yet."

"Who are you?" she asked quietly, repeating her earlier question.

"Are you a human?" he asked plainly, as if ignoring her words entirely. She tilted her head sideways in confusion.

"Of course I am."

The words hit him like a shockwave. He released her and dropped her to the ground, ignoring the slight yelp of pain she let out. 'What does that mean?' he asked himself, his mind reeling from the scent. He should just finish her off now, before any more came and ruined his chances. But he could not bring himself to do it.

'There must be others,' he thought as venom gushed into his mouth. He swallowed it just as rapidly, stumbling away from her. 'She's not alone. There are others that know her, that care for her. I would be hurting them...' He watched as she entered the wall, disappearing from his view almost entirely. He hardly had time enough to stare after her before the stone rolled in front of the opening, blocking his view entirely.

Alicia leaned back against the stone when she heard it slam into the wall, arms crossed and hands massaging the painful spots where the person had grabbed her. They throbbed painfully; bruises were almost certain to form. She took a deep, shuddering breath and tried to calm her soaring heart rate.

"Alicia?" asked a familiar voice. Her eyes widened.


"Oh thank God! I thought something happened to you," said the other woman, running towards her and embracing her. Alicia involuntarily pulled away. Jamia suddenly froze, something clicking in her mind. "Why are you so close to the exit?"

She received no response and gasped.

"Don't even tell me you went /outside/," she nearly hissed. Alicia nodded weakly, expecting a shouting match to begin. She would never be able to support her argument, only able to say how beautiful the world was again and again.

"You can't tell anyone," she whispered, feeling hot tears spring to her eyes. "I'll be in so much trouble."

"I know," said Jamia, smiling even though Alicia couldn't see it. "That's why I'm keeping it silent." Alicia smiled and hugged her back, thanking her. Jamia suddenly pulled away.

"You have to make me a promise, though," she said in a tone of warning. Alicia looked at her warily, unable to see anything through the darkness. "You can never do this again."

Alicia couldn't help that she gasped.

"But I have to!" she nearly shouted. "It's so perfect out there-"

"Perfectly dangerous is more like it!" Jamia said sternly. "Those creatures haven't left, Alicia. They're still out there and they still want to kill us. You didn't see any, did you?" Alicia shook her head. She hadn't seen any bloodthirsty monsters threatening to rip her to shreds. She made a point not to mention the man, though. She wanted to find out his story herself.
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