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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

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Two gleaming eyes refracted the moonlight for half a second before returning to the dark world they knew so well. The wind rushed past them with blinding speed, but their owner never blinked once. It wouldn't have helped anyway; no water would come to moisten his eyes, only venom, and that would do nothing.

He finally came to a stop behind a tree, an unfamiliar scent drifting into his nose. His mouth immediately filled with the toxin, pooling around his teeth and collecting in the basin beneath his tongue. He swallowed involuntarily, but all it did was increase his hunger. He had already finished off a black bear earlier that evening, but the night was yet young. It felt as if he hadn't eaten at all, and for more than a day.

'It smells like a deer,' he thought to himself as he slowly crept along. 'I haven't eaten deer in years. They don't usually come this far south until the winter months, and even then the younger ones get to them first.'

He inhaled deeply, allowing the scent to fill his lungs for several seconds. The dull ache in his stomach grew to a sharp, stabbing pain, commanding him to find the source, and soon. His muscles began to tense and tighten as if he were ready to pounce on the unseen creature. 'Not yet,' he told himself. 'I must find it first.'

He saw the edge of the forest up ahead and stopped behind a tree, looking out into the clearing with starving eyes. The meadow was awash with moonlight and seemed to glow silver with underlying shadows of midnight blue. The scene was still and quiet. He could hear nothing, yet the scent was unbearable.

Wait. A movement, slow, slight, and rhythmic, near the cave on the far side of the meadow. He could stand it no longer and dashed toward the source of the scent. His strides were long and lithe, yet he made no sound. The grass beneath his feet whispered in hushed voices as he passed, but released no more sound than the breezes softly swirling through the air. His steps slowed as the scent grew stronger. He could nearly taste it now, faintly threaded with lavender. He came to a stop and took cautious steps forward, dropping to all fours to remain hidden in the grass. It would be useless if his prey escaped now.

He took a single leap forward, closing the gap between them, but nearly halted in midair. The scent hit him like a shockwave. He parted his lips slightly, wincing as his teeth elongated and sharpened into points so fine the ends disappeared into the air. Twin beads of venom dangled from the ends, dripping on the grass below when he moved. The blades dissolved at its touch. He took a faint whiff of the air, nearly being overwhelmed with the scent.

'Do not attack yet,' he told himself. 'You must know what it is first.' He crept ever closer; he couldn't be more than five feet away by now. He closed his sparkling eyes for a moment, allowing them to refocus so he could get a better idea of what he was looking at.

His breath came to an abrupt halt. Lying in the tall grass, face just barely shielded from his view, was no deer at all. It was a girl, her skin appearing as pale as his own in the moonlight. He expected his teeth to retract in disappointment and the venom to drain.

'She must have killed something nearby,' he thought flatly. 'Recently, too. That's why I can smell it.' But even as these thoughts passed through his mind, the agonizing hunger intensified further, ripping his stomach and throat to shreds with daggers of pain. He needed it now.

"Hello?" he asked softly, his dark, velvet-laced voice lingering in the air. Her eyes flew open in an instant, and he sat back on his heels as she scrambled off the ground, blades of grass sticking to her hair like metallic, deep green shards. Her eyes widened in fear. What happened next nearly sent him over the edge.

Pink shades rushed to her cheeks and forehead, swerving up from her pale arms and snaking through her exposed neck. Her face almost appeared red to him, and the smell... God, the smell was overpowering. It pulsated through her entire body in rapid, rhythmic beats. Only one thought barred him from tearing through the delicate skin around her throat. That thought was the very same one telling him to kill her.

'She is a human.'
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