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Close your eyes to see

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Basically all Ryan's point of view.

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Ryan POV

I found it sort of odd that whenever Arielle moved, her body was like water. Fluid and relaxed, flowing like a stream. It was as though she was never nervous no matter what she did.

She had a particular glow about her, one that I couldn't quite decide on whether it was good or bad. I mean, I didn't know her very well at all, but for some reason, she made me so happy when I was with her. I was always laughing and smiling, I was just comfortable in my own skin, something that hadn't happened in a long time. My other girlfriends just put more stress on me, they made me feel like I had to be something else in order to be with them. Like I had to be Ryan Ross, the "artistic lyricist" from Panic! At The Disco. With Arielle, I can just be regular old Ryan Ross, and she adores me. And you know what? I'm sure I adore her even more, so I guess it works out.

In case you were wondering, her manager had a fit about the "red carpet kiss". He told her it was unacceptable, and that she was to immediatly quit seeing me and that she should start pursuing another actor. I thought it was over. I thought the only time I would ever see Arielle Ocean again was on a movie screen, television set and maybe in a crowded room at another awards show, but I was wrong.

The guys called her up, since I wasn't talking or even eating remotely since her manager had called me up yelling at me and telling me I wasn't good enough for her.

"Why are you sitting here in the dark?" I heard her soft voice call out to me from the doorway, "OH! Arielle? What are you doing here?" I shuffled around, searching for the light, "This room is a mess, don't tell me you've been sleeping in here," she made a funny face and cleared a spot on my bed to sit down on. I had no idea why she was over here, "Why are you here? Aren't you forbidden to see me?" I said quietly, unable to look her in the eyes, "I guess that IS the word on the street, but I would have to say otherwise," I swear my head must have snapped up so fast that I got whiplash, "You see, Julian did tell me I wasn't allowed to see you anymore, but not only did I tell him that what he said restricting me from you didn't matter, but I also told him how well your records sold. Needless to say, he came around, " she winked at me, "I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm really happy and everything, but why would you do that for someone you don't even know? I mean,you could easily have anyone you want. Even Brendon has made a few comments here and there," Why yes, Brendon was actually dense enough to comment on Arielle right in front of me. I know Brendon meant no harm, but sometimes he really doesn't think about the things that come out of his mouth, "You have no idea how special you are do you? I don't care who else I "could" have. I like YOU, so stop putting me on a pedestal. I'm Arielle, not Arielle Ocean. Hell, you can even be like Sophie and call me Elle! And besides, Brendon is a huge nerd," She giggled as she said this, mostly because we both knew he was listening at the door, "WHATTTTT?!!? I AM NOT! That's fine Arielle, way to break a brothaz stride!" Brendon burst through the door, wailing like an animal. Did he just say Brotha?

Ever since then we've been inseparable. She takes me everywhere, I take her everywhere. The fans also take quite a liking to her. Yes, even the ones on buzznet who have nothing nice to say usually. I just adore everything about her. The way she moves, the way she speaks, the way she holds my hand whenever I need reassurance, which is pretty often.

To be straight up, I'm always a nervous wreck. I stutter when I speak, I babble on about absolutely nothing, I'm really quiet and awkward looking, a lot of people mistake me for a gay guy or a girl with stubble, but she likes me anyway. Hell, she might even like those things about me. As long as she's around to hold my hand when I need her, then that's all I could ever want.


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