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Screaming in the middle of the night.

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Faith likes to mock.

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Mikey stared at Emily. Even if he was a rockstar of some sort, he still got surprised by the fact people knew his name. Frank kept giggling, this time for Mikey. When Mikey still couldn't get a word out of his mouth, Bob stepped closer, lowered his hand to Mikey shoulder and smiled.
"Yup, he sure is," he said and smirked at Mikey who looked a bit annoyed now, "but could you tell where Gee is? This is pretty much an emergency you know.. Band stuff."
It was Emilys turn to stare at the blond guy. She felt numb as she slowly realised they thought she recognised Mikey 'cause from My Chemical Romance. She didn't feel like explaining the right side of things to them, how she was dating - well, doing something- with Gerard, so she just went with it.
"Okay," Emily said simply and tried to smile charmingly, "But I'll have to call him first, wait just a minute."
"I'm telling you, if that's not Gerard's dinner-chick, then I'm a.. a.. a duck," Frank whispered for the fourth time to Ray. Ray hit him, also for the fourth time, trying to shut him up, but failing.
"Like seriously, where else could the poor guy meet anyone? It's not like-"
"If you don't like shut your friggin hobbit mouth like right now," Bob turned to look at him and whispered through gritted teeth, "I'm so not responsible for my actions." Frank scowled at him, but then giggled again. The other guys sighed.

First Gerard couldn't understand where the ringing he heard came from. He checked his Sidekick several times, thinking that maybe he just was too tired to see properly, that his eyes weren't working too well yet. He also considered the possibility that he made the whole ringing up, maybe he was asleep, in a very real feeling dream, or maybe he was just slowly getting crazy.
In the pitch black room it was hard to navigate, so he fell over his own clothes and bag before he finally got the wall. For a moment Gerard rested his body against it, it was nicely cool and still. Then he groped the wall, searching for the switch.
"Ow," he murmured to himself, as his eyes quickly squinted as a react to the sudden light. When he opened the slightly watering eyes, he noticed a small and old table phone. He eyed it for a moment, like making sure it existed. He walked carefully to it, and picked it up slowly.
"Yeah?" Gerard's voice trembled a little.
"Gerard?" He lifted his head, Emily's voice was clear as a water, if a bit irritated.
"Did I wake you? I'm so sorry, but uhh.." her voice faded.
"Oh, no, it's err completely okay. I wasn't sleeping that well anyways," Gerard said quickly and scratched his forehead, "what's, umm, up?"
Emily chuckled. "Well, you kinda have a visitor. Your brother and three other guys," Emily said and glanced the men quickly, the shortest of them still giggled uncontrollably though he was in a headlock under the blond guys arm.
Gerard's jaw dropped as he stared at wall before him. His head hit blank, and he had hard time figuring what Emily just said. "Well fuck," he said, not realising he said it out loud.
"Yeah," Emily smiled, "imagine my shock when these four crashed through the doors, I wasn't expecting anyone in the whole night," she paused as she remembered that she wasn't supposed to know how to act with Gerard, and cleared her throat.
"So, can I send them up?"
"Well, umm," Gerard mumbled and looked around, searching for an excuse to get them wait downstairs, "are you sure they.. are who they say they are?" Emily raised her brow.
"Mikey looks pretty damn much like you, blonde guy has a lip piercing and the shortie in a headlock of some sort, the short guy can't stop giggling and the tall guy has this huge afro. Rings a bell?" Emily said dryly and noticed how she got the attention of the guys.
Gerard sighed, "yea, send them up."

As soon as Gerard opened the door, Mikey, Ray, Frank and Bob dropped their bags to the hall and crushed him into a one big hug.
"GEEEEE!" Franks squeal was high, and very probably woke up some of the neighbourquests.
"Uhh, some air, please," Gerard hissed as he felt his lungs getting pressed quite rudely, but no one listened. Everyone gripped into him, not letting go, pulling him closer, hugging him like there was no tomorrow. It was like they tried to make sure he would never leave them again. And even if they had been separate only for few days, all that had happened in those few days, finally boiled over. In some silly, fool's hope kind of way, they hoped that this hug would squeeze every bad thing, idea, thought away. They stood there, in the doorway, for a quite some time. Gerard looked at his friends, at the same time not understanding yet understanding this outburst. When everyone finally loosened their grips, they had happy smiles on their faces.
Then out of nowhere, Mikey punched Gerard straight to the stomach. Even if it was a small punch, Gerard still felt it as a sudden pain in his insides. He placed both of his hands on the hurting spot and looked at Mikey with horror. "What the-?"
"Don't ever do anything like this again man," Mikey said mournfully, looking his feet, "never."

Two hours, that included chattering, phone calls to girls and some laughing, later, Frank was sleeping in Gerard's bed, Bob leaned his back to the bed, sleeping as well, and Mikey snored on the floor, resting his head to Gerard's bag. Ray and Gerard were drinking coffee, talking in hushed voices.
".. and then he was just like 'lets go, now' and we didn't exactly get a chance to disagree," Ray said and sipped his drink. Gerard smiled. He had guessed it had been Mikey, talking everyone into coming to his rescue. Little brother looked quite sweet, sleeping on the floor, curled his legs against his chest.
Ray observed Gerard with his other eye, when he didn't notice. He seemed perfectly normal, only dark circles under his eyes yelling that the man was in need of some sleep, but that was normal when it came to Gerard. Maybe he was a little more tense than usual, now that Ray really looked at him, but who wouldn't be when they're woken up in the middle of the night, right? Only thing that spoke from something else than normal, was Gerard's voice and the way he talked.
He had always been a rambler, talking all over the place, telling people more than they had asked on the first place, he joked, added irony and black humour to everything. Now he didn't. He kept his sentences short, his words simple and serious.
Normally his voice was alive, it took all sorts of leaps and bounces, but now it did nothing.
All this seemed odd to Ray. Like his friend was hiding somewhere under this shield-Gerard and only thing asking for help was his voice.
"So, Frank said there was a chick," Ray said, not really asking, just making a statement. He looked at Gerard over his mug and smiled as Gerard quickly eyed him.
"Well yea, there's a chick," Gerard said knowing that there was no point in saying different, though he didn't want to talk about Emily to them, or anyone for that matter, just yet. He felt like at the moment Emily was the only thing that was completely his, the only thing no one else knew nothing about. And he sure as hell wanted to keep it that way for a while. The numb feeling started to snake back as he remembered the conversation with Frank. Or more, as he remembered how Frank had told the others. He looked at his friend, who so peacefully slept in his sheets, mouth open and everything.
Ray followed Gerard's gaze to Frank. Gerard didn't look mad, but he didn't exactly look amused either. "Don't be mad at him," he whispered.
Gerard raised his head and looked at his friends eyes. Ray didn't smile, he didn't pout, his face didn't really cast any emotion, he was just serious. "I'm not," he whispered back, knowing that it was a pure lie.
"Say it like you mean it, or don't say it Gee," Ray said simply, sipping his coffee again. The nickname annoyed Gerard badly. He put his un-finished coffee mug to the sink and walked past Ray without saying a word. Ray watched as Gerard grabbed his jacket and headed to the door. As he was sure Gerard would just storm out of the room, he stopped and looked at Ray.
"I need some air. Wanna come?"

When they got to the street, after Gerard had completely ignored Emily, both men stopped for a moment. Sun wasn't rising yet, but most of the darkness had already disappeared. And still, the suburban streets of New York weren't exactly the safest place to be when no one was around. Especially if you were a member of a famous band. Especially if your manager or anyone official for that matter didn't know where you were at. The thought hit them both at the same time.
"Imagine Brian's face if he knew," Ray smirked. He felt same as he had felt as a kid, running away through the window to movies with his friends. Gerard chuckled.
"Let's call him."
Ray stopped smirking and stared at Gerard, who looked really excited. "Sorry, I just heard you saying we should call Brian. There must be something wrong with my ears," Ray said and patted his afro.
"No, seriously, he told us to call him if something unusual happens, right? Well isn't this unusual?"
Gerard kept smiling and Ray kept staring at him.
"Dude, are you like high?"
Gerard laughed and started walking. Ray was getting concerned, but had no choice but to follow. When they got to the corner, Gerard already had his Sidekick on his ear. Ray tried to grab the gadget from him few times, but failed miserably.
"This is such a bad idea," he said but followed his friend none the less. Though they weren't any kids anymore, though they knew how to take care of them selves, though they were all in pretty good condition mostly from all the performing, there still were some rules. They all pretty much hated those rules, 'cause they stood against they're personal lives and rights, but it was the prize from being so famous. There were always some maniacs, some crazy people, who got weird ideas when they met celebrities.
Ray knew that Brian's rules weren't even that strict, he had heard from other bands that their managers were way more necktied than him. And there were only two of them; always have a way out and always have someone knowing where you are. Right now, their way out was their own feet and the other rule was totally broken.
Ray also knew that he was probably the only one in the whole band who even remembered the rules, or even cared about them. He couldn't help it, he tried to play by them. He knew that if something happened, he had a girlfriend, a family, that would be really worried. He knew that his friends would be worried. And if he had any control over it, he didn't want to cause any more worries for them than his lifestyle already caused. Sometimes he didn't get why the others didn't think that way. He didn't want to believe it was because they didn't care.
"Brian?" Gerard smiled to the phone, "Did I wake you? Oh sorry."
"Okay, okay. Yes, I have something to tell you. Guess where Ray and I are rright now?"
Ray couldn't quite hear what Brian answered, it sounded just distant mumbling, but he could guess it wasn't anything amused.
"New Yooork City street," Gerard dropped and smiled at Ray. The distant mumbling ended, and was replaced with not so distant mumbling.
"Calm down, of course we're okay. Just thought you should know. Why would you call Mikey? No, he's here too.." Gerard kept up the chatting tone, as if he wasn't just doing he knew would piss Brian off and mess many things up. Ray couldn't understand what was with him.
The night, or the very early morning was quite beautiful. Little bit of mist lingered near the concrete ground, if one would have looked down from the sky to the city, it would've looked like the building rose from something white, the streets were still quiet, only few cars passed here and there, only few early persons walked to their directions. It was unusually sleepy morning in the city that never sleeps.
Ray walked few steps behind his friend, watched as his face turned into a smaller and bigger smirk as he listened to Brian's voice. Ray smiled a little, his friend was an idiot, but he was his friend.
What happened next, was pure mock from faith.
When they turned from yet another corner, Gerard stumbled into a man, who dropped his bag in the accident. Gerard apologised and quickly kneeled to lift the guys bag, while still smirking at Brian on the phone. Ray, who saw the guy from little more distant, instantly knew something wasn't right. The guy glanced at Gerard, then at Ray, who felt like every muscle in his body had decided to paralyse.
A brief moment passed, Ray could feel how his heart hammered against his chest, he could smell the bland scent of alcohol, he heard how the fabric of the guys jacket made a sound as the guy reached to his pocket, and partly, he knew what he would see when the guy would pull his hand of the pocket.
Gerard rose to stand again, with the bag in his other hand and a smirk on his face, blissfully not knowing anything of what was going on right in front of him. Until he saw the round black barrel right before his eyes. The smirk from his face, and Brian's annoyed and worried voice from his ear faded.
"Now, if either one of you fuckers makes a sound, I'll make sure that's the last sound you ever make," the guy said quiet, but very clearly under his long, creasy hair.
It was like the time had stopped. Ray couldn't move and Gerard didn't find it necessary, considering he was the one with gun pointed to his head. The guy eyed them, evidently quite impressed by how non-protesting they were. Brian kept yelling 'Gerard' on the phone, and that crowned the situation. Ray bit his lip, what kind of sick faith was this? Inside his head he was screaming, screaming like he had never screamed before, he was furious. This guy could very easily kill his best friend right before his eyes, a pathetic few meters from him, and he couldn't find the strength to do absolutely anything.
Gerard tried hard not to breath through his nose. This guy had forgotten the importance of showering and toothbrush long time ago. He had surprised himself by staying calm. Well, as calm as one could in situation like this, but calm anyway. He almost smiled at the memory of himself saying that he couldn't picture himself as forty-year-old. Maybe he didn't have to.
He wasn't freaking out, he wasn't scared. In some way, he was sure he should be scared and freaking out. He should be thinking about all the things in his life that he was yet to do and see and feel, thinking about his family and friends, how much he loved them, how much he wanted to tell them that for one last time. But as hard as he tried to think about any of those things.. he didn't. Only thing that crossed his mind, was that if he died now, here on this alley 'cause of some fucked up hobo, he would never get the chance to not feel so alone. In away, he wasn't afraid to die, 'cause he knew he had lived the life to its fullest, doing things he loved. But in the other way, if he could choose, the last way he wanted t die, was to die alone.
"Give me your money," the guy commanded. Ray couldn't help but to smile, even if it was a very ugly smile. Neither of them any money with.
"Watches then," the guy said quickly more annoyed, "and you gimme that fancy thing." He pointed at Gerard's Sidekick and smiled showing his yellow teeth. Gerard dropped the gadget to his hand immediately, but Ray hesitated with his watch. The guy saw it and glared at him.
"You want your friend to get bullet to his head?" He asked frowning and pushed the gun forward so it touched Gerard's forehead. Gerard turned his head very little, so he could see Ray with his other eye. What the hell was Ray playing? Ray looked at his friend, hoping that he wouldn't get totally wrong idea. The guy with the gun wasn't that big, quite tall and quite wide, but nothing special. Ray had uncontrollable urge to do something. To do anything.
Maybe he could hit the guy. Or kick him?
He extended his arm and handed the watch, desperately trying to decide should he hit him or not. The guy grabbed the watch and moved backwards. He seemed to read Rays bodylanguage quite well.
"Good boy," he mocked and his stubbled face turned into a smirk, "now, I leave to that way, and you two leave to other direction, understood?"
He took several steps backwards, still pointing the gun at Gerard, who sighed relieved as the cold metal left his skin. Ray stepped forward, next to Gerard, looking at the still backing up guy.
"We could take him," he whispered, as the guy was still only ten meters away. Gerard glared at him, and raised his arm to his chest to hold him back. The guy saw this and panicked a little.
"Not cool," he yelled and fired.
Gerard felt the stinging pain, heard how the blood rushed to his head, he felt his own hand grip to Rays shirt as his left leg no longer held his wait and gave in beneath him. His own scream filled his ears, his thoughts, and it was all he heard before his head hit the pavement with a pathetically small thud.
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