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Great last words

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This is my first fic ever. In year 2009, Gerard feels like he needs to escape his normal circles for a while. He wants to hide and spend some time alone, drop everything,but love doesn't do vacatio...

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AN; Hello people.I have a good reason for being absent, though it sucks donkey ass. I was drinking a nice glass of pineapple juice as I was on my comp, surfing or something, and then i accidentally poured the juice all over the comp, over all the wires and shit, you know. so, long story short, i broke my comp with pineapple juice. nice right?
well, I'm back now. This chapter is no biggie, but at the moment i have like noo time, my best frined has birthday and i should be going already. GAH. anyrays, enjoy this, tell me what you think, and i'll b back with nw chapter tomorrow.
OH, and huge thank yous to everyone who takes the time to review, it mean world to me, seriously, thank you.

Emily yawned probably for the hundred time. Night had already creeped over the day, the miscellaneous croup of their motel quests had all returned from their activities and went to rest in their beds. She knew that the possibility of seeing someone else than her dad before the morning was almost non-existing. But because one room was available at the moment, now that the funny smelling old lady had left back to Kansas, she knew that she didn't have to turn that someone away. She hated turning people away like that. Especially during night.
Emily turned the speakers of the computer on, and let the music come through them instead of her headphones. There was no one to mind, so she might as well take the small advantage. She chuckled out loud at the thought. She was a thirty-year old woman, working in her fathers motel, doing night-sifts four times a week, sitting on a hard and quite uncomfortable wooden chair, and the thing she was taking advantage from by listening her music from speakers, was the fact that quests were sleeping in their rooms. Not actually sex and the city for her.
She thought about Gerard. She wasn't sure how she would act the next time she saw him. Should she be mad at him, for not telling and for thinking that she'd turn into a fangirl? Should she tell him that she knew and that she was cool with it? Was she cool with it?
Emily tapped the fingers to the counter. She didn't know if she was cool with it. She knew she was jumping waaay ahead of things, they weren't anything yet. But if they'd become something.. Gerard was famous. He couldn't go anywhere he wanted without getting attention of photographers and such, people kept a track of his life, he toured with his band over the world, he wouldn't even be home to.. be something with Emily.
He's famous. He could get anyone he wanted. The thought hit Emily hard, and immediately she felt stupid. Gerard was after a hook up or something. Now that she thought about it, it seemed so clear. They didn't know each other that well, yet there he was wanting to kiss her. He was on a holiday, and she was there, available, so the guy just went for it. Emily buried her face to her hands. She didn't know if she believed herself or not. She didn't want to believe.

Bob cleared his throat over the angry blasting performed by Anthrax from the Franks cars cd-player. Mikey nodded his head to the beat of his favourite band, probably without noticing it himself and stared the street. Frank tapped his fingers to the steering wheel, clearly nervous and uncomfortable with the silence. Though the music roared through the car, there was still silence. No one of the four men had said a word in half an hour.
"Uhh," Bob said uncertainly, "what time did you say we'll get there?"
No one reacted in any way. Bob bit his lip not knowing what to say next. His hands felt really hot against his legs, but he didn't want to move them. He almost punished himself with not moving his hands, he felt pretty dumb at the moment for no particular reason.
"I didn't say," Frank said shortly and 'end-of-discussion'-ly as he had to stop at the lights. He wanted to really talk, not keep up a pointless chat. He quickly glanced Mikey. This shit was hardest on him, after all Gerard was his brother, same flesh and same blood. And Gerard was Mikeys big brother. He should be the one helping Mikey, not the other way round. Sure they had both had their difficult times, Gerard on Warped with booze and pills, Mikey with mental illness.
Ray sighed loud on the back seat next to Bob. He didn't quite understand the situation they were living. First Gerard told that he needed a break, ok. Then he told Frank on a phone he was alone, ok. No matter how hard Ray tried to think about it, and even if he hated that he felt like it, he felt like Gerard was pretty much just being a baby. Running away from the problem, though he had always, always been the one telling people to fight with all shit. It was like Gerard was making the whole "do as I say, not as I do" real.
"It's just that I promised to call Gin," Bob said quietly., "tell that everything's okay."
Moment passed and every one were silent. Then to surprise of them all, Mikey snorted. He didn't raise his eyes from the street, but snorted none the less. Then he laughed, cocky and cold laugh. Ray, Bob and even Frank, who was supposed to keep his eyes on the road 'cause he obviously was driving, looked at him confused. Mikey turned on his seat and looked at Bob.
"Tell me Bob," he spat the words out, "what exactly is okay here? What the FUCK-," he raised his voice to yell at Bob, "is okay here?" He panted a little, but Bob didn't lean back a smallest inch.
"Don't yell at me man," Bob said calm, "this shit ain't my fault, and it ain't going away no matter how hard you yell."
Mikey snorted again. "I'll yell if I fucking want to yell, MOM! But oh please tell me, what is okay?!"
Bob looked at Mikey, not moving a muscle on his face. Mikey was really annoyed and threw himself back straight on his seat. Everyone was oh-so quiet and calm, didn't they get Gerard was in misery? Didn't they get that things weren't okay? How could Bob even say something like that? What was Mikey supposed to do to get his friends as worried as he was? Deep down he knew he was taking all the frustration out on Bob.
"Mikey," Bob said softly, but Mikey refused to look at him. "What!"
"We know you're worried. We're too you know."
Mikey turned to look at Bob again, face getting red. "THE HELL YOU KNOW! You know NOTHING! YOU MIGHT THINK YOU KNOW, BUT YOU HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE-"
"Stop yellin' Mikey," Ray took a part in the conversation, "we hear you very well, we're like right here."
"Oh don't you start TORO! I'll YELL, if I FUCKING WANT TO," Mikey yelled eyeing Bob and Ray angrily, "at least I'm saying something! You fuckers just sit there! AND SAY NOTHING! Like this shit ain't SERIOUS! Like this is all EASY PEASY and we'll solve this like NOTHING! It's like.. like.. LIKE YOU DON'T GIVE A SHIT! WHAT IF HE'S SUICIDAL AGAIN? WHAT WERE YOUR LAST WORDS TO HIM? AND WHY AREN'T YOU MORE UPSET?!"
Mikey looked at them, with pure hurt in his eyes. Ray and Bob glanced at each other and then Mikey.
"You honestly think we're not upset?" Bob frowned and kept his mouth open.
"MIKEY," Frank suddenly roared so loud, the three men stopped and looked at him. The smallest guy of them, and still he could make such a yell. Franks face was dead serious, not slightest sign of the usual grin anywhere. "What?" Mikey's voice was suddenly quite small.
"There's a cop behind us, and it seems like I have to pull over. Could you stop your friggin ranting for few seconds?" Frank slowed down and pulled over, and everyone stayed quiet. The police officer got up from his car and walked painfully slow to them. Frank put the window down without him having to knock.
"Evening," the quite young officer said, opened his mouth to continue but stopped as he saw Franks face clearly.

"Hey babe," Brandon said as he walked to his bedroom, taking his shirt off the same time.
"Hi," Lisa looked over her novel and reading glasses, "you came early."
"Yea, the party kinda died when some dirty c-class rockers started drunk fight," Brandon answered and hopped to the bed next to her.
"Oh joy," Lisa said and kissed Brandon quickly.
"Mm, the same c-class rockers I was supposed to do that interview with, but hell, those guys were so drunk I couldn't get any clear English from them. How's Emily?"
Lisa stopped reading for a moment, trying to decide should she drop the name or not. "Well," she started, "she met this guy." Brandon stretched his limbs and rolled to lie on his stomach.
"How's the guy? Normal this time?"
"That's the problem. Defo not normal. He's kinda...famous," Lisa said and looked at her husbands face closely. She didn't want to tell the name.
"Seriously? How'd that happen?" Brandon frowned.
"The guy walked in to the motel," Lisa told and yawned, "and they kinda hit off right away."
"Interesting," Brandon said, "but really anyone would be better than Matt. Even if it's a famous guy then." He got under the covers and pulled Lisa's body close to him.
"Yeah," Lisa sighed and put the book away, "hopefully."

The digital clock on the right corner of the computer screen just showed plain zeros. Emily yawned again. One day ended, the other started. The other has to end before the other could start. It would take few hours and light would start whitening the city, waking people to the new day, new beginning. It was everyone's own decision, own gain and own fault what the new day brought, it was up to one self what they made from this day. It would never come back, and it could never be changed or lived again. It was somewhat sad to Emily that people didn't take everything they could from each day.
First minute passed. First minute of this day was gone, and time was one minute closer to the morning. Emily hated mornings. Even is she tried to tell herself different, it was mostly because of mothers death. She had died in the morning. Emily had been on lecture, father had been at work, she had been home alone, cooking and listening to some morning radio show. The last voice she had heard was some perky host telling everyone to have a wonderful, wonderful day. Irony was a bitch sometimes.
Emily stared at the screen not seeing it. Her mom had understood her. She had encouraged her, believed in her talent, bought her the first brushes and crayons, told her she could be the artist she wanted to be. She had took a job to get more money to pay her education in expensive art school of NY, and then one day, one normal, as average day as possible, she took her last breath and fell to the striped carpet of their kitchen. And Emily was left with her quiet father who didn't know how to talk to his daughter, how to cook for himself or how to keep the house clean, or how to sorrow.
The last thing Emily had said to her mom was "ughh, you know I hate omelettes" right before she had rushed out. Not exactly great last words, she chuckled.
A thought hit her. She didn't know what to exactly think about Gerard, she didn't know what she wanted to do with him, but she knew that she didn't want their last words be telling him to draw. Loud bangs of car doors stopped her thoughts.

"Seriously," Frank giggled, "Do you get we just signed a ticket? Like a cops ticket?"
Ray and Bob grinned, and even Mikey smiled a little.
"Poor guy even forgot to tell why he stopped us," Bob smiled and put his hood up.
"Think what he'll look like when he realises that," Frank giggled even harder. The men all smiled, looked little around at the silent and dark streets and then back to Frank.
"You're sure that this is the place?" Ray asked.
"Dude," Frank said acting annoyed, "I never got us to places we're not supposed to be at."
Bob snorted. "Like the time in Italy you got us to stripclub instead of the restaurant?"
Frank laughed so hard the whole block echoed, "As I said, I never, never..."
"Could we just get in? It's kinda cold out here," Mikey said quietly, also putting his hood on, and walking for the motels door.
"You went to a stripclub and you didn't take me with you? How could you?" Ray whispered to Bob, trying to sound hurt.

Emily's eyes couldn't pop any bigger when four all black wearing men entered the doors, looking around and getting closer. She had that much picturememory, that she knew who these guys were.
The guy with dark eyes, sweet and some-what similar face and a hood on, got to the counter first and smiled at Emily.
"Hi," he said sweetly, "Do you have a guy named Way staying here?"
Emily opened her mouth for few times, and damned herself for always losing the capability of speaking. "Uhh, hi, YES."
The men changed glances and the short guy giggled and murmured something to the guy with afro eyeing her at the same time. Guy with the afro sighed and hit the short guy. Emily raised her brows.
"That's awesome, could you tell us what room he's in? I'm his brother, and I have to get to talk with him," Mikey said and smiled kindly. He knew Frank was already telling Bob or Ray his opinion of this woman's looks, and he realised that she realised. Frank enjoyed making people slightly uncomfortable.
"You're Mikey?" The words escaped from Emily's mouth before she knew it.
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