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Laugh at the madness of it all

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Emily finds out Gerard is THE Gerard. How interesting does that sound ppl?

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Emily had followed her own advice and started to draw. The result of the pens moves was quite surprising to her, but then again, she almost never planned these things. She had drawn a child, a little boy in simple pants and with dull expression. Interesting was, that she had drawn his skin like it was one big puzzle. Emily held the sketchbook further away from herself and looked at the drawing. 'Cause of sudden urge, she quickly pulled if closer again and coloured the piece above his heart black, as if that piece was missing. She had an unrecognisable feeling, like this drawing reminded her of something, but she couldn't quite put her finger on it.
Her wondering was interrupted with a small knocking. On the second she opened the door, Lisa stormed in.
"Hey," Lisa said smiling, but sounded like something had shocked her and now she was just covering it up. When she ripped the pizza box's corner while opening it, Emily got curious.
"Is something, um, wrong Lis?"
"Whhath? No. Well, yesh. I don't know. I'll tell you in a minute," she answered mouth full. Emily raised her brow, but said nothing. She grabbed the sketchbook and threw it aside to the floor. For some reason she didn't want to look at it.
"So," Lisa said and swallowed loud," you were with Gerard again?"
"Yea," Emily said eyeing the already cooling pizza deciding if she was hungry or not, "Who told you? Dad?"
"Yup. It's so funny he calls everyone Mister-first name-surname," Lisa said and moved a particularly untidy pile of magazines and photographs and what-not with her foot. Emily sneered and pushed the pizza box away from her.
"You wanna hear something funny?" Emily said after a moment and sat to the floor leaning her back to her bed.
" 'Course," Lisa blurted," and while you're on it, where the hell is your laptop?"
"There," Emily said and pointed the pile Lisa had moved earlier. "'Course it is," Lisa mumbled and pulled it out.
"So," Emily sighed, " I almost let him kiss me."
Lisa glanced her friend, but then fixed her eyes back o the screen. She typed and clicked things fast, she needed to get the discovery from her chest. "What do you mean 'almost let him'? Doesn't it usually take two?"
"Well like, he asked if he could do it," Emily said and bit her lower lip in frustration, "and I nodded."
"He asked if he could do it? And you nodded?" Lisa repeated without looking up.
"And you suddenly found your inner mockingbird?" Emily smiled and folded her arms around her knees. "But yea, he asked and I nodded. It was kinda crazy situation."
"What does he look like?"
Emily frowned and stared at her friend. "What?"
"I want to picture it," Lisa said in a tone that made it clear Emily was being a little slow, "and I can't if I don't know what he looks like." This was a lie of course, Lisa had a certain picture right in front of her eyes on the slightly glowing screen.
"Umm, black hair, kinda small nose, his face is funny and angelic at the same time, kinda tall and average weight. May I continue now?"
"Sure, sure," Lisa nodded sighing. Emily scowled at her. You could call it woman's instinct or just knowing your friend, but Emily knew something wasn't right. As much as she wanted to know what exactly was wrong, she also wanted to tell her own thing.
"It was weird. I haven't kissed anyone in ages, remember the period I freaked out 'cause of I it and all? But now, I didn't think about it at all. I was so ready to do it. Fuck, I wanted it like BIG big time."
Emily bit one of her nails. "And we were like fucking half of an inch apart already. But then he got a call from his brother, and it really upset him and that was kind of ... it. We never got back to kissing."
Emily realised how sad and little pathetic she sounded, but at the moment she didn't really care. She felt sort of empty. She had been ready to take her utmost guard off, but then suddenly she didn't have to. The problem was, she didn't know what to do with the guard now, leave it to its half-way position or take it away or put it back again. She made a small move with her head and banged her head to the wall. Gently, but still.
"Em," Lisa said slowly, "what's his brothers name?"
Emily frowned and got annoyed. Where the hell was her friends mind sometimes? There she was, trying to tell Lisa something frustrating and confusing, and she didn't pay attention.
"Mikey," Emily said firmly, "why?"
"'Cause," Lisa said and turned the laptop so Emily saw the picture of group of men opened on it, "I think there's something you should know about dear Gerard."

Frank sat in his car and couldn't help but to smile at the situation, even he thought it wasn't that amusing. He had driven Gerard to New York. He had come back, only to find out some fucker had broke in to his house, and for a mortifying moment the fear of losing his wife Jamia had grabbed him. He had been so angry at Gerard, mostly 'cause there was no other scapegoat available. And now, he was driving his other brothers to New York, 'cause of Gerard. Or maybe not 'cause of Gerard, but the other Way.
Frank wasn't angry anymore. All that had vanished at the very second on the phone with him in the morning. He felt uncomfortable as he heard Gerard's voice in his head, repeated melancholy was way worse than melancholy. Even more uncomfortable he was with their plan.
He didn't know what they were gonna do. He didn't know what Gerard would do as they popped behind his door tomorrow. He didn't know what they would say, how exactly was Mikey going to help Gerard, or actually what would help Gerard. He hated this unknowing.
He saw Jamias figure through their living room window. Although every lock had been changed, every window confirmed, he didn't feel good with leaving her again. He hated how much time they spent apart 'cause of the bands touring, but at the same time, he knew the band had to do it. That time they just had to survive as a couple, but this was so different. They had a vacation, no obligations, no duties, and there he was, leaving her again. Frank didn't like it at all.
Sure Jamia said it was all right, that she understood, that she wanted him to go so everything would get settled. At some level, Frank wanted her not to understand. She understood the touring and the band things, 'cause those were the things that made Frank.. Frank. He loved it, and she loved him, so she bestowed it to him, and didn't bind him to her rules. This just was different. Frank wasn't going to some happy trip with the gang, do something he loved. He hit the steering wheal with both of his hands and grunted. I don't know what I'm going to do.
He turned the car key and drove away.

"THE Gerard Way. Of My Chemical Romance," Lisa said for the third time on a row, because Emily's expression of disbelief didn't fade, "a very known and very big band. Remember the Black Parade song from few years ago? That was these dudes. And as you can see, you're dating the singer."
Emily stared at the picture of the band on stage, clearly performing some song. Gerard wore black skinny jeans, black shirt and black fitted jacket, leaned over the stages edge towards the crowd and smiled. He looked like a kid in a toy store, extremely excited, extremely happy and wanting more. She remembered how he had looked little confused and alert when he had checked in to the motel. She had wondered what that was about, but now she thought she understood. Poor guy had waited for her to jump up and beg for autographs and do all other fan stuff.
Then the time at the restaurant, when he hadn't told him what he did for a living. Why had he lied? Emily was confused.
"I take he didn't exactly tell you?" Lisa asked. Emily nodded.
"I wonder why he didn't. I wonder why he just like, lied and didn't tell me," Emily said and frowned.
"Well," Lisa said, "I don't keep track on them, but what I've heard from Brandy, is that they're not any fame-fanatics and don't want groupies. Maybe he thought you'd turn in to one, if you'd know."
Emily couldn't tell how she felt. What her friend said, made sense, but she still felt a little annoyed. Did Gerard really think she would turn into screaming groupie and bash around the fact she was fucking a rock star? Not exactly what she wanted him to think about her.
"That's just stupid," she said simply.
"I know," Lisa said and rubbed Emilys shoulder, "and everyone who really knows you would say the same. He doesn't know you that well."
Lisa knew she sounded cold, she knew she was stepping on Emilys hopes, but she felt like she had to. Emily was too important to her, she had been through enough all ready. If certain Gerard Way was going to mess with Emily, Lisa would beat his ass before he knew what hit him.
Emily bit her nails again. She only did that when really confused and nervous. Part of her wanted to go and hug Gerard, tell him she knew and that she didn't really give a fuck, and then kiss him and talk about what ever it was upsetting him, make it all better and get together with him, get married and be happy for ever. The other part wanted to smack him and tell him what a idiot he is, if he thinks that about her and then avoid him for eternity.
Then she smiled. She had complained and worried about not having anyone great in her life for multiple times. Now that there was this potential something, things weren't really any better. Complicated and irritating. And slightly mad.

Gerard laid on his back in his bed and held a piece of paper in his hand. After Emily had left, he had just sat on the side of his bed for a long time. Thoughts in his head were running and rushing around, pushing each other, but his body was completely still. Then he had just grabbed paper and pen from his back.
He remembered the night he had packed some of his stuff. He had loads of different pens and pencils and tools average people never saw in their entire life, special drawing paper that cost more than food for two weeks, but he had packed a suffered and torn notebook and two normal pencils. He didn't know why he had packed them instead of better materials. As if the better stuff was too good for this bittersweet distortion of a holiday.
Anyway, he had drawn, just like Emily had told him to. He had drawn a tree; black, thin tree with only few branches. It blossomed, which would have made the picture look like spring. It was otherwise, 'cause of huge black rain clouds, and water pouring on the street as people on it ran to shelter, big black buildings grew high to the sky, looking little like monsters over child's bed. And the tree was in the middle of all the chaos, blossoming.
Gerard thought the picture was rather nice, even if little mad. He smiled and wondered whether to darken the rain or not, when his phone beeped. He got a textmessage. When he saw the sender, he was totally hit off guard. It had been a long time since he had given this person a single thought. He clicked the message open anyway, only to get even more surprised.
Stay away from her.
Gerard's jaw dropped and his frowned. This was beyond mad.
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