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The reviews were awesome and I'm sorry for the long wait.I mean really the long wait. i mean really really long wait. So to make it up to you here is 20 pages of update goodiness. This is the second chapter until the end. Enjoy:) RRR plz


Sam P.O.V

"Whoa hot mama" Spencer whistled.

"I can only imagine what went on in that room" Ryan said.

"A little this and a that. Squeak squeak head board banging" Spencer laughed.

"Ripping off clothes. Griping the sheets. Oh hoe moan groan you know" Jon added.

" have to go" I blushed walking funny seeing I was trying to cover myself with both arms.

"Okay then" Ryan said arching one eyebrow.

I walked out the door and let out a sigh.

"Thank god" I huffed. "I'm so going to kill them" I ranted letting out a bit of frustration.

"Kill who?" a voice said.

I stopped in my tracks and looked behind me. Brendon was standing outside the door.

"Um..nobody" I blushed.

"You leaving?"

Man he looked so innocent right now.

"Brendon I feel really out there and I need some fresh air"

"Oh I know how you feel. Its just you left him" he pulled the puppy from behind his back. He had the biggest goofiest grin ever. I could just run up and kiss him.

"I did" I smirked.

"Yep" he smiled nodding his head anxiously.

I lowered my head as I walked up to him. He reached out his arms with the puppy in his hands. I grabbed it and held it by my chest. I looked up at him and he looked back at me. He leaned in to kiss me but I moved my head slightly.

"I'm sorry I just don't feel right at this moment. Look at how I'm dressed. Give me money and I could be called a whore"

"Sam you absolutely gorgeous with or without clothes..." he paused in his sentence.

I arched my eyebrow.

"It didn't really come out like I said it in my head"

"But I don't mind how it came out..." I paused in my words.

We both laughed.

"Okay now that were on the same page" he rested his finger under my chin as we pressed our lips together. He kissed me tenderly.

Our eyes were shut as we parted our lips.

"Do you want me to take you home?" he asked

"That'd be great" I said in a coming on gaze.

"Are you okay?"

"Yes" I smiled widley.
He shook his head chuckling silently.


Were in the elevator together standing side by side.

"So do you want to go straight home or do you want to do something with me?" he asked.

"Are you asking me out?" I teased.

"What if I was" a smirk played with his lips

"Then I'd be saying what if I said yes"

"Okay then I'd be saying what if it's a date"

"Then what if its settle"

He smiled. Our eyes exchanged glances. The puppy barked suddenly making us jump.

"Oh lord" I laughed petting it on it's head.

The elevator door then opened. As we stepped out loud screams caught our attention. We looked forward and 3 girls ran up to Brendon. I moved out the way and looked at them.

"Oh my god I can't belive it's Brendon urie"
"I'm like your biggest fan"
"Panic so rocks ass"

The girls comments put a smile to Brendons face. Looking at him at the moment taking pictures and signing autographs was the perfect painting. Pure Kodak moment, simply because a little person like him could make such a impact on those girls. I curled up my lips as I looked down at the puppy who was seeming to fall asleep. I turned it on its back as I cradled it like a baby. It was so small and defiantly precious.

Brendon P.O.V

I was done signed autograph's and took a few pictures.

One of the girls cleared her throat. I looked in her direction.

"um..Brendon I was wondering do you have a girlfriend?" she said grabbing my ass. I jumped up taking a step to the right.

The 2 other girls hovered in as if they were curious for a answer.

"Yes I do" I said confidently. I looked over at Sam who was holding the dog as a baby.

The girls faces turned sour but I could tell they forced smiles.

"Thanks for the autographs" the girl that sqeezed my ass said.

"No problem" I smiled.

They then walked off.

"Its probably that girl"
"She looks like a whore"
"she probably is one"

I heard the girls reminiscing within there group. Laughing loudly.

I walked over to Sam who looked involved with the puppy. She looked up with the biggest smile.

"Your done already?"

"Yeah lets get out of here before I get mobbed"

"True" she chuckled.

We walked out the doors and the same girls were leaning against the wall.

"Bye ladies" I waved getting in the car.

"Bye Brendon" they said a in a chorus unison.

Sam got in the car completely ignoring the fact I exchanged words with them. I looked at her as I started my ignition.

"She looks like a fucking skank" one said outloud.

"Your just a jealous bitch" Sam screamed back.

"Oh no you didn't" the girl hissed. Sam put the puppy down and got out the car.

She stepped in front of her.

"Oh hell to the yes I did" Sam replied.

Can anyone say catfight?

"You're the bitch, bitch"

"Oh whatever. Your just a jealous groupie whos hating because I'm with Brendon and your not" sam yelled.

"Oh fuck you tramp" the girl pushed Sam.

"Fuck you" sam ripped off the girls shirt.

I've never had girls fight for me...oh scratch that yes I have.

"Oh no" she said ripping Sam's dress.

"How about I make it easier and take it off" sam pulled off the dress throwing it randomly.

'oh Jesus'

"Okay how about I take this off" the girl slid off her jeans.

They were both standing there in there bras and panties.

"Bitch" sam attacked the girl to the floor. Pressing her lips against hers. They rolled around the floor moaning. This was so entertaining. Then Sam got on all fours as the girl got behind her and started smacking her ass.

Everything was in slow motion.

Right now I was about dieing from not getting in on the action. The girls stood up and looked at me. The fan-girl was swinging her hair back as she leaned over to run her hands up her leg. Then Sam rubbed around her body licking her lips seductivley.


I snapped out my gaze as I looked at a confused sam.

"Are you okay?" she laughed looking at my pants.

I looked down and the puppy was grazing his paws against my boner.

"Oh my god" I said driving off. I covered my mouth as I looked at sam.

"I'm so sorry" I blushed.

She grabbed the puppy and looked in the opposite direction with the weirdest face. I took off my shirt and put it over it. Why do I have to wear such tight pants?

"This is so embrassing" I grunted.

"Brendon its okay. Let's just ignore it. It never happened. What boner?"

I laughed. "Thanks" I couldn't even look at her.

"Its okay if your having fantasys about me. It's a honor that I can give a boy a boner. Better yet Brendon Urie. It just blows my mind that when you think about me you see sex. Boys are such assholes" she grunted.

Mood swing much!

"Sam I'm sorry if I make you feel uncomfortable"

"No Brendon you completely and utterly disgust me. Your thinking of me in a degrading way. Who do you think I am? I feel like groupie whore. I'm not and will not be treated like the girls that just fall all over you. I do not want to have sex with you. Your dick must be your head right now Because your not thinking with the one you got" she ranted.

"I didn't mean for you to feel this way and I don't want to have sex with you" I whined.

"Brendon are you okay?" sams voice echoed in my gaze.

I snapped into reality as I looked at my pants. No boner. I let out a relieved sigh.

"Brendon are you okay?" she repeated.

"Perfect" I smiled driving off.

"I thought you were gone there"

"I kind of was"

"Well I'm glad your back" she said petting the puppy.

Sam P.O.V

We stepped into my house and I saw my mom sitting down in the living room. She stood up and walked towards us.

"Honey I was worried about you and I didn't get a call. why do you have a puppy and the clothes?"

"Mom you know spot died. So Brendon over here got us a replacement" I winked at my mom.

"Of course. It was a tragic day and...." she started tearing up. "The dog meant everything to us".

I never knew my mom was quite the actress. Man she was good.

" and Brendon will leave you alone to sulk while were up stairs" I smiled grabbing Brendons hand while still holding the puppy.


"Get comfortable" I told him laying the puppy on the bed and then closing the door.

He sat on my bed and began to play with it.

"That was really sweet of you. The puppy is really cute"

"Don't worry about it" he laughed as the puppy nibbled on his finger.

"So have you got your tux for prom?"

"Matter a fact I did. What color are you wearing?"

"I'm not telling" I walked over to him then turned around. "Could you unzip it" I asked.

When he was done I pulled it off.

"Hey" he said covering his eyes.

"Well its not a big deal.. We did freakin make out in the shower" I laughed.

He uncovered his eyes. "Okay if you insist"

I bent over as I was searching through my drawers for some clothes. I smiled to myself as I stopped what I was doing still bent over.

"Brendon quit looking at my ass"

"My bad" I heard him say.

I laughed as I leaned up and turned around.

"Are you gay?" I asked.

"Yeah I check out girls asses but I'm gay. Ryan and I are secret lovers" the sarcastic ness could be identified in his voice.

"Well if your gay I don't think this would turn you on"

I then busted out in the running man. I was turning around in a circle.

"Oh you like that don't you?" I chanted.

Laughs escaped his mouth. I then stopped and looked at him.

"If I could tell you what I really liked about that. You'd probably slap me"

"Then don't" I said walking up to him. I pushed him down as I laid on top of him.

"Do you want me?" I asked.



"Because I really want you"

I grinned widely.

"Honey I.."

my mom stopped in her words as she saw the picture that was laid in front of her. Her daughter half naked laying on top of a man. She closed the door and walked away. I jumped off of him.

"That's embrassing and she will not let me live that down" I said going into the bathroom.


I was done getting dressed when I came out the bathroom. I noticed Brendon found my acoustic guitar.

"I didn't know you could play" he said testing the strings.

"Just alittle but nothing compared to you"

"Oh really?"

"Yeah really" I sat down at my computer chair and looked at him as I applied some lotion to he arms.

He started up a beat and nodded his head.

::Here's the link to the video of the song. This is so you can go along with the singing in the story/(

He start's singing. "This town just wasn't made for two and when the streets they call my name what can I do. Theres a place I'd like to visit there some day And if you decline my invitation what can I say? What can I say? What can I say? When the corner light has dimmed upon the street and all the faces look how you did on those you meet. Tell your friends that I'll be dead when you read this. Tell them I couldn't take the pain of loneliness, of loneliness ,of loneliness. I'm feeling low and I'm singing in my sleep. when your around will you comfort me? I'll dream of you and that smile that you give, to me(extended "e"). You give to me, you give to me(extended "e")" he stops singing and continues to play the soft notes he's creating on the guitar.

He begins again "It's the same thing everyday because we running out of things to say. If you gone not me not here. It kinds of shed a different light on the whole year. On the whole year. On the whole year. I am feeling low and I'm singing in my sleep. When your around will you comfort me? I'll dream of you and that smile that you give, to me(extended "e"). You give to me, you give to me(extended "e")" strums looking up at me.

"That wasn't on the CD"

"I know, because this was something I wrote before I got famous. Those were my actual lyrics. I know it's shit"

"No that was good. I'm blown away that Brendon Urie wrote his own lyrics"

"For some odd reason I love how you say my first and last name"

"For some reason I think your voice is amazing"

"God I love you kid" he said putting my guitar down.

"Ready?" I asked.

"Yeah" he replied

My phone then rang. I answered it.


"What's up. This is meg"

"Oh hey meg"

"So what you up too?"

"Well I'm kind of busy"

"Dude are you with Brendon?" she asked.

"Yeah why?"

"You have to spill the details tomorrow"

"Trust me I will" I smiled at Brendon.

"Oh I almost forgot. Don't forget step number 9,10,and 11. You'll have to do them today seeing this is the last day to really make him fall in love with you before prom"

"Yeah I know. I got just the things. Talk to you later, bye"

I hung up my phone and went to my closet. I got the guide book out and looked at the steps.

step# 9 was to ask him to buy the most embarrassing thing guys wouldn't dare to buy! This will show how much he likes you

step#10 was Call him and be on the phone with him for hours, share some of your exotic and intimate moments, then flip it around by talking about your childhood, make up a horrible life story.

'I think I'll just skip that one. It won't matter really'.

Step#11 was to take him to do something that'd challenge him in some way and kind of make it his first time over coming something with you.

"Piece of cake" I mumbled to myself.

"What are you doing?" Brendon asked. I closed the book and put it up.

"Ouch" I whined.

"What happened?"

"I'm cramping. Can you take me to the store?"



"So you want me to go inside and get you some tampons?" he repeated

I nodded my head innocently. "I can't walk. It hurts to"

"Okay" he got out the car and went in.

Brendon P.O.V

I opened the door and looked back at the car. She gave me a smile. I smiled back as I walked in the store. I went to the femine aisle and picked up a box of tampons. Then I went to the register.

"Oh my god your Brendon urie" the cashier said. She looked about 17 or 16. Her hair ran to her shoulders and the color was a bleach blonde.

"Yeah" I replied. She looked at the tampons and back at me.

"There for a friend" I reassured.

She giggled and rung it up. I turned around gritting my teeth.

Sam P.O.V

I saw him walk out the store with a bag and I held in my laughter. He got in the car and handed the bag to me.

"That was so sweet" I gave him a peck on the cheek.

He smiled widely. "No problem"


We were sitting in a diner just getting done with her meals.

"So what now?" Brendon asked setting his elbows on the table.

"Lets do something cool"

"Like what?"

I looked at my phone.

"Its 7:45. Do you know any tattoo parlors near by?"

"You got to be kidding me?" he chuckled.

"No I'm not. Brendon lets do something you'll remember forever and why not with me."

"Your right, expect for the last part"

"Plus tattoos are an art of expression. Get something that represents you. Introduce the Brendon we know and yeah I caught onto what you said"

He chuckled. "My parents are going to freak but Lets go"


"How is it holding up?" I asked looking at the covered up tattoo.

"Good" he replied looking at his forearm.

"I think getting piano keys was pretty sweet. Original none the less"

"Well your rocker butterfly is pretty badass. Especially since you got it on your lower back. Hot"

"Your so sweet" I laughed.

"I try" he batted his eyelashes,

I dived in for the kiss and then leaned back quickly.

"Sorry" I blushed.

"Don't be" he leaned in and pressed his lips against mines. I kept my eyes close when he parted his lips from mines.

"Don't stop" I whispered.

I felt his lips against mines as we proceed with the kiss. This was a heated make-out scene about now. He leaned me against the door and I pushed him away.

"I have to go" I smiled.

"Alright" he said going in for one more peck.

I opened my door as he walked off. When he was gone I walked in and closed the door behind me. I started to cry as I climbed up my stairs. I went in my room and sat on my bed. I couldn't believe I was going to be breaking such a good guys heart tomorrow. Everything such as reality began to run through my mind. I was such a bad person and for that I was going to cry myself to sleep.

Brendon P.O.V

I laid on my bed thinking about sam. She was such a great girl and I really like her. Tomorrow is going to be the best day ever because I'll be going to prom with a girl I love. Cupid shot the arrow at the right time when I laid eyes on her. Lord I'm so cliché.
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