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Monday [Part 1]

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Part 1 of 2

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part 1

Sam P.O.V

My alarm rings through my ears making me instantly throw my arm from under the cover to slam my hand on the snooze button. I sit up and stretch out my arms as I yawn. I walk to my bathroom and look at my reflection. Under my eyes are slightly puffy from all the crying I was doing and from the lack of sleep I received. My eyes shoot down as I turned the knob which released a squeaky noise. I let the water flow into my hand .

“Sam Get a hold of yourself” I mumble splashing some the water on my face. As I look up I show off a sincere smile. To cheer myself up some. In secret code telling myself everything will be okay. I start in a gaze as I reach for the towel that rested by the sink. Pressing it against my face I feel something graze my leg. I put the towel down and look at my ankle. It’s the puppy. I picked her up and turned her on her back. I begin to stroke its belly as I hold it as a baby.

“I never thought to name you anything. Since I’ve never had a real dog and that name I made up wasn‘t real. So I’ll name you something”

Its paws dangled in front of it’s face as she stares at me with her black beady eyes.

“I’ll name you baby”

The dog barked suddenly, so I took it as a “I like that name“.


I jogged downstairs and stopped at the last step as I saw my mom turn around suddenly.

“I cooked breakfast” my mom cheered laying a pate on the table.

“Mom, I could of grabbed a pop tart to go but I’m not complaining” I sat down and glared at my plate. A home cooked meal? Something I haven’t had in a while. Since everything had been rocky between us and she was always gone. We never had time for each other.

She stood on the side of my chair as she rested her left hand on the back of my seat “Okay I made eggs; I know you like then sunny side up, pancakes; I put chocolate chips in them because I know there your favorite and last but not least the bacon extra crispy”

“You know I have to fit in my prom dress right?” I laughed

“No you wear your prom dress to fit you not the other way around”

“That sounds familiar. Monster in law maybe?” I replied picking up my fork.

“Right on the penny princess” she pinches my nose as she takes a seat across from me.

“This looks great” I began eating my eggs. I took a momentarily pause to close my eyes and savior the flavor “Nothing like moms cooking” I say looking at her with the biggest grin.

“Sure isn’t” she sneered taking a sip of her coffee.

I start to remain silent as I begin to enjoy this mouth watering breakfast. She sits there drinking her coffee and staring at me and out the window on and off. I continue eating trying to avoid her gaze. This was the first time in while that we ever sat together and no harsh words were exchanged. No dirty glares or smart remarks. Just peace and quiet.

“So how’s the food? You know mama‘s kind of rusty” she chuckled taking a sip of her coffee.

“Excellent” I say not bothering to look up but giving her a quick thumbs up.

That’s when everything got silent again. When I had glanced at her after a couple of seconds I saw her mouth open. “Where did this puppy thing come from?”

‘oh no’

“Well It just happened. Me and my Brendon got it for me” I stuttered not evening giving her eye contact.

“Well how did you end up getting with Brendon, the rock star you say?” her full attention was on me and all she wanted was an explanation and I can’t even give her that. I finally look up from my plate and gulp down the food I was eating. I put my fork down and wiped around my mouth with a napkin.

“Funny story. Long story actually.” I smile nervously laying the napkin next to my plate. She glances at her watch and looks back at me.

“You don’t have to be at school for another hour. I have time” She puts her coffee down and sits back. Then entwines her fingers and have them rest underneath her chin.

“Mom it’s complicated” I lay my hand over my mouth allowing my elbow to rest on the table.

“Elbows off” she demands.

I quickly move it to my side.

“Are you two together?” she asks arching one eyebrow.

I sit here not really knowing myself. Were we together? Because if we were someone let a person know.

“Kind of. Not official” I respond.

“How old is he?”

Her expressions become more curious. The tension that was bouncing off of her flew on me, Which wasn’t helping at all.

“He’s 20” I almost mumble.

“20?” she hisses un entwining her hands and leaning up against the table.

“Yes 20 mother” I huff.

“Honey you’re my daughter and I’m going to tell you straight up. 20 year old guys only have one thing on there mind and I want you to keep your innocence until your ready to let it go. You are a virgin right?” she ask questioning me.

“Yes mom I’m a virgin. I am 18. I’m legal and considered a adult”

“Well sorry to break it to you but your under my roof so you’ll have to obey my rules”

“So your saying I can’t see him?”

“No. I’m saying be careful for what you want because its not always what you think it is in the end”

I stare at my plate as I fall back in my seat. If I wasn’t feeling guilty enough.

“Mom I’m terrible person” I cry.

“Huh!?” she questions walking over to sit next to me.

“I’m doing something very bad and I know what the outcome will be”

“Drugs? Drinking? Sex?”

I let out a huff as I wipe a stranded tear. Then I sit up straight and turn towards my mom.

“Not that.”

“I didn’t mean to make you sad I was just telling you because I don’t want you to do anything you’ll regret tonight”

“Aww man” I cry harder.


“Mom no matter what happens tonight, after prom can you please say these words ‘Sam you’ll be okay‘”

“Yeah sure”

Her expressions were intensely concerned. She wipes my tears and grabs me into a hug. It was so early in the morning to be thinking about it but it was going to blow even harder in my face tonight, but who could I blame. I made my own bed now I have to lay in it.

“Eat up before your food gets terribly cold” my mom laughs picking up my fork. I chuckle as I grab the fork from out her hand.

“I‘ll be driving you to school this morning” she smiles patting my back.

“Sure” I reply with a graceful smile.


“I’ll be picking you up in this same spot right after school” she reassured.

“Alright” I reply opening the door.

I wave to her as I stand outside the car. Then I walk towards the building. I gripped a hold of my backpack straps and breathed in the fresh air. Walking through the doors re, meg, and lee ran up to me.

“Hey” I smiled.

“Today is prom night. I’m so excited” meg cheered.

“Me too” I smirked.

“I wonder who the prom queen and king will be?” Re questioned.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if it was amber or Jessica, but remember to vote for me” Lee requested.

They followed me to my locker. Chattering and giggling about tonight. Too bad I couldn’t’ be happy. I wish I could feel what there feeling but I’m truly making myself to be the bad person.

“Your awfully quiet Sam. What’s wrong?” Re asked.

“Nothing. Just some things on my mind. Subject change re and meg do you have dates to the prom?” I replied.

“Actually were going with each other” Meg answered.

“And you lee?”

“With some boy” she said nervously.

“Prom will be something I’ll never forget” I remarked.

“Yeah. I feel bad because you have to break the news Brendon” lee sighed.

“If I don’t feel bad enough. Can you stop bringing that shit up for one minute” I snapped at lee. I could be such a hypocrite.

“Sorry” she huffed.

I then walked away. Re and meg followed.

“I don’t want to do it” I whined.

“But you have to” Meg said.

“No she doesn’t” re argued.

“I don’t?” I questioned stopping in my tracks.

“No. We could pretend this never happened and you can live happily ever after with Brendon” Re smiled.

“But what about lee. You know she’s been bugging Sam about it?” Meg questioned.

“How about we just don’t worry about it until we have to” re said.

“Fine with me” meg and I said in unison.


I walked into English class and went straight to my seat. I instantly laid my head down. I had too much on my mind. The barrier of guilt was killing me. I’ve never felt this bad since I was 12 and accidentally burned my moms autograph journey poster. In serious thought I began to bang my head on my desk.

“Ms. Moore!” my teacher called.

I looked up and everyone’s eyes were on me.

“Sorry” I blushed sitting up.

“Now senior class I know today is prom and you feel for some reason the day should end for you. Class will go as schedule and no I won’t give you homework. I’ll be strongly disappointed to have nothing back the next day because you ended up getting wasted or some other illegal activity I want go into detail for purposes being. Now I know your all excited but I‘m going to need you to save that for tonight’s festivities…….”

Her voice began to fade as I heard someone call my name. I looked beside me and it was him. The skater guy from the park.

“Sam are you okay?” he asked.

“Peachy” I blushed falling into a gaze.

“Well I thought because you were banging your head pretty hard…..”

His voice drifted away as I stared into his sea green eyes. His evenly tanned skinned and chestnut brown hair flowed so perfectly over his left eye. Leaving it to stay in a drastically upward flip. The pair of lips that he used looked as plump and soft as feather pillowed. The way he licked his lips could make anyone girl melt. His side dimples were irresistible and so cute to look at. The way they indented when he smiled so freely. His voice begin to drift back. “So I thought I’d just tell you that”

“What? Huh?’ I questioned breaking out of my gaze.

“You know. I just wish I could of told you sooner. You know so you don‘t think I‘m trying to get to you just because your bringing that band. I was just shy but now I’ve got the courage to tell you. Sam I really really like you” he repeated.

“I like you too” I replied smiling really wide.

He smiled back.

“Ms. Moore and Mr. Robertson do you want to share with the class what your talking about?” she asked standing before us.

“No” we said in unison.

“Good. Now pay attention up here and wait to exchange your love vow’s some other time” she said making her way back to the front of the class.

He looked back at me and we exchanged smiles then turned our heads shyly. The intercom came on and everyone went silent.

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen’s will you please stand for the pledge of allegiance”

Everyone stood up and began to recite the words we said ever freaking morning.

“I pledge allegiance to the flag to the united states of America and to the republic from which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. You may now be seated for a moment of silence”

The class sat down and silence there was. Then the intercom came back on 10 seconds later.

“This is Jessica and I must say this is the most dreamed up day for all seniors. The prom is finally here and a time for all to cheer. I rhymed. Ha ha” the annoying screeched we identified as a laugh echoed through the room. “Anyways the night will be filled with a bunch of events and lots of people who care to see there friends before this school year ends. I’m proud to be a senior and to be able to walk away with what I’ve accomplished in these 4 years of my life here. There will be a table where you can slip your ballets in, outside the cafeteria doors. So go vote for who you think deserves to be prom king or queen. As head of the prom committee I have to thank Amber, Leslie, Mariah, Tridena, Fallen, Kelly, Kristy and Ashley for helping me with the decorations and anything else I needed help with. Thank you girls. Also I’d like to thank everyone who auditioned and recommend some bands for prom. So now I’d like to take time off to announce who will be the bands playing at prom. Daisy and the astronauts, lightly taken, Ballerina junkies, Starcrossedliars. Congratulations to all those groups who will play for us on a night we’ll never forget. I wanted to keep this a secret but I thought I’d tell you guys now. We will be having a special musical guest performance tonight”

I sunk down in my seat.

“The Panic! At the disco will be performing at our prom. Kudos to Sam who happens to be close friends with Brendon Urie. You go Sam! I suggest you bring your cameras and notepads. That concludes our announcements. See you guys tonight”

The whole class began in cheers and conversation. Kyle looked over at me and smiled. I returned a half smile as I tried to cover my face. Whispers were filling my ears.

“Who’s Sam?”
“I can’t believe panic’s coming”
“I’m so excited”
“I want them to sign my boobs”
“God Ryan is so cute”
“panic! At the disco rock”

“Sam” my teacher called.

I sat up in my seat and entwined my fingers together. The whole class turned to me

“Yes ma’am” I answered.

“How sweet of you to get Panic! At the disco to perform here” she smiled walking up to my desk.

“Your welcome” I answered shyly

“I mean you really went out your way and how Brendon urie could be your friend I wouldn’t know. I wouldn’t guess in a million years” she laughed.

“Thanks. I guess”

“Everyone give Sam around of applause” she started clapping and everyone chimed in.

I smiled. Everyone liked me.


The bell rang and I was getting my things so I could leave. That class period was totally weird. Everyone kept trying to talk to me and be nice. I knew why and I didn’t really mind it but too much of it would drive me crazy. Maybe the rest of the day will stay the same. I walked out the door and into the hallway. Everyone was staring at me. They were walking by me complimenting and cheering my name. Patting my back and wanting high fives. There such kiss ups. I really wish Jessica didn’t say that I was the one who was providing Panic! At the disco over the announcements. Everyone liked me for the wrong reason. I liked the attention but I don’t like how I got it. Today would be too weird.

I walked to the bathroom and there was 2 girls in there. They started screaming.


“Its me?” I replied sarcastically.

“Sam oh my god. Your so cool” one girl said patting my back.

“Yeah and we wanted to know something” the other girl said.

“Okay” I answered hesitantly.

“Does Ryan have a girlfriend?”

“Um..I don’t know really”

“Oh well I guess I’ll ask tonight eh?” they laughed leaving the bathroom.

I watched them leave and when they did. I went into one of the stalls and got out my phone and dialed Brendons number. He picked up after the second ring.


“Yeah Brendon…”

“No this is Ryan, Brendons taking a shower. May I ask who’s calling?”

“Its Sam”

“Hey Sam” his voice cheered up.

“Hey Ryan. Um I wanted to ask you something?”


“Um.. I don’t you know Charlie much but I was wondering if you could be her date for prom? She’s really cool and you two are a lot alike”

“That’s cool. Of course. Anything for you”

I released a sigh of relief “Good and also Megan. I think her and Jon would click, so do you think he could be her date?”

“Yeah for sure”

“But Leah already has a date and I don’t want to leave Spencer out”

“Me and Spencer can share Charlie. I was never a stingy person”

“Okay that sounded so dirty but I’ll take it. Well I got to go but tell Brendon I‘ll see him tonight”




I hung my phone up and let out a sigh.


The bell released us form second period and I had caught up with re, lee, and meg in the courtyard.

“Okay re and meg, I know you told me you were going to be going with each other but I hope I didn’t ruin your plans too much when I got you dates”

“Who?” they asked.

“Re your date is Ryan and Spencer and meg your date is Jon”


They high fived.

“Sorry lee, you had told me you had a date and I knew re and meg didn’t”

“Well who would I’ve got?” lee hissed.

“Since Brendons mine you would of got Spencer”

“Well you and re have the good ones. So I‘m glad you didn’t hook me up with the un noticed one. The drummer. Please” she huffed.

“Okay that was really mean. He may not be up front all the time but he is a good person. You don’t deserve a date with him anyways” re scolded.

“Your saying that because you got Ryan too so how about you shut the hell up”

“Girls calm down. Lee chill out. There just guys” I jumped into the conversation.

“Oh you’re the one to talk. You get the hottest one….” I interrupted her

“You wanted me to do this stupid dare. You begged me to do it and now that I’ve done it your mad because he likes me. Thanks to you he likes me. You should of stepped up and this could be you right now. Ever since we’ve done this thing you’ve turned into such a fucking bitch I can’t stand it. Your so jealous over nothing” I let out a sigh as the girls were looking at me in shock.

“Way to grow a backbone” re clapped.

“This thing has tore us apart. We use to be so close and now were so separate” meg informed.

“If I keep this book I might end up killing myself. Here lee, take it please” I handed her the book. “You wanted this so you got it” she took it and stormed off.

“Finally some relief” I sighed.

Lee P.O.V

I’ve turned into a such a monster. I’ve be willowed my friends. I’ve been so mean to them. This rage of jealous has taken over me. I guess because I want to be liked but I always am. I have everything up to now and I guess I wanted to take the one thing sam had away from her. She’s been such a great friend to me and this is how I repay her?

I was walking by the cafeteria doors when I was stopped because of a familiar voice.

“Vote for prom king and queen”

I looked at the table and went over to it.

“No look who it is. Let me guess your Ryan’s sister. No jons ex removed cousin. Its hard to believe Sam could have any connection with Brendon. She’s a geek and he’s too much man for her” Amber and Jessica laughed.

I stared at the book and back at the ballet box. She’s done everything she could for me and I’ve been nothing but a jealous self centered bitch. I’ve gotten everything I wanted while sam stood in the shadows wanting for nothing. All I could do is be a good friend and supporter but miss Leah can’t even do that. Its time to give back. Its time for a change.

“Girls Sam is awesome and she deserves every right to be with Brendon as if you were. They make a good couple and it may be hard to believe but I think there actually more then friends”

The girls huffed.

“I’ll believe it when I see it. Vote or leave” amber said handing me a ballet and pencil.

I grabbed the pencil and paper and wrote down Sam’s name. Then dropped it in the box.

“What’s that book?” Jessica asked.

“Nothing” I sighed stepping back.

“Nothing is always something. Let me see it” she demanded.

“No” I hissed holding the book tightly under my arm.

“Why?” amber hissed.

“Because I said so” I smiled walking away.

Jessica P.O.V

“There’s something in that book and I’m going to get it” I told amber. She nodded her head. “I will get it” I mumbled under my breathe.

Meg P.O.V

Me, Sam, and re sat at a table in the cafeteria.

“I’m so excited” re cheered.

“Ecstatic” I agreed.

2 twin girls then came up to us and pulled a seat up to our table. The girls looked at each other and focused there attention on Sam.

“Rumor is that you slept with all members from panic! At the disco and now your pregnant and you don’t know who the baby daddy is. Is it true?”

“I wonder who made that up” I laughed.

“No. That’s all false” Sam replied cracking up herself.

“Oh okay” the other twin smiled.

“But if it’s true I still think your cool” the one twin smiled.

“Thanks” Sam replied hesitantly.

The two girls stood up and began to walk away but one stopped and turned around.

“Sam does Brendon have a girlfriend?” she asked curiously.

“Yea. Yea he does actually” Sam answered looking at lee, re, then me.

“Have you seen her” she asked.

“Yea. I see her almost everyday” Sam smiled.

“Wow, Well thank you” they said walking away.

“Whoa, who would this lucky girl be?” re asked raising an eyebrow.

“I think I have a clue” I smiled.

“Well I don’t even know if its official but I think its there” I blushed picking at my food.

“If you asked me I’d say someone is in love” I teased nudging Sam.

“Today would by far has been the weirdest and I just wish it’d be over with” she said letting out a heavy sigh.

“But why were having so much fun” re joked.

Sam P.O.V

I stood in front of my mirror that rested against my wall. My mom stood behind me zipping up my dress from the back. She then stood beside me.

“You look so gorgeous” she covered her mouth and smiled as her eyes began to water.

“Mom don’t cry because I will and it’ll miss up my make-up that took hours to do” I Laughed fanning my eyes.

“I’m sorry baby. Its just I’ve waited so long for this day and I can’t believe its here. Its actually here” her voice began to crack. She was choking back tears.

I stood there and stared at her through the mirror, “Mom I’m just as shocked as you are. Its prom now and next it‘ll be graduation. These 4 years in high school flew by. I mean flew by. I feel like I walked off the planet and I‘m just now getting back” a smile crept along my lips.

“Wait here I’ll be back” she smiled walking away. I Laughed suddenly and checked myself out in the mirror. My mom walked back through the door holding a velvet case.

“What’s that?” I asked.

She stood by me and opened the case. It was a bracelet. “Mom?”

“I’ve been saving this since you entered middle school. It’s a 7 carat diamond gold bracelet. I’ve waited so long for this day to be able to pass something along to my daughter and what better night then prom. It matches your smile. Sam your so beautiful” she cried putting the bracelet on my wrist. I looked away and held back tears. “I’m sorry for getting so worked up but I can’t help it” she laughed. I grabbed her into a hug.

“I love you mom” I whispered. We let the hug go and heard the door bell ring. My mom and I smiled as we walked down the stairs “That should be him” I said. My heart was now beating 45 miles per minute. I was extremely nervous to see him. I don’t know how I could deal with this guilt and him at the same time but I’d make it work. My mom stood by me as I opened the door.

“Hey” re and meg said in unison.

“Hey” I replied with a sigh of relief.

“Are they here?” re asked.

“No” I smiled opening the door wider so they could come in. I shut the door and we all went to the living room.

“Nice bracelet” Meg remarked.

“Thanks. My mom got it for me” I said staring at it.

“I wish your mom was my mom” re laughed.

“Yes I’m a lucky girl” I grinned looking at her as she stood in the hallway.

There was a knock at the door. I went to it. I knew this time it was him. So I collected myself and opened the door.

“Sam I’m sorry” lee apologized. Kyle stood beside her. I can’t believe her date was Kyle. “I’ve been a bitch to you. This rage of jealous took over me. You deserve a better friend what I‘ve been lately. You’ve done nothing but been nice to me and I repay you by doing what I did. I just feel so bad. I want nothing but the best for you, I promise. I would never intentionally try to hurt you. I can understand if you never want to talk to me again but I just had to get that off my chest”

I looked at her “You know you’re my girl” I smiled giving her a hug.

“So were cool” she blushed.

“Of course. I’ll always be there for you no matter how bitchy you are to me. Nothing can get between are friendship”

“Good” she sighed. “Also this is Kyle” she said grabbing his hand.

“Yeah I know” I answered.

“So you two know each other?’ she asked.

“Yeah something like that” Kyle smiled. I glanced at him and couldn’t help but to stare into his eye’s.

“Earth to Sam” Leah said waving her hand in my face.

“Oh yea“ I said looking at Leah. “Well now that we’ve handle that. I know your sorry but did you really need to go out and get a limo?” I questioned.

She turned around. “That’s not mines”

The guy who I’m guessing was the limo driver walked up to my door.

“Are you Samantha Moore?” he asked.

“Yes” I answered curiously

“Well I’m suppose to be driving you to your prom. Complimentary from Mr. Urie” he smiled tipping his hat at me. I looked at lee.

“That’s awesome” I laughed nervously.


We sat in the back of the limo. Enjoying all the luxuries it had. Well I was really pondering on things. To much was on my mind to be able to enjoy anything. For one Brendon hasn’t arrived, two I’m in a limo with a guy that likes me I like him back but his prom date happens to be my best friend. Twisted huh? I used the button to roll down the window that separated the two sides of the limo.

“Sir do you know when Brendon will be coming?” I asked the guy.

“He didn’t say” he answered.

“Okay thanks” I replied.

“He’ll be here Sam” Lee reassured.

“Yea I don’t think he’d bail but end up giving you a limo” re suggested.

“I hope you guys are right” I said looking out the window.


Meg, re, lee, Kyle and I got out the car. There was a long sidewalk towards the entrance way and at the end was velvet rope which Jessica and amber behind. The girls and I walked up the sidwalk and stood in front of the rope.

“Well well well looky here. The rejects have arrived. With? No one. Where’s panic! I mean you do know Brendon don’t you?” Jessica smiled.

“Yes I do and he‘s running a little late” I replied looking at meg.

“Maybe he stood you up or better yet maybe he doesn’t know you” amber laughed high fiving with Jessica.

“Nice. Did you think that up all by yourself” lee said.

“Matter fact I…” she stopped in her words as they looked away from us.

We turned around to look and there was a limo that rolled up and stopped by the curb. The door swung up and Jon stepped out. Then Spencer, Ryan and Brendon. I looked back at Jessica and amber. There jaw was touching the floor. The guys walked up to us.

“Now do you believe me?” I smiled. I felt someone lay there arm around my neck and it was Brendon.

“Hey” I grinned as he stood by me. Then he greeted me with a kiss on the cheek..

“Wow yo-o--u-u-r-r Panic! At the disco” Jessica stuttered smiling nervously at the end.

“Yes we are and your name?” Brendon asked.

“Jessica and this is my bestie amber” she smiled so hard it looked as though she was going to laugh.

“Were big fans of the band” amber added.

“Thanks” Ryan smiled standing next to re.

“My bad, come in” Jessica grinned as she unhooked the rope to let us go in..

“Thanks” I smiled.

We walked into the doors where the prom was being held. The room was huge and very nice indeed. Since the prom theme was masquerade ballroom it looked very high class. I personally didn’t know are school could afford it but I guess so.

“You look absolutely beautiful” he whispered in my ear.

“Thank you and you look unbelievably handsome” I replied.

We exchanged smiles.

Everyone’s eyes were on us. Screams and cheers filled the room. I stood on my tippy toes as my lips touched his earlobe.

“Apparently we have a bunch of panic fans at our school” I whispered.

He smiled grabbing my hand “Apparently”

Just then I felt butterflies in my stomach. I couldn’t believe I was going to prom with Brendon Urie. In the corner of my eye I could see Kyle with Leah. I know truly he doesn’t want to go with her and truly I want to go with Brendon. I like Kyle and in reality we would be the best match.

A bunch of people ran up to us. I squeezed out the crowd and went up to the stage. Some band was singing and I asked politely if I could use the mic. I grabbed it and cleared my throat. Everyone looked at me.

“Okay guys I know panic! at the disco is here and you want autographs and pictures but can you chill with that because there just here to have a good time. This is not a meet and greet. Just be casual. They like casual people. So someone had to take control before it got out of hand. I know some girls in here are about ready to rip one of those guys shirts and pants off” The room began in snickers. “So lets chill and have fun and lets hear more from Ballerina junkiee‘s” I handed the singer the mic and got off stage. I walked up to Brendon.

“Thank you” he smiled.

“Your welcome” I replied grabbing his hand. We started to walk around when I saw the a little set up where you can take a picture with your date. “Hey Lets do that” I demanded dragging him with me.

Jessica P.O.V

I walked on stage and grabbed the mic.

“Lets give another around of applause for ballerina junkies. You guys rock. Okay tonight has been great and as planned but better. Now I feel utterly honored to be able to introduce our next band. We all know and love them Panic! At the disco”

The whole room began in fits of cheers and screams. The guys walked on stage and got with there instruments. Brendon reached for the mic and I gave it to him but I grabbed his hand. He looked at me arching one eyebrow but then let go. I began clapping as I walked off stage.

“How is everyone tonight?” he asked through the mic. Everyone cheered. “Okay our first song we’ll sing tonight is “Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off” The room went in a up roar of screams. He began to sing “Is it still me who makes you? Am I who you think about in bed when the lights are dim and your hands is shaking as your sliding off your dress. Think of what you did and how I hope to god he was worth it. When the lights are dim and your heart is racing as your fingers touch your skin”

I walked into the crowd and stood in front of the stage. I end up standing next to Sam. She was singing along and looking at Brendon. I looked up at him and he was looking at her. I then bumped her with my hip really hard making her fall. I smirked as I watched her get back up. Brendon moved from where he was to reach for her hand. She smiled and he pulled her on stage. I crossed my arms and sighed loudly. I then stormed off to the bathroom.

"Sam this. Sam that” I mumbled washing my hands. “I can’t believe her. She’s a nobody” I hissed staring at myself through the mirror. “I hate her and she thinks because she brings panic everyone should like her or something. B.S if you ask me. I run this school and none should over power me” I was throwing my paper towel in the trash. I then heard voices coming towards the door. So I rushed into one of the stalls.

Leah P.O.V

Panic had just finished ’Lying…” and the crowd is loving it. They think I don’t know but I know Kyle likes Sam. I can see the way they look at each other. I don’t mind at all. Its Sam’s turn to shine. I just hope she can juggle to love interest’s at once, but there was something else I needed to do. I grabbed meg and re and dragged them to the bathroom.

“Okay guys I have to do something. This book has to go” I sighed showing them.

“Why in the hell did you bring it?” re hissed.

“Because I wanted to get rid of it with you guys. Its over. I’m done. Re and meg I‘m so sorry for how I‘ve been acting towards you guys. I‘ve been a self centered bitch and you have every right to hate me”

“Of course we don’t hate you. We forgive you” they both said in unison giving me a hug.

“Now this book. Its made me into a monster. The whole dare thing to make Brendon fall in love with Sam is ridiculous. Tonight we drop it and pretend it never happen” I said. Re and meg nodded there heads in agreement. I began tearing the pages inside of it and trying my best to destroy it. Then I threw it away and dusted off my hands. “Now were free” I smiled.

“Yes its gone” meg cheered.

“Never be back baby” re did a horrible impersonation of Arnold but yet it was funny.

We all walked out the bathroom.

Jessica P.O.V

Once I heard the door shut I walked out the stall and went to the trash. I dug in it until I got the book. I held it in my hands and began to smirk. “Its not over yet” a malicious laughed escaped my mouth. “It’s just beginning”


A/n: stay tuned for part 2, Coming Soon:)
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