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Chapter 1 - Surprise!

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"Jane hurry up or we'll be late!" Derek yelled from the front door. I slipped on my converse and headed out my apartment's door to the van. My band had a meeting today about the tour we're about to embark on for our debut album, 'First Entry'. Since it was such a success, we're headlining our very own tour. Excited? Very... heheh.

Once we were off... I got the need again. The need for fresh, mortal blood. I never liked being a 'Haroquel'. - It's the name of our people for everyone who didn't catch on.- Every time I get hungry, my energy weakens. If I don't get mortal blood in less than 5 to 6 hours of growing hungry I can get so weak that no blood would help me get more strength. My friends help me out with it. They come with me, track down humans and then I kill them because I have the ability to not leave evidence. I don't know why I haven't really asked my parents that. Anyways back on track...

After what seemed like forever we finally arrived at the building. Our manager, Tim was waiting for us out front.

"Hey guys come on in i've got to get you in on everything that's going down," he said as if he was the happiest manager in the world. Why wouldn't he be? We have a debut album we're going on our very own tour with. 'Once in a lifetime chance for new commers like you guys to do your own headlining tour with a debut album,' he always says.

"It's a once in a lifetime cha..." was all he got before we all finished the sentence simultaniously and followed with a few "yeah we know we know's."

When we got seated inside Tim's office, he started to tell us a shitload of crap about the tour and how we're getting our own tour bus or something like that. I wasn't listening really that much. I was growing a bit weaker by the minute. I needed blood. But the next part he said I heard....

" You guys will be headlining the tour, cause it is your tour and all... but there are some big name bands who want to go on it with you. We've narrowed it down to two bands because we didn't want a whole mother fuckin bitchload of tour buses with us. Costs alot too." 'Wait... other bands.. what does he mean 'other bands?!' This is not good... I only know of one band and i've only heard one of their songs!' I thought. " The bands that will be performing with you are Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance. Suprise! You guys are a bunch of lucky mother fuckers. Big name bands usually take a couple years to get their own tour. You guys can go now if you'd like." Tim says then escorts (sp?) us to our van. "See you next week for the tour!"

I felt light headed and weak. I couldn't hold myself up and almost collapsed onto the pavement but the guys were there and caught me before I did.

"She needs more blood." Adam said before jumping into the van and starting it up. The others help me into the back while Adam drove around looking for someone who was walking alone. It was nightime so it was easy to find a victim. We finally found an elderly woman walking down the cold, sleek pavement on the outskirts of Toronto. Adam stopped the car, ran to the other side, helped me out and then I silently crept into the darkness, disguising me in a thick layer of shade. She could never see me, none of them can i'm invisible you stupid idiot. Oh yeah... idiot. I smacked myself in the head for that. Haroquels can turn invisible if the need came and only if it was needed. We sound pretty cool but we're not... I slithered myself up behind her, without flinching, took my hand to her mouth, the dagger to her throat and slit it. Ahhh sweet nectar I thought to myself. After I was full, Jake came over with a 2L bottle and handed it to me. I filled it up with enough to last me a couple days. The I remembered what Tim said.

" What will I do Jake? What if the other bands... find me... if they find out that..." I got caught off by Derek shhh's. I noticed the fresh droplets of tears on my face and realized that I was crying.

" It'll be fine Janey, we'll make sure that never happens and if it does, well, we'll just have to do something about it to make it right," Derek replied. The other two nodded their heads in agreement then they all got in a group hug with me.

"Man are we lame or what!" I said laughing and wiping my face off with my black hoodie. Thank god it was black or else I would've never gotten the eyeliner and mascara out.

"Awh well at least we're lame together," Adam replied. We all started roaring then got into the van and headed towards Jake's house. We were all crashing there because we always stay the night at one of our house's every Saturday night. Then I remembered that I had to call Holly to invite her over to stay with us for the night too. After about three rings she picked up.

H: Hello?
J: Hey bitch hahah
H: Hey skank heheh
J: We're comming to pick you up in 10 k?
H: I'll be waiting... love ya
J: Love ya too
After we hung up I reminded the guys about picking Holly up so we swung around to her apartment, picked her up and headed over to Jake's.

We stayed up untill about 2:30am then decided to actually sleep for once. As I was falling asleep, I kept thinking in my head about one of the bands Tim mentioned. My Chemical Romance I think it was? Yeah.. that's it... My Chemical Romance....I thought as I was swept into slumber's dark decay.

*A/N Hope you guys liked it! MCR will be inroduced in the next 2 or 3 chapters just gotta get the story going first.
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