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Chapter 2 - Here We Go

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The tour starts and they make their way to Jersey and Jane has a small flashback

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"Rise and shine my little princess today's the big day!" Shit it starts today... but who's talki...

" QUIT IT HOLLY!" For some reason she was sqeezing my cheeks... fucked up? Very.

" Aww shut up skank and get your ass out the door the tour bus is outside!" she said before scampering outside my apartment. I drug myself out of bed and took a shower. Then I pictured that day again. It's been happening all week. I told the guys and they've helped me... somewhat. It just won't go away...



" BECAUSE I NEED TO SURVIVE! I need to be able to get up in the morning and be able to see you lying next to me. I love you....

*End flashback*

I finished up, then put on my tight black skinny jeans, striped tank top, plain black chucks and my purple zip up hoodie. I grabbed my sunglasses and suitcases then headed out the doors to the tour bus.

" JANEY POO!" Adam screeched as he ran up to me and swirled me around. "We're going on tour today can you believe it?"

"No I still can't, " I replied. He helped me with my bags and then we hopped onto the tour bus to be greeted by Derek, Jake, Holly and Tim. After saying hello I went to explore the tour bus. There was a sitting area near the front and a kitchenette just after that. I walked futher through the bus and found a bathroom with a shower, bunks and in the back a small recording studio. I choose the bottom bunk at the very back, put my things in their proper places and made my way back out to the front.

" Okay you guys first off I would like to welcome you all to the ' Found Love, Lost Hope' tour. By the way nice name guys." He paused for some clapping and cheering then continued, " First off we'll be heading off towards New Jersey for the first performance. After the concert, you guys will get to meet My Chemical Romance then from there they'll join us for the rest of the tour. We'll work our way through the US and along the way Fall Out Boy will join us at one point or another. They won't be with us for the whole tour but alot of it. And that's about it so let's get this bitch started!" Tim shouted and everyone screamed.

He mentioned that name again... My Chemical Romance... I thought.

After what seemed like forever we finally reached New Jersey. I've never been anywhere else but Toronto and it's all very new to me. I've never even heard any other music except for ONE song! But the guys and me create alot of awesome so called "rock" songs. I write most of the lyrics but the guys help with it too sometimes.

New Jersey was... well, my kind of place. Dank, dark and creepy. I like it here. Maybe some day I might move here with my own fam... I stopped myself before I thought anymore out of that. I'll never find love and create a family with someone who cherishes me. I'll never be normal. No one loves me, and no one ever will. I burst into tears. Holly and the guys rushed over and just hugged me. They knew why I was crying. Since that day, everything changed...



" I don't drink and I never will again you know that," I answered. A single tear rolled down my cheek. Then, in barely a whisper I said, " Just tell me you love me and that you'll never leave me...

* End flashback*

" Alright guys we are finally h... what's wrong Jane?" Tim asked worryingly.

" She's just a little overwhelmed by it all that's all, " Holly explained. They other nodded their heads in agreement.

" Okay well we're here so coem on outside and meet the crew members and shit like that, " Tim responded while heading out the bus door.

" I'm okay guys thanks you're the best, " I said, "OK let's go!"

I took one deep breath then opened the bus door. Here we go...

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