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chapter 18

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Read and find out! LOL!

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DAMN! Every time I tried to write a new chapter something always came up....Well here's another chapter!..I'm not going to say that I am going to write soon because I don't want to give you false hopes...but anyways review and tell me what you think! Read and Enjoy!

Ashley's POV!

Phone conversation!

Me: No the answer is no!

Warner Bros.: They are willing to pay you triple

Me: What is the band's name?

Warner Bros.: Taking Back Sunday.

Me: I need to talk this over with my husband let me get back with you.

Warner Bros.: Okay thank you.

Me: Bye.

End of conversation!

"Who was that?", I jumped.

"Warner Bros. , they want me to produce Taking Back Sunday's new cd."
"Wow, you produce?"

"I did, I quit to start a band with my friends, but they are
Offering me triple the pay."

"Why didn't you just say yes?"

"Your full of questions aren't you?"

"Yeah.", I laughed.

"I need to talk to Frank about it, you know marriage is a
Two person comment."

"Yeah, I know."

"I listened to your cd it rocked!"

"Thanks, what is your band's name?"

"One night stand."

"what do you do in the band?"

"I sing.", I said with pride in my voice.

"Me too.", we laughed, Lyndsey and Nikki ran out.

" I call the front seat.", man that means I have to seat with
Brendon, I mean there's nothing wrong with him but
considering the space in her back seat because it looks like
No one ever cleans it which means me and Brendon had to
squeeze into the back seat. I was practically in the guys lap.
This is awkward.

Audrea's POV

"Mrs. Bryar can I help with anything?"

"You brought a lovely girl home Robert.", I giggled and
Bob shot me the death glare.

"Mom please call me Bob."

"Robert is your name and I'm going to call you ROBERT!"

"Yes mom.", I laughed, when she left to go and get
something from what seems like the kitchen, Bob came and
wrapped his arms around me and kissed. "We're you
picking on me?"

"A little bit Robert."

"Stop calling me that."

"Okay Robert.", I busted into laughter. He picked me up
and brought me the living room. He threw me on the couch
and started to tickle me.

"Bob stop, stop it.", he was laughing as I tried to break free.
No use.

"Robert remember to use protection!", his mom yelled.

"Yes mom.", I was crying from laughing so hard. This may
not be as bad as I thought it would.
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