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chapter 19

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Ashley's POV

"Dance with me?", I asked Frankie, who has been sitting there all night. "What is the purpose of coming if we aren't dancing?"

"Ooookay.", I lead him to the dance floor. I started to dance really close, at first he wasn't dancing but then I felt his hands move to my hips and started to pull me closer to him.

A couple of hours of dancing and drinking I was ready to go home, or should I say Ryan's house. Frankie didn't drink, him and Nikki decided to be the designated driers. I got into the front seat of the car and Frankie got into the drivers side before grabbing my hand.

"I love you baby.", I smilled at him.

"Love ya too.", he smilled and kissed me. He cranked the car. I felt my eyes getting heavy and sleep over took me.

Frankie's POV

I was told that Brendon was staying over at Nikki and Ryan's tonight. I don't like that idea, I seen the way he was looking at Ashley tonight. What does he think I'm blind? Wrong, I'm not and I can see right threw that jackass! And to make matters worse Nikki told him to ride with us. What was she thinking? Oh well that will give me an even more reason to make Panic at the disco find a new singer. Nikki said that she was going to take Lyndsey home. Why couldn't I just bring Ryan with us, I really like him, his friend is the one I'm having problems with. Spencer decided to go home with some chick he could of brought Brendon home or something. Oh well, I know if I say something Ashley would be pissed and say that I was being rude...but hell he needs to be talked to. What if she didn't know? Hmmmm Frankie you're a genius.....I talk to him before we leave and give that little jackass a heads up on what will happen if he comes any where near Ashley. I pulled up into the drive way. Brendon got out and I gave him the keys. I picked Ashley up and walked in, Brendon shut the door behind me.

"Thanks, tell Nikki and Ryan that we headed to bed.", he nodded.

"No problem.", I walked into the room and closed the door with my foot. I dressed Ashely into one of my big shirts and pair of her shorts. I don't want her to walk out in nothing but her underwear, especially with BRENDON here. I would be giving him what he wanted....Ashley.

Ashley's POV

I woke up in Frankie's shirt, I love this shirt. I turned around in the arms that was around my waist, to see Frankie sleeping. I began to play with his hair. His eyes flutter open. "We're you watching me?", I giggled.

"Yeah, what are you going to do about it?", he kissed me.

"Frank, I need to brush my teeth and I'm hungry.", he pulled away.

"I love the way you taste and you can eat me."

"What ever, I need food not body parts, and my breath could kill.", we laughed. I got up and walked out and into the kitchen, It was empty I got out some pancake mix and some beacon. I began to cook. I knew the whole house would be up soon, so I decided to cook for everyone. I turned around to see Brendon in the doorway, with his hair a mess and arms crossed leaning on the door seal. I jumped dropping the glass of orange juice that was in my hands. I walked over and grabbed some paper towels and began to clean my mess.

"Sorry for scaring you, it just smelled really good so I wanted to know who was cooking it."

"It's okay you just startled me, that's all. So you stayed last night?"

"Yeah, I didn't want to go home, so I asked Ryan could I stay over."

"Oh cool.", Frankie walked in, walking over and gave me a hug and kiss.

"Baby are you that hungry?"

"No I was just making everyone some."

"Do you mind if I get me a plate?", Brendon asked.

"No, go ahead.", I turned around to flip the pancakes when Frankie wouldn't let me go. "Frank let me go I don't want to burn them.", He gave me another kiss before letting me go.

"Now you may continue with your flipping.", I laughed.


"Nothing but you never talked like that before."

"Like what?", I looked at him. "Okay I know what but did you like it?"

"It was funny, stay yourself I like that in a man, being his true self. That is unless I don't like his true self.", he looked at me with a confused look.


"Nothing.", I took the food off the stove. "Oh baby, I almost forgot, Warner bros called me today."

"What did they say?"

"They want me to produce the new Taking Back Sunday record.", I held my breath.

"That's great.", he said smiling, I sighed.

"That's not all, the will pay me triple but I would have to go to LA Tomorrow.", his smilled faded.


"I would have to leave tomorrow.", he sat down.

"I don't have long to be with you we're leaving this weekend going on tour."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I don't know I didn't even want to think about it."

"You know.", I said walking over and sitting in his lap. " I didn't give them an answer, I could just say no."

"No, if you want to do this then say yes."

"I've got an idea why don't I talk to them and see if they will wait until after you leave?", he smilled and kissed me.

"You know that will never get old right?"


"Kissing you.", I smilled. I got up and finished cooking the rest of the food, not to long after that Ryan came in.

"I smell pancakes!"

"Your right, here.", I passed him a plate.

"And beacon? Will you live with me?", I laughed. Nikki walked in.

"Smells good in here.", I handed her a plate as well.

"What are we doing today?"

"Shopping of course.", I laughed.

"Okay as long as Frankie can come."

"Your married to the guy, he should hang out with the boys for awhile.", I nodded and got up.

"We're going to get dressed."

"Okay.", Ryan said stuffing his mouth with more pancakes.

When we walked in Frankie was the first to speak. "I want to go with you."

"I know baby but I think we're going to leave tomorrow to go home. How does that sound?"

"Sounds great.", he kissed me. "Tomorrow needs to come.", I laughed and nodded.


I know its been awhile....but it's a chapter.....Please tell me what you think so I can know if you want me to quit writing on this site or what....So please tell me what you think! And it's suppose to get dirty evil laugh...LOL....Til next time!
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