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...But Home Is Nowhere

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A little more mysterious this time around. Who be the new boy?

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"And if you knew that I had cared so much, would you have gone through with it?"

The edge of a gloomy city, dust clouds raising high and dissipating. Her long cut up legs dangled over the edge of a cliff and her hands cupped together in silent prayer. "I don't want to do this anymore," she whimpered while chewing on the skin of her chapped lips. A hand laid upon her barren shoulder. Shivers corroding down her spine, she turned around only to reveal a porcelain face full of betrayal and lies. "You ... You don't belong," a shadowy figure said. But strange warmth emanated from this being ... He was not afraid of Lily.

"Stay away from me! If it rains, I can't protect you," she lashed out furiously. The figure knew not how to perceive her ramblings. "See? You don't get it. You never will unless you get close to me. And everyone who gets close dies." her words were choked and garbled. "I made a deal with the devil ... And it's too late to turn back." The shadow took off his leather jacket and cloaked her with it. "You can tell me all about it," he whispered.

"He told me ... If I ever wanted to be alive again, if I ever wanted to stop being so invisible, I'd kill for him a hundred souls of his choosing. But it's so hard! I can't! I can't kill people, it's just not right ..." Lily's eyes rolled back revealing pumping crimson veins of hatred. "And when it rains, it means another victim is ready. Ready for me to just steal his soul away. He told me if I ever loved anyone in any way again, they'd have to die too. The dead cannot be attached to the living."

He heard every word, it tickled his ears like a gentle breeze. "No more killing."

"What? I have to," she appeared startled and troubled all at once.

"No, you don't. You can stay alone."

"Never! Companionship, it's all I ask for ..."

"If you come back to life, you're just going to die again." He had a point, there was no denying that. Lily abruptly leapt up and headed back towards the ghost town from whence she came. "Lily! You're going to meet someone and you are going to get close. He'll be alive and you'll be dead, but it will work. Defy the Devil. Life will halt but you and him will move on," the shadow gave her those words to keep as he faded out of her vision. Tears refused to form at the corners of her narrowed eyes, but blood instead. Seeping through the imperfections of a porcelain mask, every drop found a home in the dirt.

Lily's hand limberly reached out, cinders falling on her palms like wasted snow. Soon the world was all gray and all figures were unable to be recognized and set apart from one another. "Why did you leave me? I shall be responsible for the end of this earth and all you can do is just rot in Hell for your intimate suicide. I want to be alive again, so when I die, we'll meet up," such harsh words befell her gracious lips. "And our echoes of the past broke the hearts of the unborn, but would you care? While you slave away trying to recall the last bitter moments of your fateful death, do you remember who I am?"

Stagnated pools of cloudy water poisoned the land on which she roamed. The fear of rain descending plagued her every stiff jointed movement, but there was still hope. Hope that she would find the one the shadow spoke of. The Devil ... Saint Jimmy ... They overpowered her life or lack thereof. She had no mother to speak of and her best friend had tragically destroyed the greatest gift of all: Life. "Just like all I love, I'm make-believe ..." every breath became labored and lukewarm. But near the other edge of the town, a Ferris wheel grandly stood tall, achingly stopping to let off its ghosts. Lily scampered up close to it, tenderly caressing the metal poles that were its foundation.

A pallid smile scratched itself upon her face upon realizing that this was not a place she could call home. Her mind picked at the dreadful thought. "Home ... I can't go home. Home is nowhere." Before turning away from this monument of ill-gotten hope, a reassuring voice melted onto Lily's skin. "Twenty years and I've just begun to realize my intimate is no one."

"And your point is?" Lily scoffed, not turning to look at whom this was.

"There is poetry in despair m'dear. You are never alone. I heard it all, your cries of hatred towards the fact that you are invisible to those who are in no need of the dead. But I see you and I want to be with you." All these things that the person was spitting out were confusing little Lily. "Smile, smile for me."

"I'd show a smile, but ... But I'm too weak," excuses, excuses. It was all she knew how to speak.

He then grabbed her hand, to let her know things were okay, but unfortunately, the rain began to pour.
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