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Poor little boy :( D: Shocking revelations? Maybe so...

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These days the sun don't shine here anymore ...

"The ... The rain," Lily gaped at the sudden downpour and all her troubles became renewed.

"What about it?" her mysterious person wallowed in confusion. Just as Lily gathered the courage to speak again, visions flooded her every trembling thought. She saw a chaste boy, hair as white as the clouds that fluxed about in the sky. How could she kill someone younger than herself and obviously weaker? His whole life was beaming in front of him and he was yet to feel the finer joys in life, who was she to take that from him? Strangled coughs sputtered out blood from the tiny hole she spoke from. "G-God is torturing me," she rolled over in a fit of tears.

"Lily, what are you talking about?" he hovered over her so she could finally manage to catch a glimpse of his glowing face. Tousled mangy black hair swooped over his eyes, his viridian hued eyes. A tight lipped grin could never be more becoming and forgiving on anyone else's face, this boy was all too perfect. Lily caught herself in a hazy stare with him but could only continue looking. Thoughts bubbling through her blue veins, she broke the ice. "How do you know my name?"

And as every word slipped off his tongue, each drop of rain held up in the clouds. "I used to know you." Only gasping followed after his statement. "But you just up and left," he said with a small sigh.

"I don't know you, I don't remember you at all," it was true. After her death she was left wondering what all she left behind. All she could brood over was her ex-friend that simply went and departed this world. If internal organs could make a sound, you'd hear that boy's heart break. "Can you tell me what stopped the rain?" Lily waved a hand in front of his face.

"Just my presence Lily, that's all it takes." He had been hoping that when he spoke about his knowledge of her being that a flicker of remembrance would shine in her ultramarine eyes. "Tell me your name. I need to know," she pleaded. An idea surfaced in the boy's head. If she knew my name ... If she could recall knowing someone with my name, there's still hope. "Gerard."

"Sorry, no one in my memory has that name." A wave of melancholy splashed down, the raining continued drizzling. "I-I have to go now, Gerard. That little boy and his soul have my name written on them." heels clicking, she spun around thus leaving him in the dust. And on a deserted playground a puny child bounced a fire engine red ball against a wall. Lily whispered "little boy" into the wind and was whisked away to his area by a simple breeze. Although she made no sound the boy detected her presence. "Hi! I'm Collin. Wanna play wit' me?" Lily winced as he breathed through a gap in his mouth.

A clash of thunder sent the rain pawing at their heels. "Oopsie, I best go back inside before my uniform is soaked ..." Collin whimpered, tossing his ball into the distance. Before he could run on past her, Lily forced her hand on the top of his skull. "Maybe everything was meant to be this way," she sobbed while conjuring up a power she never knew she had. As she sent him soaring into that wall he bounced his ball against, his body just seemed to combust into it, leaving an imprint of his sprawling body.

Tears melted with the rain while eyes were staring at the human shape burned into the concrete wall. "Two down but now I've grown a blood lust for all humans. But it's all for her. All for Azy." Gray skies clouded up the rest of her thoughts. Lily sighed, leaning against a tree that strangely had her initials carved in them. "I just wanna go home ..." and she vanished once more.
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