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Heart Break

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Jack and Sam have finally gotten what they've always wanted: a daughter. But how will they cope when she is altered by a spiteful Goa'uld

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Jack O'Neill stared lovingly at his former 2IC. It had been one month to the day since he had returned to the SGC as the civilian commander, it was also the first time that his wife, Samantha O'Neill brought their now three month old daughter into the gate room. His two best friends, Daniel Jackson and Teal'c were scheduled to meet with Sam's father Jacob/Selmak of the Tok'ra. Jack was watching his daughter with one of the biggest smiles he could muster. Sam covered her daughters ears as the claxon sounded through the halls of the underground base.
"Incoming worm whole. It's the Tok'ra sir." Sgt Harriman announced. Like many of the other Airmen on the base, Walter was awestricken the first time he had seen the former Major General with his daughter. It was almost as if the war harden General had never existed. Lucille Janet O'Neill was only three months old and she already had her father wrapped around her precious little finger. Lucille's eyes grew wide as saucers as she gazed at the water like event horizon in the Stargate. Sam and Jack couldn't help but chuckle, she had the same expression as her mother on her first mission through the Gate.

Jacob walked through the Stargate and was overcome with emotion. At the base of the ramp was his only daughter holding her first child. As he slowly made his way down, Sam started toward her father.

"Dad, I'd like you to meet Lucille Janet O'Neill" the tears beginning to form in Jacobs eyes were almost too much for Sam to handle. Jacob cracked a seldom seen megawatt smile as Sam gently placed her daughter in her fathers arms.

"Oh, Sammy, she looks just like you did when you were little." Jacob was softly cooing at his granddaughter when all of the sudden a bright light over took the room. As soon as the light faded Sam screamed. Her daughter was no longer in Jacobs arms

A/N:I know, I'm so mean (muah hahahah) trust me, this isnt the end, please review

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