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Lucille comes will Sam and Jack react?

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It had been almost three months since Sam's daughter had disappeared with no sign of who or what took her, Sam was beginning to lose hope. Every night for the first month when they got home, Jack and Sam would rush into their daughters room to see, if by any chance she would be in her crib. But after ten weeks of little or in Sam's case almost no sleep, they had just stopped looking.

One day while Jack eating his breakfast in the commissary, the Stargate activated ,but there were no teams off world . As Jack ran to the control room he was met by his wife. Sam looked like shit, she hadn't been eating much since their daughters abduction and it was beginning to show. Her eyes had lost that gleam that Jack had found so intriguing, her check bones were more prominent and her once snug fitting BDU's were loosely hanging off her hips. As the two exchanged a brief, but loving glance, Sgt. Harriman jumped up.

" It's Lucille!"

"What!?" both of the O'Neill's were at Walters side in an instant.

"It's the signal coming from her identification bracelet." Jack and Sam looked at each other before Sam sprinted down the stairs toward the Gate room.

"Hold your fire!!"

"Sergeant open the Iris!" Jack ran out of the control room. As Jack stepped into the Gate room, a cloaked figure ran through the event horizon, and immediately collapsed onto the ramp.

" Get a med team in here!" Sam was walking toward the figure as it came to. Slowly sitting up, a hand emerged from the arm of the cloak and pushed the hood back. Jack gasped. There in front of him was, a young girl, no more than seventeen years old. When she looked into Jacks eyes he almost passed out. She was a perfect mix of Sam and himself.



Lucille O'Neill patiently sat in the SGC infirmary awaiting the results of the blood tests Janet was running.

"Where were you born?" Daniel had started to interrogate Lucille while they were waiting

"Right here in the SGC."

"How old are you?"


"When is the last time you remember seeing Sam or Jack?"

"My last real memories? Can't say, I was too young." Lucille was already getting tired of answering her 'Uncles' questions.

"You mean you have artificial memories?" Daniel's interest was spiked with her last response.

"YES! Almost all of my memories are her creations!" Lucille started to message her temples, how could someone so smart be so dense.

"How do you know that?"

"Holy Hannah! Because, I caught her manipulating my mind! How else?"

"I'm sorry, I want to believe you, but the Lucille O'Neill we know is-"

"Six months old. Look, Uncle Daniel, I know you have your stipulations, but I'm telling you the truth. Nirti kidnapped me when I was three months old, she used some sort of aging device to artificially age my body sixteen year. I wasn't able to translate much on the console but it was in Ancient. Something along the line of 'removing the obstacle of time'." Lucille took an exaggerated breath.

"You can read Ancient?" Lucille let out a small chuckle

"In my mind I spent almost every day with you growing up, you were dead set on teaching me Ancient and Goa'uld."

"Really? How far had we gotten?" Daniel was happy that his, alternate, twisted reality self had taught her something.

"Not very far, I still can't put a sentence together" For the first time in a while Lucille smiled. Just as Daniel was going to ask another question, when Jack, Sam and Janet walked over.

"So, Doc Frasier, do you believe me now? Or do you still think I'm some sort of elaborate hoax?"

"Well, here I'm doctor Jackson, but as far as I'm concerned you are Lucille O'Neill, but instead of the infant I delivered six months ago, you're a sixteen year old young woman."

"You mean Daniel finally worked up the courage and asked you to marry him? Good goin' Uncle Daniel!"

"Lucille, are we not together in your memories?" Janet was curios as to what other discrepancies there were in Lucille memories.

"Yeah, but Daniel hadn't gotten around to even asking you to marry him yet."

"Janet, if you don't mind, I'd like to spend some time with my wife and daughter now. So, can she go?" Jack was eager to get his family home and learn all about his now, almost grown, daughter.

"Yes, but bring her in first thing tomorrow, I need to run some more tests when she gets here."

"Are any needles involved in these tests aunt Janet?" if there was one thing , Lucille really hated, it was needles,

"You sound just like your dad, yes, but only one."

"Dad, you're CO of the base, don't let her get out the needles" Lucille was pretending to beg her dad, which caused everyone to laugh.

"Sorry Lucy, I I don't bring you in then she'll come after me." Lucille let out a huff as she got down from the bed, and faintly mumbled something along the lines of "Napoleonic power monger"
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