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The Family

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Can't reall summerize it, Lucile, Sam and Jack try to work through their daughters broken past.

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Previously in, My Daughters Keeper

Sam put on her best 'I'm a colonel in the USAF so you better behave' look.

"What do you think you two are doing?" Lucille was attempting to catch her breath, so Jack answered.

"Having a tickle fight ma'am."
"And did this tickle fight involve destroying the living room?" Sam's stern look was slowly dissolving into one of her heart melting smiles that Jack loved so much.

" Mom, you know better than anyone else that there are always casualties in war," Lucy was trying her best not to giggle. Sam was just about to join the fight when Lucy's stomach started to grumble.

"I think, while you two are cleaning up the living room, I'll go and make us some lunch.
Sound good to you guys?" both Jack and Lucille answered simultaneously

"Yes ma'am"

"Good, Lucy is there anything in particular that you want to eat?"

"No, anything besides Daddy's charred meat is good."


Chapter 4: The Happy Family...Almost

"I Like my charred meat thank you very much."

"I'm glad that you've finally come to terms with your mental illness then." the look on Jacks face was priceless, Lucille couldn't help but laugh.

"Great! No more hanging out with Janet little lady."

"At lest I'm not hitting you with techno-babble like mom and Daniel."

"Good point, now help me tidy up this room so we can go and bug your mom."

"Alright, but I don't know where anything goes in this house."

"Oh, well then I'll have to give you a crash course in Samantha O'Neill's house organization skills 101." by the time Jack and Lucille got everything put back the way it was, Sam called them into the dinning room. That afternoon was one of the most enjoyable afternoon that the O'Neill family had in a very long time. Lucille talked to her parents about what type of music she liked, what kind of sports she liked. When Sam asked what her best subject, Sam was surprised that it was Goa'uld.

"Wait, what grade are you in? And what school do you go to that teaches Goa'uld?"

"Well mom, technically I'm a sophomore in high school, but I'm taking a few collage courses online, and I don't go to a regular high school because of my, unique talents. You and dad insisted on me being taught at the SGC after I accidentally lit my ex-boyfriends hair on fire."

"What! You lit your ex-boyfriends hair on fire!? Why?"

"He got mad at me because I wanted to move our date to hang out with Ry'ac. I don't get to see him much so I decided to reschedule our, well Matt didn't like that much. So, the next day at school he walked up to me and punched me square in the jaw. And accused me of cheating on him."

"Why didn't you hit him back? Didn't me or your mom ever teach you to defend yourself?" Jack was furious that anyone, even if it wasn't real, would hit his baby girl.

'No, but Uncle Teal'c did. He taught me how to thoroughly defend myself, but he told me that I couldn't use what he taught me unless my life was in danger."

"How did you light his hair on fire though. I think he would notice before his whole head was lit up."

"We haven't quite figured that out, I was thinking of how much I wanted him to spontaneously combust and poof! He was running around the courtyard screaming like a mad man. Aunt Janet thinks that because dad is an advanced being, and you're crazy smart, that my brain must have developed some sort of telekinesis." Lucille was now looking back and fourth between her awestricken parents.

"Wow, have you been able to do anything else with this telekinesis?"

"I was able to lift a spoon, but the my head felt like it was in a vice grip and I passed out, apparently I was asleep for three days. That's when I started seeing her."

"Who?" Jack wondered

"Nirti, at first it was just flashes but then I saw her when ever I was asleep, then one day instead of waking up in my bed, I was lying on a hard table like thing, surrounded by these weird glowing lights.There were two Jaffa at the door and Nirti was standing at some sort of control counsel. She told me that I had been in a comma for eight months and that you and mom had let her take me." Lucille was starting to cry now, Jack's heart nearly broke at the sight of her. Sam quickly got up and gathered her daughter in a gentle hug, whispering sweet nothings in her ear, and stroking her soft brown hair. When she looked up her bright blue eyes met her mother's.

"I'm so glad the you two love me, I don't think I could have survived having my real parents hate me too." Lucy was racked with another set of sobs as her mother softly rocked her back and fourth.

"Lucille, your dad and I could never feel anything than complete and unconditional love for you. I'm sorry you had to grow up thinking we didn't love you, I promise that that is not the case here." Sam did her best to calm her hysterical daughter.

"I know, its just a lot to handle at one time, part of me know that everything that I thought was true is a lie, yet part of me still wants to believe it was real. I was rejected by you but I still was happy, I lived with my boyfriend, we had a life together, and now that's all gone and I don't know how to make this pain in my heart go away." Seeing her daughter so distraught was breaking Sam's heart, she too was soon in tears.

"I'm so sorry Lucy, I wish I could make the pain go away sweetheart." The three of them sat there on the dinning room floor for hours, finally when Lucille had calmed down she thanked her parents. When she stood up she was hit with a wave of neausea, but seeing as she didn't know where the bathroom was she ran out the front door and retched her lunch out on the front yard

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