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Am I more than you bargained for yet?

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I've been dying to tell you anything you wanna hear...

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"Emmaline, just be careful," her mother said, giving her a quick hug as she walked out into the night with Pete. It was her birthday and Pete was willingly spent all day with her as her family had a small party in her honor. He reached over for her hand and smiled at her. "So, where's David at?" he asked, cautiously. Emma made a face and said, "To be honest, I don't really care. He hasn't bothered to call me in about a week and that really doesn't bother me at all..." They climbed into his car and headed for the club that they were going to hang out at to celebrate Emma's birthday.

Later that night, after many shots of Jack Daniels, Emma was tipsy and feeling it. However, Pete was sober as can be, being the designated driver. Emma hung on his arm at the bar and swayed back and forth. "Come dance with me..." she slurred, tugging on his hand and pulling him to the dance floor. Plenty of their friends were there but Emma was getting so drunk that she couldn't remember who was there unless they were right in front of her face. She found a good spot on the floor and pulled Pete to her, grinding up against him. He laughed out loud at her drunken antics but played a long. They danced for a few songs until Emma declared that she needed 'to piss like a racehorse, whatever the fuck that means' and allowed Pete to lead her to the bathroom. She stumbled out of the bathroom and into Pete's arms. She laughed as she nuzzled his neck. "You're so good to me...why do you just use me?" she muttered, tracing a finger along his face. "Emma, not really a great time to be having this conversation. And I'm not using you, you're using me.." he muttered back, guiding her to the booth their friends were sitting in. She slide into the booth next to Joe, who somehow had gotten in, even though he was underage. She smiled at him and turned back to Pete. "So, I'm using you. Why does it matter? I love don't love me. So, I'm being used..." she spat out, her head falling to the table making a loud thud. Pete's mouth dropped open and he tried to lift her head back up. She groaned and pushed him away. "I'm going to get you some water..." he said, standing up and heading to the bar. She got up and followed him. He turned, bottle in hand and saw her standing there, staring at him. "Dance with me," she said, sounding as if she had sobered up within that short span of time. "Emma, not right now...drink this water so you don't get dehydrated," he said, holding the water bottle out to her. She pushed his outstretched hand back and repeated, "Dance with me." He tossed the water bottle to Joe, who caught it and set it on the table and then Pete grabbed Emma's hand and drug her out to the dancefloor.

She began to grind slowly up against him and he rolled his eyes. He knew she was trying to tease him to see what his reaction would be. He thought of anything and everything to keep his cool. When he finally built up the courage to place his hands on her hips, he felt a hand grab him and pull him back. He felt his temper explode and he turned to the guy who was trying to start a fight. There stood David. Emma's mouth dropped open. She took a step forward and stood inbetween Pete & David. "What the fuck are you doing?" David shouted at Pete. "That's my girl!" Pete laughed at David. "You're girl, right? Well, apparently you don't do something right, because she keeps coming to me to get fucked..." Pete snapped back. Emma's gasped and glared at Pete. David didn't know that she had slept with Pete, he had only accused her of fooling around. David turned his glare to Emma. "You little whore..." he muttered. That set Pete off, before she realized what was happening, Pete had tackled David and was punching him repeatedly in the face. The bad thing about Pete Wentz is that he thinks he's 10 feet tall and he takes on any guy. Unfortunately, David had about 5 inches and 50 pounds on Pete, so he easily threw him off. They both stood, glaring at each other before David swung and his fist connected with Pete's cheek, splitting it open and knocking him back. "David!" Emma screamed, finally finding her voice. "David, just get out! Go!" she screamed, shoving him away. He looked down at her and left without saying a word.

Emma turned to Pete and glared at him. "What is your problem?" she shouted, slapping him across the face. She turned to leave the club, grabbing her purse and the bottle of water. As she stepped out of the door, she heard someone behind her. She ignored it and continued walking towards the street, hailing a cab. "So, that's the thanks I get for taking a beating from your meathead boyfriend?" she heard Pete say, rubbing his cheek as he stared at her. She turned to look at him, contemplating what to say. "Get in," she said, pointing at the taxi. He stared at her like she had gone crazy. "Get in," she repeated as she climbed in. He slide in next to her, sitting as close to the door as he could. Emma leaned her head against the window and rode in silence. Her head snapped up as the car stopped in front of her house. "What about your car?" she blurted out. Pete laughed and hit himself on the head. "Ah, oh well. I'll get it tomorrow..." he said, pulling out some money and paying the cab driver.

They slowly walked up to the door and Emma fumbled to unlock it. She was surprised it was quiet in the house, being that it was New Year's Eve. Then she remembered, her parents had gone out to a party, not expecting her home anytime soon. She glanced at the clock, it was just now 11:45. She pointed the time out to Pete. "Good, we didn't miss New Years..." he said as they walked upstairs to Emma's room. Her head was still spinning from all the alcohol and she felt dizzy. She sat on her bed as Pete grabbed some pajamas for her. She stripped out of her clothes right in front of him and changed, without even thinking twice. He stood in the doorway to her bathroom in shock. She climbed into bed and looked over at him. "What's up with you?" she muttered, shielding her eyes from the light in the bathroom. He shook his head and went into the bathroom to change into a pair of pajama pants that he left at her house. He stepped out into her bedroom to find Emma staring at the clock. It read 11:59. He turned her TV on quickly and searched around for the ball drop. He sat on her bed next to her and they waited for the countdown. As the countdown neared one, he turned to her. She smiled shyly at him, feeling extremely nervous. She didn't know if it was the alcohol or the fact that she had blurted out she loved him earlier.

"Happy new year..." he whispered, leaning in and kissing her softly. She smiled as he lay down next to her and they continued to kiss.

She couldn't think of a better way to bring in the New Year than in his arms...
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