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Don't wake me up, I am still dreaming

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The story's undone, unravel at the seams...

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Emma stared up into the star filled sky from where she lay on her rooftop. She sighed and reached up to touch her busted lip. It had been 5 months since that day David hit her. It was now late December. Emma's 21st birthday was coming up, December 31st. Almost a New Year's baby. Things with David had only gotten worse. Things with Pete had only gotten weirder. They hadn't said anything about having sex, but they had found themselves in many compromising situations since then. Once, Pete's brother almost caught them in Pete's bedroom. Pete had his hand somewhere it shouldn't be for 'just friends.' They never talked about anything they did. Emma mentally beat herself up for it though. She hated herself for cheating on David, no matter how badly he treated her. She hated that she was that type of girl, that could do something like that and continue doing it. She sighed and began to search for the north star. Once she found it, she found the second star to the right and blew it a kiss. "Here's wishing you love me like I love you..." she whispered.

Things had been confusing for Emma since she realized what kind of guy David was. But she couldn't bring herself to break up with him. She knew that she had feelings for Pete, but she didn't think they went any farther than friendship. Lately, she had even been confused about that. She would catch herself staring at him and then realize that he had been staring back. Or she would have dreams where she was dating or married to him. She always woke up happy from the dreams, but as soon as she realized that they weren't real, she got somber and depressed. She knew that his feelings for her went no further than friendship, so she decided to suffer through and eventually hope to get over him.

"Emma?" she heard a voice call tentatively. She sat up and looked over the edge of the roof. Pete had his head stuck out her window. Her heart sunk when she saw the look on his face. She started to climb down towards her window and he retreated into her room. By the time she made it into her room, he was in tears, sitting on the edge of her bed, with his head in his hands. She rushed over and wrapped her arms around him. "Pete, what's wrong?" she whispered, lifting his face up to her face. He shook his head and let it fall again. She lifted his head again and wiped his tears away. He took a deep breath and looked into her eyes. She felt a strange sensation inside of her. Her heart raced and her vision got blurry. The only thing that stayed focused was Pete. She leaned towards his face and kissed him softly on the lips. She pulled back slightly, waiting to see what he would do. He stared at her lips. She got tired of waiting so she kissed him again, slightly harder and longer. She climbed onto his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck, holding him close as she kissed him. She felt his hands circle around her hips and hold on tightly. She pushed him back onto the bed, laying on top of him, her legs on either side of him. She continued kissing him, harder and deeper each time. She felt his tongue slide across her lips and she parted her lips as the kiss deepened. He sat up, so that she was on his lap again and pulled his shirt off. She did the same, pulling her shirt off. She helped him wiggle out of his jeans and then she pulled her own off. They crawled under the covers and she attacked him with kisses again as he took her bra and underwear off. Finally, he took his boxers off and she moaned as she felt him inside of her. They both worked hard and fast, not trying to stop and think about what they were doing. They both came together and Emma collapsed on top of Pete. She sighed and felt herself wanting to cuddle with him. She jumped up and wrapped a sheet around her, grabbing her clothes and running into the bathroom to change. She got dressed and splashed some water on her face, trying to calm down. She finally regained her composure and stepped back into her bedroom. Pete was dressed and standing by the door. She stared at him for a second before walking over and giving him a hug. He gave her a quick kiss on the forehead and slipped out the door. She sunk down on her bed, staring out her door, wondering why she kept letting herself get into these situations.

She never found out what was wrong with him that day.
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