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I don't blame you for being you

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But you can't blame me for hating it

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Emma quietly slipped into her house. She tried to tiptoe up the stairs but her mother's voice caught her in her tracks. "Emma, where were you? I was worried..." Sophie said. Emma sighed and turned to look at her mother. "I was at Pete's..." she mumbled before turning and heading upstairs, not waiting for a reply. She went into her room and shut the door, flinging herself down on her bed. She lay on her stomach, staring at the floor. She couldn't believe she had just had sex with Pete. She groaned as she thought about it. What was I thinking... Not only that, she had lost her virginity to him. He had no clue though, he thought she had slept with David. She mentally kicked herself in the ass. She sighed as she thought that things were going to be really awkward now and she immediately regretted having done it. Now David really did have something to be suspicious about. She rolled over and stared at the ceiling, trying to figure everything out. She sighed and got up and decided to take a shower.

When she was done, she wrapped a towel around her and walked back into her bedroom. She gasped when she saw David sitting on her bed. She hurriedly threw her bruised wrists behind her so he couldn't see them. He frowned as he watched her. "I'm so sorry, Emma..." he whispered. She stared at him and tried to believe him. He looked up at her and she saw no sincerity in his eyes. "I think you should leave..." she hissed through her teeth. "I'm not in the mood to see or talk to you right now, David." She saw his eyes flash with anger and she retreated away from him. He stood up and advanced towards her, flicking her wet hair off her neck, revealing a small bite mark. He smirked and let out a short laugh. "I see how it is..." he muttered, before turning to walk away. "At least he treats me better than you..." she snapped, immediately regretting it. David spun around and his fist connected with her cheek, knocking her backwards and down. She closed her eyes and sat on the floor, trying to regain normal vision. She fixed her towel as she reached up to touch her cheek. She hissed in pain as she felt it lightly. She looked around, David was already gone. She stood up uneasily and pulled some clothes on before sitting on the end of her bed and rubbing her cheek. She heard footsteps coming up the stairs and she hurried into the bathroom and began cleaning the cut on her cheek. She prayed that it was anyone but her parents or David coming into her room. She glanced up into the mirror and saw Pete standing in the doorway, his mouth hanging open. She hung her head in defeat. "Emmie...what happened?" he whispered, coming up beside her and turning her so he could look at her already bruising face. He held her chin in his hand so he could examine her cut. She shook her head and pulled away. "He's just really jealous, that's all. No big deal.." she said, walking back into her bedroom, leaving Pete standing dumbfounded in her bathroom. "No big deal? Em, he hit you! How is that not a big deal?" He almost shouted, following her into her bedroom. She slumped down on the end of her bed, her head in her hands.

Pete stared at her, trying to sort everything out in his head. "He loves me, so much..." she whispered. Pete continued to stare at her, confused. "Do you love him?" he asked. She shook her head and said "Yes." Pete shook his head, not understanding if he should believe her words or her shaking head. He sank down on the floor in front of her and put his head in her lap. She played with his hair. He sighed and looked up at her. "Emma, I don't think what he is doing is right, but I want you to know that I'm here for you whenever you need me...anytime..." he said, staring into her blue/green eyes. She smiled down at him and whispered "Thanks..." He sat on the bed next to her and she turned to face him. "Em, about last night...." he started before she cut him off by holding her hand up. She shook her head and quietly said, "Let's not talk about it..." He bit his lip and said "But, Em, what are we going to do?" She shook her head again. "No, we don't talk about it..." He stood up, feeling defeated. He could feel his already battered heart breaking even more. He wanted to save her from all her hurting, but she wouldn't let him. She glanced up at him and smiled. It didn't reach her eyes. He frowned back.

"Just remember who saves you everytime you're drowning..." he muttered, before leaving her feeling very confused and alone.
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