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University from hell.

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What I've done to deserve this?

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"Ms. Olsen please stay", I heard Mr. cetearyl's smooth annoying voice when I turned to leave the class room.
I guess there's a professor like him in every university, he was in his early 30 and must girls found him hot.
I heard some stories about him fooling around with his female students, I didn't like him. He annoyed the shit out of me.
He was all sweet and kind and bubbly but underneath it all he was just fucking with people's mind.
I spun around to find him smiling his seductive smile.
"Yes?", I smiled sweetly.
"I was wondering if you could do me a favor", he sat behind his desk.
Oh I would do you a favor, something you'd really like, just you, me and a really sharp stick up your ass, "What favor?".
"You are a Jersey girl right?", he was leaning back in his chair.
"Umm yeah", I frowned.
He better remember that and not try to mess around with me.
"I have a class there tomorrow at some high school, I have to lecture the photography class about the history of photography but unfortunately I can't make it so I wondered if you could do me a favor and cover up for me. You'll get the payment of course", he was still smiling.
Going back to high school?? It's like my number one nightmare!!!
But I'll get paid...And I need the money!!...But still going back to high school?
"OK", it's probably some other high school, it's still a nightmare but what the hell.
"Great", he winked me, "Then be tomorrow at Belleville high school at 11.30".
It was like someone poured ice cold water on my head, my old high school, it's so my luck!
I nodded and closed my mouth, apparently my jaw hung open without me noticing.
I turned to leave when Mr. cetearyl spoke again, "And maybe we can discuss how your class went over dinner".
I felt sick, I ccouldn't believe it.
Why was shit always happening to me, I must have been serial killer in previous life or something if I deserved this.
I spun around, "I can't. My Jersey boyfriend and I are celebrating our 2 years anniversary".
It was a lie of course but my mind went blank and I couldn't think of nothing better to say.
His smile slipped a bit, "Well it's nice to have a boyfriend but I think passing my class is more important, don't you?".
"Are you threatening me?", it was unbelievable.
"I'm suggesting", he stood up and sat on his table facing me.
"So you're threatening me", I felt like crying.
"You're a smart girl I believe, it would be really sad if you don't pass my class just because of a silly little boyfriend, right?", he smiled again, revealing white teeth.
I stood their completly dumbstruck, "So you're saying that if I fuck you, you'll pass me but if I don't, you'll fail me?".
"I knew you're a smart girl, not quite the phrasing I would use though", he smirked.
I flipped him off and turned to leave.
"Ms. Olsen wait!", he called after me but I didn't stop.
"I was kidding!", he started walking in my direction.
"Stop there!", I cried in anger.
He froze on his spot, "I honestly was just kidding".
I studied his face.
"I really was. I thought you'll understand the joke but apparently you believed the rumors flying around", he waved his arms around.
"Joking?", I repeated like an idiot.
"Joking", he smiled. He still looked evil to me.
"So no dinner or going back to high school?", I mumbled.
"No dinner but I still need someone to cover up for me", he showed me the ring on his finger, "My wife isn't feeling great. We're going to a doctor, I think I'm going to be a daddy".
I breathed out in relief, "So no dinner?".
He backed to his desk, "No dinner".
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