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Two wild soul.

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How not to get a job!

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I came home that day to find my 5 boys, sitting in a living room, thinking hard about something.
"What did I do now?", I grunted, lately they gathered like this when I was doing something wrong.
"Nothing baby", Gerard stretched his arms.
"Then what's wrong?", I sat between his legs.
"We got our first gig", Mikey smiled faintly.
"That's good, right?", I was confused, they didn't look that thrilled.
"That's fantastic except for my dad won't let me play", Frankie stood up and began pacing.
"Won't let you play? You're fucking 18 years old", I leaned back on Gerard.
I really wanted to feel him there after my incident with Mr. Cetearyl.
"Well not everybody can blow off their parents like you do", Frankie glared at me.
That's how I knew things were bad, Frankie never glared at me.
Not even when I won his batman strew after I got him that rare comic with my feminine charms, and that straw was fucking special to him.
Frank owned his batman straw since he was a baby, it was a gift from his father before his parents divorced.
It was the coolest straw ever! It changed colors when drink went through it, it would make noises and flash and it did things no other straw could.
I've been eyeing it since 1st grade when Frank brought it for lunch once, the fucking bastard wouldn't even let me touch it.
"His dad scheduled him a job interview at some office so he would have a real job and not that band nonsense", Ray explained.
"So don't show up", I shrugged.
Gerard wrapped his arms around me like on cue, I was still a bit out of it after the professor incident, even though he said he was joking I felt really uneasy.
"He would fucking disown me or some shit", Frank collapsed back on the sofa.
"Bullshit, you're dad would never do that to you", I shook my head.
Mr Iero was a nice man, or at least he seemed like one from the little I knew about him.
"OK, so maybe he won't disown me but this job interview means a lot to him. I can't fuck him up like that", he got up and paced again.

We sat like this for a while, just thinking.
I tried to shake off the disgusting feeling I still had.
"Babe if you sink even deeper into me I think they will have to use surgery to part us", Gerard whispered in my ear, his breathe sent chills down my spine.
"Sorry", I sat up.
"No, I like it that way, I just wondered, is something wrong?", he patted my arm.
"I'll tell you later", I smiled faintly.
"Not that fucking Billy again?", Gerard tensed.
I shook my head and he pulled me back to lean on him.
That an idea hit me, "Remember how Gerard and I made all the decent application disappear when we wanted to work at Mikey's store?".
They looked at me like I was crazy.
Frank threw his hands in the air, "Perfect time for a walk down the memory lane".
"No, no", I rolled my eyes, "I mean that we did it because no one wants to hire a nut case".
"OK, so..?", Ray urged me to continue.
"Maybe Frank can pretend to be a bit of a loose canon", I said in triumph.
"And knowing Frank he doesn't have to pretend", Bob smirked.
We all stared at the pacing Frank.
He stopped, tapping his fingers on his chin, "We can give it a shout. And my dad wouldn't have shit on me because I showed up and did my best, it's not my fault they didn't want me. Then I can give his the I-just-want-people-to-accept-me-the-way-I-am speech".
"Or better yet, you can have a tattoo somewhere visible. I mean it's an office job and we all know they aren't born to be wild. One look of your tattoo and you'll be out of there in seconds", I cried happyly.
"Yeah, he can have one on his forehead", Mikey jumped enthusiastically off the sofa.
We all watched him now.
He blushed and sat down mumbling, "I'm just saying...".

I always wanted a tattoo but my mother tried to be hip and said she had no problem with me getting a tattoo but she was scared I might be allergic to the paint, I had a weird suspicion she made me allergic to stuff she didn't want me to do, like to Gerard, she seriously told me one day that I shouldn't hang around him cause I might be allergic to cigarette smoke.
The only thing I was allergic to was her. And honey. And metal jewelry.
"I want a tattoo too", I exclaimed.
They looked at me funny again.
"It's a bit painful", Frank nodded.
"And it's permanent", Mikey chipped in, "I saw some really neat tattoo stickers if you want".
Was he kidding me?? And did he just say neat?.
"I know and I want one!", I pouted.
"Aren't you allergic or something", Bob teased me.
I flipped him off, "And I want you to draw me one", I turned around to look at Gerard.
"Um, I'm not really good with needles Sky", he shifted uncomfortably.
"Yeah, Gerardie is scared of needles", Mikey used his baby voice.
"No, I want you to draw in pencil so I can show the tattoo guy what I want", I giggled.
"Are you sure you want to do this?", Gerard kissed my head.
I stood up and wrapped my arm around Frank, "It'll be our thing Frankie. Just two wild souls getting a tattoo done".
He smirked ,"You're high again?".
"I never got high", I slapped him.
"Because I don't think it a good idea to get a fucking tattoo if you're high", he gave Gerard and Mikey a look.
I rolled my eyes, "Stop giving them meaningful looks, I'm not high".
I caught Mikey squinting, trying to gaze into my eyes, "Can't you be more obvious?!".
Than I caught his giving the thumbs up to Gerard.
"Fine! But I'm not getting sunshine or other girly shit on my neck", Frank wrapped his arm around my waist.
"Deal", I beamed.
I glanced over at Gerard, "So will you design me something?".
He nodded.

So we ended up having out tattoos done.
Frank got a scorpion on his neck and I had a gloomy fairy sitting on a sand clock with aquarius written underneath it on my lower back, just to remind me that life was short.
And just for the record I wasn't allergic to the paint and it wasn't that painful, I did worse things to myself. It did swallow a bit but The tattoo guy, who's name was Tori was extremely nice and said it was a normal reaction.
After Frank told him it was my first time, he made me watch him do Frank and even joked about me doing the finishing touches on Frank.
I passed after I noticed Frank freaked out.
I guess he remembered that I know shit about drawing.
Then Tori spent ages explaining me how I should take care of the master piece on my lower back for the next couple of days, he even gave me a little booklet.

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