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Why I don't drive and why Bob doesn't give directions.

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I came up the stairs for the last kit of Bob's drums.
Mikey past me on his way down with Frankie's guitar, he rolled his eyes at me, he didn't talk to me since I told him about Linda, he completly flipped out, said he doesn't believe me or Billy that I was making this up because I was jealous and I was a lousy best friend.
He continued to date her and did it to spite me.
He would have romantic phone calls with her in front of me, he talked about their date plans when I was around and then he talked about how their dates went so loudly I could hear him loud and clear in my room. With the door shut.

He completly ignored me.
Not a word, not even the usual 'Pass the fucking milk' in the morning, nothing, we communicated through Ray about the house business and that was it.
At first it really upset me and I was practically willing to sell my soul to the devil so he would talk to me but then the whole situation pissed me off.
I mean I was a good friend, right? I warned him about Linda because I was worried she'd do the same thing to him as she did to Billy and what I got in return? Mikey completly oblivious to the fact I was alive!
He can fuck Linda all he want but I wonder to whom he'll come running when she's done with him.

In the kitchen Gerard and Frankie were emptying their 455489658th beer.
"You have your first gig ever, don't you want to be sober to remember?", I wrapped my arms around Gerard.
"No", Frankie shook his head violently.
"Nervous much?", I threw the empty bottles to their recycling bin, they never remembered to recycle unless I did it.
"Nervous? We? No!", Frankie giggled and ran out of the door.
That's exactly what we need, a drunk Frankie, one guitar and a whole lot of people.
I kissed Gearard's neck and went to get Bob's drum kit.

I stuck the kit in the trunk along with the 2 guitars, a bass, and one Frankie.
No matter what Ali and I said he just wouldn't come out of there.
He claimed he needed to relax there so we rolled our eyes and slammed the trunk shut, he shrieked something and that was the last thing we heard of him for the rest of the journey.
Ali examined the swaying Gerard. And Ray. And Bob. And what's his name, "They're all drunk".
I shrugged.
"You'll have to drive", she said.
"But I hate to drive!", I whined and stamped my foot down.
I really did. It was somewhere in the top 10 of my things I hate list.
"They can't drive. I doubt they can play but they surly can't drive", she motioned at the dancing Gerard.
He actually danced in the middle of the street, some people threw penny's at him.
"But AL!", I wailed, "You can drive".
"Than who'll pick up Amy, James, Beth and Spencer?", she put her hands on her hips.
I pouted, "Fine".
"You know where to go, right?", she raised her eyebrows at me.
"Whatever", I threw my hands up in the air.
"Oh boy, that would be interesting", she mumbled and went to kiss Ray who was clapping at Gerard's street show.

"OK which one of you have the keys?", I frowned at them.
They frowned back.
"Jiggy", cried Ray, pointing at Gerard.
"Jiggy? Right.", I laughed.
I turned to ask 'Jiggy' for the keys, he completly ignored me and carried on bowing to the clapping crowd.
I went through his pockets while he bowed, some people stared at me.
"We're on a field trip from the mentally ill institution", I shrugged.
Someone whispered something about how it was unfortunate for our country to make the less fortunate people work as freak shows.
I ignored that comment, I had more important issues to handle, like stuff Gerard into the van.
He just wouldn't go, saying he has a gig and people liked him.
It was going to be one hell of a long night.
20 minutes and countless promises that he would get some at the end of the evening we were all packed and ready to go.

I started the engine and pulled from the curb, "Someone knows the name of the place?".
No one answered.
"Anyone at all?", I panicked.
I had no idea where to go or how to get there.
More silence.
"Come on guys, anyone?", I turned left.
"I just nodded, are you blind?", Bob pinched my arm and his face appeared between the drivers seat and the passengers seat.
"Oh sure, stupid me", I said sarcastically.
"Turn left again then right then right right right", he leaned back.
"So it's 4 Rights and one left?", I mumbled.
"No it's a left and 3 Rights", he cried with frustration.
"But you just said right right right right", I wrinkled my nose.
"Right I said right right right right", I could hear him smile.
I swear that if he was kidding me I shall kick his fucking ass, "But now you said 5 rights. So is it 5 or 4?".
"I said right right right right", I could hear him giggle now.
"So that's four rights again", I was so confused!.
"No, I said right right right ", he paused, "Right".
"That's exactly what I said! Right right right right", I banged on the wheel.
"No! You said right right right right. I said right right right ", he paused again, "Right".
"Bob! What's the difference?",I frowned, I was getting really mad and couldn't even count all his rights.
"The comma!", he laughed now.
The whole van roared actually, I think I might have heard something from the trunk as well.
"What fucking comma?", I was so going to get him!
"The 3 right's were right in terms of right, the last one was like right", he said.
I wasn't that confused even when I was so drunk I saw things, "But they're all right's".
"But the first 3 were right and the last one was like you know right", I could see him sway to the left in the mirror, "Like in terms of direction".
I finally got it, "Ooh right right right. Right!, got it".
"Just so you know I'm rolling my eyes right now", Bob informed me.
I flipped him off and counted my rights.

We pulled in front of the super market, I wrinkled my eyebrows, "I counted my right's, there's no way this could be right".
"Oh it's right I just wanted to grab something to eat, I'll be right back", Bob jumped out of the van and ran to the supermarket.
I banged my head on the wheel, "I don't want to hear another right in my life".
"Right", Gerard rubbed my back.

I was on my last nerve by the time we pulled in front of the club, Bob kept laughing at me about the incident with the rights earlier and the phones kept ringing because Ali was afraid we were going to be late and then they kept ringing because we were actually late and she was mad.
"This is why I never fucking drive", I got out of the car, "Right he says then right left right..Fucking directions! Fucking Bob! Fucking Van!".
I opened the trunk and got the bass out, Frankie had his eyes closed and he didn't move. We unloaded everything and he still didn't move.
I poked him and he didn't move, "Oh fuck I killed Frank".
I backed away from the trunk, got a deep breathe and then went back to poke him more fiercefully, "Frank, Frankie, Sunshine".
Still nothing, my heart beat was through the roof, I leaned to check whether he was breathing.
Suddenly he screamed and I screamed.
He scared the living shit out of me!
I was almost in tears and felt the color drain from my face.
Frankie jumped out of the trunk and stretched his arms, "That was so refreshing! I need another drink", he noticed my face expression, "Oh Mooney what's wrong?".
"Right Bob then you die then you scream, I'm not built for this sunshine", I rubbed my forehead.
"Come Mooney we will get a drink to calm us down", he took my hand and we entered the club.

it was actually really confusing to write this chapter. lol, i had to keep track of all the rights, so if you see some right out of place just drop me a line and i'll fix it.
i know ficwad can be a pain so i would like to thank all the ladies who still bother to review, thank you very much!!
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