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Cat fight.

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Did you get what you deserved?

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It wasn't crowded at all, you could count the people there, there were no more than 20. Most of them were other friends of the boys.
We met Amy, Ali, Beth, James and Spencer there. I invited Billy too but he decided not to come.
Spencer, however, looked different, he wore eyeliner and what looked like half of Billy's closet.
After my 2nd beer I decided to compliment him, "You look different".
"You like it?", he smiled.
"Umm it's different", I shrugged.
"I thought you'd like it", his smile was awkward now.
"It's nice but you didn't seem like you're into this kinda thing", I gulped my beer.
"I am now", he blushed. Or at least I think he blushed cause the lighting was crappy.
He gulped from my beer, "Hey, you can't do that!".
"Ok sorry", he looked like a deer caught in lights.
"I mean, it's illigal for a 15 year old to drink", I chuckled.
"Thank you very much but I'm 18!", Spencer smirked at me. Actually he smirked at my chest, I don't think his eyes are capable to go beyond my chest.
"I'm stunned!", I lowered myself on the stool.
I saw Linda come in and sit at one of the tables.
"There's Linda, I'll go say hi", Spencer hopped off his stool.
"After everything she did to Billy", I gasped, what kind of brother is he?
"She did nothing to him, he came back from Paris and said they didn't work out, weeks later dad put him in rehab", he made his way to Linda.
She waved at me. I ignored her and went backstage.
Did Billy lied?? Or Spencer didn't know the whole truth? Oh shit!
Mikey would fucking kill me!
No, he'll marry Linda THEN he'll kill me. I'm doomed either way.

"I forgot how to play bass", Mikey breathed on me, he appeared out of nowhere.
He talked to me! Mikey was speaking to me! But then again he forgot how to play bass too, "Just strum on it".
He did and frowned, "Is it supposed to sound like this?".
I wasn't a big expert but I really doubted it's supposed to sound like this, "Just strum on it and pick the frets and it'll come back to you".
He nodded and chanted to himself my directions, "Strum and pick, pick and strum and it'll come back. Strum and pick, pick and strum and it'll come back. Strum and pick, pick and strum and it'll come back".
Then I spotted Gerard studying the mic than the beer bottle he was holding, then again the mic and then the bottle again.
"What's up honey?", I sat next to him.
"I think I forgot how to sing", he pouted.
"Nah, just make a sound and it'll come back to you", I smiled.
He coughed, "Like this?".
"Close", I sighed. I shouldn't have let him drink that much.
"Babe, which one of these I'm supposed to be playing?", he stuck out the bottle and the mic in front of him.
I took the bottle from him and pointed at the mic, he nodded and coughed into the mic.
"5 minutes guys", some really tall guy screamed than he looked down at me, "You're supposed to be here?".
"Me? I drive right", I mummbled.
"Get out", he barked at me and pushed me towards the exit.

"How's it going there?", Ali looked concerned.
"Gerard's gonna cough the lyrics and Mikey forgot how to play the fucking bass. Hopefully the rest are still conscious", I gave her Gerard's empty bottle and sat at an empty booth.
"I need a drink", she shook her head and disappeared.
"Please welcome my chemical romance", the barking person announced and cleared the stage for the boys, they looked confused.

I heard some of their songs when they rehearsed, it was really loud and Gerard screamed a lot but it sounded nice, I liked how raw it sounded.
It sadden me a bit because I knew the songs were reflecting the pain he's feeling inside and there was nothing I could do to make him feel better.
He also kept killing the girl in the songs, I asked him about it once.
He said that's partly based on his nightmares and partly just came to him when he started a song, which basically said he was killing me in his songs.

I saw Amy, Beth and James sit at one of the tables closer to the stage and stood up to join them when Linda came over.
She had one of her smiles that was reserved for me, meaning fake and evil, "Didn't you see me wave?".
"No", I said flatly and turned to leave.
"I get the feeling you don't like me", she giggled.
I stared at her, "Let's just say that if you mess with Mikey's heart I will mess with you".
She smirked, "You can try sweetie".
"For now it's just a warning. You better be the good girl you're pretending to be", I glared at her.
"I have Mikey wrapped around my little finger and there's nothing you can do about it you little slut", she hissed, still smiling.
"Is that so?", I crossed my arms on my chest.
"Yeah, he believes every word that comes out of my mouth and you can say whatever you want, he's not going to believe you", she flipped her hair.
"Mikey's smart. He's not going to stay with you for long, he'll fuck you and then leave you for someone who's not fucking anything that moves", I spitted.
"Like you fuck Billy?", she frowned.
My jaw dropped, "I never fucked Billy!".
"Yeah, but if I accidentally mention something to Mikey...", she trailed off, cocking her eyebrow.
"You wouldn't!", I exclaimed.
"Just give me a reason bitch and you can say goodbye to Gee and Mikey and the rest of your friends", she smiled sweetly
"Fucking bitch!", I cried.
The next thing I knew she slapped me. She fucking slapped me!.
I touched my cheek, it burnt, "Do that again and I swear I'll fucking kick your ass".
She slapped the cheek I didn't hold.
She smirked, "What about it? Say anything to Mikey and I'll do that again and then tell him about your sex session with Billy and that the scars on you wrists are just that you like it rough".
Oh no she didn't!
I nodded quietly and she smiled smugly, then I grabbed her fucking hair and pulled like I never pulled before.
She screamed and scraped my face, then she pulled my hair, it felt like my scull was saying bye bye to my brain.
It was really painful, so I pulled harder at her hair and punched her somewhere, I'm not sure where cause she kinda bended my head by pulling my hair.
We fell to the ground, screaming and biting and kicking.
Someone screamed cat fight and then I felt someone pull us apart.
Gerard lifted me off the ground and held me down.
I looked down at my hand and gasped, I was holding Linda's hair.
I looked at it closely and saw that it was just an extension, still it gotta hurt, I smiled.
Linda was crying into Mikey's chest, "She threatened me that if I go near you again she would kill me".
"That's a lie, fucking bitch", I threw her hair at her, Gerard pulled me behind his back.
"See!", she pointed at me, her mascara was running, her clothes were torn, her lip was swallowed and her hair...Well, some of it was on the floor.
Mikey looked at me with blank expression and lead her out of the club.
Some people were staring at me so Ray, Frank and Bob scared them away by saying I was emotionally unstable.
"Let's go", Gerard lead me to the bathroom.
"Your place or mine?", he joked when we stood in front of the men's and women's bathroom.
"Mine", I figured it would be cleaner.
It was but someone was fucking at one of the cubicles so we decided to give them some privacy.
We entered the men's bathroom but it was really smelly, "Let's just go home".
We took a cab since the guys had to still load the equipment.
Gerard didn't say anything on the way to his place, he just hugged me.

He made me go to the bathroom and looked for the first aid kit, "I don't need a first aid kit".
"You do babe", he shrugged.
I looked at the mirror, that bitch got me pretty good but I got her better.
He seated me on the counter and stood between my legs, examining my face and shaking his head from time to time.
I smiled, "My first war wounds".
"What was that all about?", Gerard got some little white bottle from the kit and soaked the cotton with the yellowish liquid, he pressed that against me jaw, it stung really bad, I moaned and slapped his hand away.
"So you're gonna hit me too? I should be afraid now?", he smirked and pressed that shit to my jaw again.
I moaned again, "She was such a bitch and she said lies about me and she said she'd tell them to Mikey. I don't understand why he holds on to her".
Gerard shrugged and placed his free hand on my thigh, "He likes her. He thinks he loves her but I think it's more of a crush" .
"You know, I don't understand why you didn't try to point that out to him. You knew she's a bitch", I frowned.
Gerard sighed, "He's a big boy now. What could have I done? I tried talking to him but he got upset so I figured I'll stay low and watch him closer. Sometimes they got to break their hearts to see the grown ups were right".
I laughed, "Says the guy who had a fight with Frankie over which cartoon channel to watch".
He smirked, "At least I didn't pull his hair out"
"She started it first, she said a lot of shit to me and than slapped me. Twice!", I pouted.
I was so happy I got her that I didn't even mind that all my face was stinging and my scull was burning.
"And she took your doll too?", Gerard placed the cotton on my eyebrow now.
I grunted, "It stings the fuck out of me".
"Sue me", he kissed me.
"She said that she'd tell Mikey I fucked Billy and the cuts on my wrist are because I love it rough", I sighed.
He stared at me for a moment, "She didn't!".
"She did!", I nodded biting my lip which hurt.
"You should have scrapped her eyes out!", he said angrily.
"I know", I tried to distract myself from the stinging wounds by trailing my finger up and down Gerard's neck, "Mikey would be so pissed at me".
"He won't", he closed his eyes for a moment.
"He didn't believe me before why would he now?", I noticed I distract Gerard more than I do myself so I stopped and just sat there, holding on tight to some shampoo bottle.
"Because I saw the look on his face. Trust me, they are over", he plastered plasters all over my face.
I looked back at the mirror and peeled some of them off, he seriously plastered all my face with them.
"All my hard work", he shook his head.
Then it hit me, "Your first gig! I totally fucked that up!".
"No we just finished our set when you began loving Linda", he laughed.
"She fucking started it!", I grinned and wrapped my arms around his neck.
"Oh you enjoyed that Skyler, don't bullshit me", he went under me shirt.
"She got what she deserved", I kissed him.
"Did she?", he closed his eyes again when I unbuckled his belt.
"Hopefully", I smirked.
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