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You can always bribe me with coffee.

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"You know, I'm really worried about billy", I sat opposite Amy at one of the tables on campus.
She offered me her pretzel, "Why?".
I shook my head to the pretzel, "He didn't show up for school for the past 3 days, he doesn't answer calls".
"Well you didn't showed up after that Linda incident and didn't answer calls but we didn't send the swat team after you", she took a bite from the pretzel.
"I was with Gerard the whole day and I was absent for a day not three", I shrugged, smiling.
"Spare me the details", she grinned.
"Maybe some other boyfriend of one of his friends beat the crap out of him", she shrugged.
I tensed up, "You think?".
"I was kidding!", she rolled her eyes, "Most people don't beat the crap out of people they don't like", she coughed and it sounded like Skyler.
"Oh please she had it coming!", I sat back, looking smug.
Amy shrugged, "You can take the girl out of Jersey but you can't take the Jersey out of the girl".
"And I would do that all over again if I could only this time I would've pulled harder", I slammed my hand on the table.
"I don't think you could pull much harder is that Mikey?", she craned her head to look behind my back.
I turned around sharply, it was Mikey, he was standing by the gate with two cups of coffee and looked like he was looking for someone, I haven't seen him since that incident with Linda, I stayed with Gerard that entire time, "He probably came to tell me about his fucking wedding with Linda".
"Shut up and go there", Amy motioned on Mikey.
I stood up and made my way slowly to the gate, Mikey spotted me and smiled weakly.
"Hey", he mummbled.
"Hey", I looked everywhere but at him.
"I brought you some coffee", he handed me one of the cups.
"Thanks", I took it from him and sipped it.
He waved to Amy, "Want to take a walk or something?".
I shrugged and waved to her too.

We walked silently for a while.
Maybe I should say something? But fuck him, I'm not apologizing for getting in a fight with Linda!
She got me too, I still had the scars to prove it!
"Um, good coffee", I threw my empty cup in the nearest bin.
"I got it from the old coffee lady", he smiled.
He got cheap coffee cause the lady who owned the place had a thing for him. She was about 80 so Mikey denied it but I knew because how many 80 years old ladies gave you coffee saying "Hot cup for a hot boy"?.
"Got a discount?", I glance at him from the corner of my eye.
"Always do", he adjusted his glasses.
I hummed.
"I guess I should apologize", he sighed.
I looked down at me feet.
"I'm sorry for being such a shit to you", he put his hand through his hair.
"I'm sorry Linda wasn't who you thought she was", I touched my ring.
"Me too", he sighed heavily.
I just had this huge urge to hug him, so I did.
With all this Linda shit I didn't realize that Mikey's heart would actually break.
Crush or no crush, bitch or no bitch Mikey cared about her.
To my surprise he hugged me back and he hugged me tight.
"I'm so sorry she out of all people broke your heart", I whispered.
He nodded and let go of me, "You're gonna be pissed at me but at first I believed that you threatened to kill her if she ever go near me again".
I shook my head in disbelief.
"Well what?, I've seen you doing things I wouldn't believe you're capable of", he sat on the nearest bench, "But then she told me the Billy sex story and I realized she was actually lying", he took a deep breath, "She said she thinks we've got something going on and that I was cheating on her with you and that I made you hit her so I would have an excuse to break up with her and then she broke up with me saying she couldn't take it anymore".
"She turned the tables around again", I closed my eyes for a second, "Like she did with Billy".

We talked for the longest time about everything, it made me realize how much I missed Mikey.
Before we went home I wanted to stop by at Billy's, something just didn't seem right, I haven't heard from him for 3 days.
Not a phone call, not a text message, I racked my mind to see if I hurt him but couldn't remember anything.
Something was weird.
Mikey wasn't thrilled to go at all but agreed to wait at the lobby while I go up to check on him.
He pouted and moaned all the way there but eventually we got there.
"It's going to take a second", I assured him.
"It's better be!", he crossed his arms on his chest.

I rushed to the elevator.
The ride was endless, I could feel Mikey annoyance hang above my head like a cloud but in the same time something didn't feel right.
The elevator pinged and I almost tripped rushing to Billy's door.
I knocked.
I rang the bell.
Still nothing.
I banged and hit the door with my fist but only grave silence greeted me.
I tried the knob, to my surprise it opened.
I pushed the door open and gasped with bewilderment.
Broken glass was all over the floor, the paintings were ripped from the walls and ruined, blood stains were on the carpet and walls, the big TV was shattered.
The shelves were broken on the floor, pages from the books were lying ripped to pieces.
It looked like Billy was robbed.
Maybe they killed him!!.
Maybe they're still here.
I panicked and backed to the hall closing the door gently.
I can't go there alone, what if they're still there?!, they'd kill me!
Mikey! I had to go get Mikey!

I ran back to the elevator and pushed the buttons, I've been waiting forever and the damn thing wouldn't arrive.
"Fucking shit", I kicked the closed doors and ran for the stairs.
Just when I got to the stairs I heard the elevator open.
I froze for a moment thinking if I should go back to the elevator than decided to take the stairs.
The elevator was all the way across the long fucking hall, I wouldn't make it and I couldn't stand, I had to move or I'd faint.
I slipped the last step and almost landed on my back if it wasn't for the plant that stood there.

I ran to Mikey, panting and sweating.
He frowned at me, "What did he do this time?".
"Come...Quick...Billy...Rubbed...Danger...I'm...Scared...Now",I couldn't catch my breathe, instead I just grabbed mikey's hand and dragged him to the elevator again.
My knees felt like jelly from all the running and my hands shook from the fear of what me might find there.
Mikey didn't ask for explanation, he just rubbed my back and let me rest my head on his shoulder.

The elevator pinged, I swear they take ages to move.
I dragged Mikey to Billy's door.
I opened it and we moved in deeper to the house, Mikey grabbed a heavy bottle he found on the floor and made me move behind him, it reminded me of that time in high school we were home alone and thought there's a burglar outside, I wasn't that scared like I was now.

The chaos ruled in the other rooms as well, the master room was a wreck, nothing left to remind you of the beautiful room it used to be.
The mess was the only thing we found.
We finally made it to Billy's room, Mikey pushed the door with his foot and was ready to swing his bottle, then he looked carefully at something and lowered his bottle, his jaw dropped and he turned even paler than he usually is...
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