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I can't stay on your life support

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There's a shortage in the switch, I can't stay on your morphine cause its making me itch. I said I tried to call the nurse again, but she's being a little bitch. I think I'll get out of here to whe...

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Emma stared at her door, wishing it would pop open and Pete would be standing there. She jumped when she heard a knock on it. "Come in..." she called out, cautiously, anxious at who it might be. The door opened slightly and David stuck his head in. She gasped when she saw his black eye and busted lip. She decided that if Pete didn't love her, she was going to do her best to make herself love David and today was day one of a fresh start. She got up and rushed over to him, pulling him into her room. She reached up and lightly touched his busted lip. He grimaced and said, "Emma, I'm really sorry about last night...I truly am." She shook her head and softly kissed him. "No, I'm sorry. What Pete said was a lie. Nothing has ever happened between us since that one time and nothing ever will..." she said, softly. David pulled her into a hug and she was glad he couldn't see her eyes. She knew they would give her away.

Several houses down, Pete sat on his roof and frowned as he noticed David's car in Emma's driveway. He sighed and wished he would have told her everything he felt about her. But he was too scared. True, she had said she loved him, but he didn't know if he should believe her. She also said she loved David, and sadly, he did believe that. She must love him to stay with him, even though he hit her and treated her terribly. I could treat her so much better... he thought, punching the roof. He grimaced as he felt his knuckles begin to ache. He reached up and touched his cheek. It felt bruised and he sighed. He strained his eyes and tried to see if he could see anything through Emma's window. He tried to duck down and hide when he said her front door come open and her and David walk out. He lay on his stomach and watched the walk to David's car. Emma looked around and Pete knew she felt like someone was watching her. After David got in the car, she turned and looked at Pete's house. She squinted her eyes and saw him. He sat up and waved. He thought he saw her smile and wave back. She got in the car and drove away. He lay back on his roof, kicking himself for not shouting out that he loved her too.

Emma smiled as she sat in David's car and he drove them to his apartment. Seeing Pete sitting on his roof watching her made her smile. She knew he would always be there to protect her. "Emma, I love you..." she heard David say. She turned to look at him and quickly said, "I love you too." She turned and stared out the window, trying to make herself believe what she said. They had got to his apartment by now and climbed out of the car. She followed him up to his apartment and sat on the couch while he got them something to drink. She frowned as she smelt vodka on David's breath. "David, are you drinking?" she asked. He sat his drink down, and Emma could tell he was starting to get angry. "Why?" he muttered, through clenched teeth. "Because, I don't like it when you drink..." she murmured, looking at her feet. She heard David sigh then get up. When he came back, he had pop in his glass. He sat in down on the table again. "No, I didn't drink it, I poured it out," he said, looking up at her. It was then that she realized that he looked like a completely different person. His eyes were bloodshot and he looked so tired. "David, what's wrong?" she asked him, getting worried. "Nothing's wrong, just tired..." he replied, leaning back on the couch, closing his eyes. Emma sat there for a minute, watching him sleep into a light sleep. She got up and began to search through his apartment. She suspected that he wasn't just drinking now. She searched through his bedroom and found nothing. She headed into the bathroom and opened the medicine cabinet. She gasped as she saw at least 10 little bottles, filled with assorted pills. She grabbed one bottle and twisted the lid off, pouring the pills into her hands. There were at least 5 different type of pills in there. She shoved them back into the bottle and looked at the labels on the bottles. None of them had David's name on them. She dropped the bottle and took a few steps back and then turned and ran. David stood up as she got to the living room and asked her "What?" She shook her head and put her hands up, telling him not to come any closer. "Pills? David? Seriously?" she spat out. His eyes bugged out and he stepped towards her. "Don't even fucking touch me! You're popping pills now? Self medicating? Honestly? What the fuck?" she shouted, pulling her fist back and hitting David as hard as she could on his cheek. "That's for every fucking time you made me feel like shit...It's over. I'm done with this ridiculous bullshit," she stepped over him as he sunk to the floor, holding his cheek. She slammed the door behind her and her mind race.

What the fuck just happened?
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