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Brendon = me

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Brendon's POV (next morning, not quite himself.)

"Amanda, time for school." I heard a female voice call from another room. I just shoved my head back in the pillow. It was softer then usual. Who the hell is Amanda? I swear, these voices in my head, they're crazy.

"Amanda, don't make me come in there!" I heard her scream again.

These voices, they won't stop. I groaned, and shoved my head deeper into the pillow.

Suddenly, the blanket's were ripped off of me.

"I'm not going to tell you again, I'm leaving for work. If you don't go to school, you're grounded!" A voice screamed. I whipped my body up, to see a middle aged lady storming out, and then, I lost my breath.

This wasn't my room. My bus.

There were pictures, of Panic, and millions of other bands, crammed on the once white looking walls, and I was sitting up in a bed with blue and teal striped sheets, and matching pillows.

I breathed in, and out. Where the fuck was I?

I heard a car pull out. Must be that physco lady. Maybe a deranged fan, that kidnapped me at night.

Maybe she had the other boys too.

I couldn't let her touch Ryan. I got up, and walked to the door, but not before I backed up to the mirror, and gasped.

In the mirror, was a semi short, brunette, teenager, about fourteen. She-I, looked down, and saw that I was wearing pajama shorts with turtles on them, and a tang top with a dinosaur on it.

Then I recognized this reflection.

It was the little bitch from the concert. The one who thinks she knows my secret.

My eyes widened when the shock set in. I was-I was in her body.

I saw from the mirror, something dazzling with the reflection. I touched it. It was that necklace, the one that me-the real me, lost the night of the concert.

She took it.

I was in her body.

I needed to find a way out. I sat down on the edge of the bed, until I came up with a brilliant proposition.

First off, I knew that it must be this fucking necklace. That crazy old hag had told me to keep it off other's and I guess this girl was wearing it.

I needed to find that lady, and ask her how to reverse the affect.

I needed to play this girl, for the time being, also.

Then, I started to panic. She must have my body. Where else would her soul go, without a host? A host-less body, of course.

She was going to ruin my entire life. She doesn't know me, she doesn't know how to be me. No one does.

The boys are going to think I'm this big idiot.

Oh my god...

She's going to make a fool out of me, in front of him. In front of Ryan.

I gulped, and glanced around at the posters on the walls. I saw one that had me and Ryan hugging each other. Under, in big bold letters it said

"Proud Supporter Of Rydon."

I cracked a smile. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad. Maybe she won't be afraid to hook me and Ryan up, and so when we switch back, I'll be all set.

"Amanda, come on. Ten minutes." A scrawny, lanky boy, about 12, said, walking in.

"Oh, okay." I said, nodding, and walking to the closet, to pick out an outfit for school.

I took out skinny jeans, a tang top and hoodie, and converse, and got into them, then I traced my eyes with eyeliner, and ran a comb through my new hair. I need to get out of this body, I need to get back to my normal life.

"Amanda, come on!" The little boy yelled.

"Who are you, again?" I asked. I needed names, I need to play this kid.

"Uh, you're brother...Tim?" he said, moving his hand.

I giggled, like a girl.

"Totally, I mean ugh." I said, flipping my hair, like a girl.

"I totally know you're my brother, ugh, bro." I said.

Hey, I might be a little feminine, but I'm no girl.

Tim just looked at me, and nodded his head, turning towards the door. I grabbed uh, Amanda's backpack, and headed out the door, behind Tim. We walked down the driveway, and too the bus.

How was I suppose to survive today? Who will I know who my friends are? What classes will I know to go too? Oh shit.

Soon, the bus pulled up, and we walked on. I looked around for any faces who may look like they know me.

"Amanda!" I heard. I looked over, at a boy sitting in a seat in the back of the bus. I nodded at him, and walked over to him, and sat.

"Hey, how was your weekend?" he asked.

"G-good." I said, trying to think of what a girl would say.

"Cool, I hung out with Leah. Not too much happened. A kiss here or there, that's it." he said.

I gasped.

"No way? Get out!" I said. I didn't know what I was doing.

He starred at me blankly.

"Yeah, she's my girlfriend so...I'd expect..." he said.

"Oh! Of course! Leah, haha, I love that girl!" I said, laughing.

"I thought you hated Leah?" he said.

I stopped laughing, and thought up something quick.

", I've never actually, hated her. More so, dislike. She's...okay. She's okay." I said, nodding my head.

He starred at me.

"So uh..." I said, looking for a name.

"Eric." he said, filling me in.

"Of course, Eric, uh, did you get uh, Riot? It came out a few days ago." I said, trying to start conversation.

"Riot?" he asked.

"Paramore?" I said.

"Is that one of your gay boy bands?" he asked.

"Uh...Hayley Williams, not a boy." I said.

"Now you're starting to sound sane, the way you always defend your gay little bands, like Panic at the show..." he said.

"Disco." I corrected. Yeah, I didn't like this Eric kid.

"Sure, whatever, I still say Ryan Ross takes it up the ass, and the top hat guy is the one giving it to him." he said.

I giggled.

"Eric! That is so mean...I mean...Ryan Ross doesn't like Brendon Urie, he likes me." I said.

I was starting to get a hold on this teenage girl thing.

"What ever you say." he said.

"So what kind of music do you like?" I asked, crossing my leg.

"Amanda, you know..." he said.

"Tell me again." I said.

"Kill Switch Engaged, Underoath, Gym Class Heroes, Marilyn Manson..." he said.

"Quite a variety. I love Travie." I said.

"Travie's the man." he said.

"Yeah son." I agreed.

"Yeah son?" he asked.

"Yeah son." I said.

He nodded.

Soon, the torture was over, and the bus was at the school. I got off, Eric nipping my ear off with words, about nothing.

"Amanda!" I heard. I turned my head, and saw a skinny, black haired girl run up to me.

"Hey!" I said. I recognized her. She was the one with Amanda, the one who was shy. Katie! Yes! I have a name.

"I still can't believe we meet Bden last night!" she said.

"I know right, Bdens the man, so hot." I said.

She wound up, and slapped me in the face.

"What was that for?" I asked.

"Brendon's my man!" she said, giggling after.

"Oh yes, I forgot." I said. How. Awkward. If only she knew.

"Don't you mean "He's so Ryan's?" she said.

"Uh, yes!" I said.

She nodded, kind of confused.

"Still got the necklace?" she asked.

I nodded.

"We need to get this back to him." I said.

"What?! Never!" she said, giggling after.

I nodded. I'd have to do this myself.

We walked into school, and I followed Katie to her locker. She looked back. "Aren't you going to put your books in your locker?" she asked.

"Uh, which one's mine?" I asked.

"That one." she said, pointing to the last locker in the row on the right.

"Right, haha." I said, walking over to it, and lifting the hatch up. It didn't open.

"Katie, do you know my combo?" I asked.

"Yup, why?" she asked. "Cause, I kind of uh, forget it." I said. Wow, school is going to be hell today.

"Oh, okay. Step aside." she said, as she bent down, to open my locker.

"Thanks!" I said, when the locker flew open. Katie dodged at a picture of me in Amanda's locker, and then she licked it.

"Ew?" I expressed.

"I love Bren." she said, skipping over to her locker.

My eyes grew wide. She cannot possibly be my best friend for how ever long this is going to take. I can't live with her. She's a creep.

I looked at all of the pictures of Ryan in this locker, and it made me smile. At least I got to look at him while I was at this horrible school.

"Go to English, Amanda." Katie said. I nodded my head, and walked off. Maybe if I just used my knowledge to my best advantage, and did the class like a normal person, things wouldn't go wrong.

Dude, this is so fucking scary.
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