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Chapter 2

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Another One

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"Okay I'll see you next week...bye" Talinda said before hanging up the phone. She then wrote down the appointment for next week on her schedule. 'I should get going before it gets too late. I still have to go over to Chester's. Hopefully Draven is still there so I can start working on there case' she thought to herself as she put some files in her brief case. She then got up from her chair and walked out of her office, locking the door.
"Bye Jennifer. I'll see you tomorrow" she said to her receptionist.

"See you tomorrow Talinda" Jennifer said.

After staying bye to her receptionist she walked out of the building going over to her car. She got in and drove off to Chester's. When she pulled up to his house she got out and grabbed her brief case and then walked up to his door.
"Hey Chester" she said when he answer the door.

"Uh...Talinda what are you doing here? I still have Draven with me" he said/asked.

"I'm not here to be your girlfriend. I'm here to be your lawyer. We need to go over the custody case and talk about what's to be expected at the hearing. And I need to talk to Draven also" she said.

"Samantha is going to kill me if she found out that I let you talk to Draven"

"Chester, her lawyer is going to be talking to Draven too. Will both be asking the same questions. And since this is a custody battle the judge will be talking to him before the hearing"

"Alright" he said moving out of the way, letting her come in. He then walked her into his dining area, "We could talk here"

"Okay" she said putting her brief case down on the table.

"Do you want to talk to him now?" he asked.

"If it's okay with you" she said.

"Let me go get him then" he said. Before he walked away to go and get Draven, he gave her a kiss on the cheek not knowing that Draven was watching them, since the dining room was open enough to see through from the living room, "I'll be back" he said.
When he walked away, going down the small steps, Talinda pulled out the paper work to the custody case. She then pulled out a small tape recorder, so she could record what Draven said as she read off the questions she wrote down in advance.

"Okay buddy, Talinda wants to talk to you" she heard Chester said as he walked back into the dining room with Draven. He sat him down in a chair that was in front of her.

She pressed the record button on the tape recorder before she spoke to him, "Hi Draven. How are you?" she asked the little boy.

"Okay" he said. She then looked at the questions she had written down.

"Do you have fun being with you mommy?"

"Yeah. I love being with my mommy and daddy" he said.

"Okay. This is my last question for you and I don't want to upset you by it, okay?" she said.


"Who would you like to live more with?" she asked him.

"My daddy" he said.

"Okay that's it Draven. You can go and play now" she said stopping the tape recorder. Once he was out of the room she looked up at Chester, "Are you shocked by his answer?"

"No, not really" he said sitting in the chair that Draven had sat in.

After she asked him that, they started going over the case. Half way through the door rang.
"That's probably Samantha" he said getting up.

"You know what? We could call it a night and I could come back tomorrow"

"Yeah that would be good. I have to go anyway and meet with the guys" he said before leaving the dining area.

While she was putting the files away she could hear them talking and from the sound of it Samantha knew she was here. She turned her head to look into the living room and saw the Sam was already in there. She looked back at the files and continued putting them away. While doing that she heard Sam asking Draven if he was ready to go and heard him say no to her. Once she was finished putting her stuff away she walked over to Chester and stood next to him as Sam walked out of the room. When she came back out Chester told her he would get Draven's carseat out of his car since he was going to see the guys. 'No that can't be her, the last I heard about her she was still in Arizona' Talinda thought about Samantha since she really never met her before and she reminded her of an old best friend who's name was Samantha too. As she saw Sam put Draven's car seat in her car she told Chester that she would see him tomorrow. She went to her car and sat in it waiting for Sam to leave since her car was park behind Talinda's. When she left Talinda turned on her car and back out of Chester's driveway and drove off to her place.
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