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The Candy Bandits

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The next day, Pete, Andy and Joe got up bright and early. They woke Patrick around 7:00 to take him shopping. Joe was going to take him to the mall and to the hat store.
Once Joe and Patrick had left the house, with Patrick still not knowing what was going on, Pete and Andy went out to the party store to get decorations for the party they would have later on that night.

"How about these!" Andy exclaimed, holding pink party hats up to Pete's face.

Pete smiled. "Yeah! But get purple instead."

"Ohh! Look at these!" Pete said, grabbing a bag of balloons.

Andy gasped. "Yeah dude! We NEED balloons!"

"Let's get em'!" Pete cheered.

"YAY!" Andy cheered as well

"What else do we need?" Andy asked, looking down the aisle to his right.

"Um, don't we need like, party gifts or something like that?" Pete questioned.

"Oh yeah. What are we gonna give the guests?" Andy said, trying on a sumbrero

" about....CANDY!!" Pete went rushing down an aisle and began throwing candy into the cart.

"Yeah! Make sure to get those chocolatey thingys too. And those, green things, whatever they are. And maybe a few of those. And....some of those, and a few of those blue hard candy things. Oh yeah, and some gummi bears." Andy pointed out the candy while Pete threw them carelessly into the nearly filled cart.

The two of them searched the entire store until almost everything had been bought. Nearly the entire store was empty by the time they were done. When they were finished, Pete and Andy had two seperate carts. Pete's cart filled entirely with candy, and Andy's cart filled with balloons and other party items.

"Ok. Your total is 3,568 dollars and 57 cents." The clerk said in a dull, monotone voice.

"Wow. I didn't think we bought that much. Let's put back these gummy eyeballs." Pete reached in to the cart and threw the gummy eyeballs behind him on the floor.

"Ok, now what's the total?"

" 3,568 dollars and 13 cents." The cleark answered.

"Hmm, alright. Good enough." Andy replied.

Pete dug out his wallet and opened it. His eyes grew wide and then he put his wallet away. "Hey Andy, you can pay this one."

Andy looked shocked. "No way dude! I didn't bring any money!"

"What kind of dumbfuck's don't bring money to a party store?" Pete asked.

"Us." Andy simply replied.

The clerk starred at them, being amused by what he was seeing.

Pete leaned over to Andy and whispered something to him, so the clerk couldn't hear.

"One." Pete counted. "Two..... THREE!"

The two of them dashed out of the store, wheeling their carts at lightining speed in front of them.

Out of all the things in the world they could have stolen, they chose party favors.

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