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Patrick "Over The Hill" Stump

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party planning at its worst

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Once Pete and Andy ran home with their stolen party items, they closed and locked the door. They were sure that the cashier would have called the Police. Especially since they stole 3,000 dollars worth of candy and party toys.
When they made sure no one was after them, they unpacked the stolen goods, and started heavily decorating the Kitchen, Livingroom and the rest of the house.

"Hey Andy, could you pass the balloons?" Pete asked.

"Oh yeah, here ya go." Andy passed him the bag of balloons.

Pete opened the bag and began to blow one of them up. When he finished, he read the message on the front of the balloon.

"Over the hill? What the fuck?" Pete was confused.

"What? Aw man, we got him old people balloons." Andy pouted.

"Whatever, i'm using them anyways." Pete continued to blow up the rest up the balloons ignoring the fact that his friend was not "over the hill" and was only turning 24.

"What time did Joe say he would be back with Patrick?" Andy asked as he put up more banners across the top of the door.

"Uh, like 4ish. Why?" Pete said.

"Because it's 4 now..." Andy muttered.

"What!?" Pete yelled.

"Andy! We havn't even invitved people over yet!? We havn't got a cake!? We don't even have presents!!"

"Oh god! Quickly, start calling people!" Andy threw down the decorations in his hands and ran into the other room to get wrapping paper.

Pete began dialing phone numbers for close friends of Patrick's and other friends of theirs.

"Hey, Travis. Can you come over in like, 5 seconds?" He asked without saying a hello first.

"Yeah ok. You need to bring a present for Patrick."

"Yeah sure. Ok bye."

Once he was done, he called a few more people. Ryan Ross, Brendon Urie, Spencer Smith, Jon Walker, Travis from GymClassHeros and Kate. Which made 9 people counting himself, Andy and Joe.

"Ok. People are coming!" Pete called out to Andy.

"Great! Now we just need presents!" Andy yelled from the other room.

"Ok. Quickly! Make him somehting!" Pete went running into the other room where Andy was.

"Do I look like Martha Stewart to you?"Andy said sarcasticly

"Yeah a little bit." Pete joked.

"Ha ha. Seriously though, what am I sopossed to make him?"

"Um...Oh i know! Didn't your grandmother teach you how to knit or something?"

"Well yeah but, i'm not that good at it..." Andy looked down at the ground

"Who cares. Knit him a sweater." Pete suggested.

"Yeah alright. I need yarn. Green yarn to be exsact."

"Yeah ok, here." Pete reached his hand into the craft box and pulled out a ball of green yarn.

"Niceness." Andy mumbled.

"Ok, knit away my friend! Knit away! Use your magical knitting powers to make our friend a beautiful sweater. Knit a sweater to make Pat feel better, knit your little heart out. Knitting is fun, it's easily done just knit, knit, knit!" Pete sang

"Ok Pete! I get it!" Andy yelled.

"Yikes, sorry."

haha, funny. Right? yeah, i thought so. kudos to me!
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