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Because of Eric

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it's PG-13 for now. but basically the story about frank and his sister getting thrown out there house at a young age by the mother and her boyfriend tha abuses her. his sister gets sent to her gran...

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this story was written because i think i have borderline personality depression, and also to get me out of my writer block for lust. so hopefully it anyways please review and rates, they will be appericated. and also this story isn't just about Frank, the other memebers of My chemical romance are involved as well.

"Because of Eric"

It had always been cold in Maine frank thought sitting on the ledge of the windowsill blowing his hot breath on window to make funny pictures. Ever since he was born he had loved Maine, well Frank didn't really have any comparisons since he had never been out of the state nor the city he didn't even know any of his family. His mom didn't like to get together with family, she would say 'family is just more drama to ruin up your life,' but frank knew the real reason why, because Eric prohibited it. He didn't want them to know anybody, he barely wanted frank and Alaska going to school, but you never questioned him, and you never fought.

Eric didn't enjoy frank and his sister Alaska's company in the house, he would continually tell their mother how they were just ruining her life, and Frank could see she was beginning to believe him.

Frank turned from the window to look at the arising fire, that Eric was messing with. Frank thought about running up to him and pushing him into the fire. He had ruined everything.

Because of Eric there mother didn't tell them bedtime stories.
Because of Eric there mother made them walk to school, in rain and snow.
Because of Eric there mother moved Frank and Alaska down in the basement.
Because of Eric Alaska and Frank had to clean up broken plates and cups when Eric wasn't having a good day.
Because of Eric there mother couldn't care for them like she used to because Eric wouldn't let her.
Because of Eric Alaska and frank had to listen to there mother cry herself to sleep at least once a month. But now it was becoming more frequently, and Frank was afraid that he would kill her.

He wouldn't frank thought getting off the ledge and passing Eric working on the fire still while Frank continued to grit his teeth to show that he wasn't afraid to kill, walking out of the living room, and into the kitchen to help his mother and sister.

His mother was working on dinner while Alaska worked on setting the table. His mother had told them earlier today that she had something important to tell them at dinner. She had been very nice, and Eric had stayed out of everybody's way, but Frank did notice that he brought some boxes into the house.

Maybe he was finally leaving.
Maybe she had finally found the courage to through his ass out.

"Mom why can't you tell us the news?" Frank whined going over to his mother and wrapping his little arms around her hips. Frank's mother nudged frank off of her sending him a nasty look.

"I said at dinner, now go back into the living room and wait for dinner to be ready or go and help your sister." She spat at him. Frank felt like he was going to cry. But he sucked it up and went over to his sister.

Alaska rubbed his back comfortingly murmuring "she doesn't mean to be so cold Frank. She doesn't mean it Frank. She's just sad, I can tell." Frank looked up at his older sister, maybe she was just having a bad day. But this news would probably make her back to happy. News always made frank cheer up, well unless it was bad but frank highly doubted that.

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