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The Boogie man is here again

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Frank awakes from his dreams.

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I'm very glad people liked this story. and i'm actually really enjoying writing as well. This was a difficult subject to write about. i had to look up so much information and then i had to check if the websites were biased or not. But it's so much fun.
and ways hears more of the story, and i hope it's too yall liking.

"The Boogie man is here again."

Everybody was seated at the table, except Eric. Who decided that watching a movie in the living room was more important? He's Mom wanted them to eat together; she wanted them all to be a family.

"Honey don't you think you should join us?" Mom yelled getting up and grabbing the main dish and passing it around the table to each of them. "It's family time sweetie." Eric laughed.

"There not my family." Frank looked down at his lap and then over at his sister who was doing the same. "Stupid woman." He muttered. Frank hated when Eric insulted his mother, she was not stupid, nor worthless, or anything else he called her.

Frank watched as his mother looked away and then down, he knew she was blaming herself again, when it wasn't even her fault. She hadn't not done anything.

"I ain't eating no where near those ugly, disrespectful, ungrateful kids, so if you want me in there you better move them." Eric said coming into the kitchen and leaning against the counter, watching Frank and Alaska look anywhere but at him. They weren't allowed to look at him at dinnertime. It was another rule that his mother had enforced over the sake of Eric getting mad at them all.

Mother looked at us hesitantly before speaking up. "Why are you two still at the table? you heard your father move your asses away from the table. Go take your food and go to the basement." Eric grinned he had gotten his way again.

"He's not my father." Frank said under his breath before standing up and grabbing his water and plate. Everybody heard what he had said. Eric walked around the table to where frank was standing and grabbed him by the collar and yanked him up so there faces were just meters away.

"Ignorant ass little boy, I wouldn't want to be your father if I was." He began. Frank dropped his plate and glass on the floor he couldn't hold on any longer because of the situation he was in. "Look what you have done!" he yelled, punching Frank in his stomach. Frank made out a cry, gasping for air.

"Eric I think that's enough." Frank's mother said quietly not moving an inch from her spot.

"Shut up bitch, it's your fault his like this, he needs to learn how to be respectful of his elders." He said punching Frank again in his stomach. Frank wheezed choking up blood. There wasn't much more the little boy could take.

"Look what you're doing to him. He's just a little boy." Alaska yelled. "Stop hitting him, before you kill him."

"You shut up before I take you up stairs." Eric yelled still holding on to Frank firmly even though he wasn't moving anymore, he was just coughing up blood. He was barely breathing. Alaska didn't back down, even though she knew what he meant she had to help her brother.

Alaska grabbed her glass and slammed the tip of the top onto the table making it into jagged sharp edges. "Your going to cut me bitch. You wouldn't dare. You wouldn't fucking dare." He spat her.

Frank begged his eyes to stay opened as he watched his sister stand strong as she held the broken glass in her hand. He knew she had suffered more abuse then anybody in the house did. She was so brave.

"What you little bitch? You're really asking for it." Eric released Frank pushing him away, and making him and fall and hit his head on the table.

Frank awoke up in his big bedroom searching for his light, and an explanation and why he continued to dream about his shitty childhood. Frank found his nightlight and turned it on, glancing around his room to make sure everything was in place, he wouldn't want to be lucid dreaming.

Frank didn't like thinking about his neglectful childhood because of his uncaring mother and her abusive boyfriend. He was ashamed to even speak of his mother, but just because he was ashamed of her didn't mean he didn't care for her love. Frank got of his bed and stretched, while taking a look over at his nightstand that held his alarm clock that read 3:55am.

"Okay just 3 hours still school." He whispered to himself. Frank looked toward the door, he could hear upcoming footsteps, not too far away and he knew it was from either his aunt or uncle.

"Franklin are you okay in there? We heard moving and we just wanted to check up on you." His aunt Claire said on the other side of the door. Frank sat back down on the bed.

"Yes ma'am. I just had a bad dream. But I'm okay now, thank you for checking up on me." He said nicely. He didn't want to deal with there over worrying selves at this early in the morning.

"Your welcome sweetie, try to go back to bed. Do you want me to come in there and see if the boogie monster is under your bed or in your closet?" she said laughing at the end. He hated when she joked early in the morning. Just go away he thought.

"Yeah I really need you to check if the boogie man is in my room because I'm a 16 year old boy that still gets up every night to look under his bed and closet, and contently pee's on himself 3 times a week--" Aunt Claire came in.

"Well you don't have to be so mean Frank. You used to Frank. Just when you were this big." She placed her hand to the middle of her thigh.

Frank shook his head, why did adults contently lie. "Sorry. I didn't even know you when I was that tall." She thought about it for a while.

"Probably." They sat in silence for a while. Before Frank told her he better be going back to sleep or he would end up sleeping in all his classes. She laughed and left out the same door she came through. Frank couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief.
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