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"Self Mutilation"

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self harming. what is a wrist banger?

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Okay i'm so happy people are enjoying this story. I was so scared that nobody would like it. anyways i already have another plan for a different story but that won't be out into i get finished with my other story lust.
and also I'm sorry for the short chapter. If i feel up to it, and loved i'll update tonight if i don't then i'll update tomorrow or next friday. sorry.

oh yeah this chapter dedicated to clutsy_93 and MCRfanXX for giving me love for the other two chapters and encouraging me to update

"Self Mutilation"

It was getting later and later and Frank could not find sleep. He tried making himself dream, thinking of his sister, and the next time he was going to see her and Grandma. He tried counting imaginary sheep but that wasn't helping either. So he just lay there until he heard yelling and screaming from downstairs.

"I took your ass in when nobody wanted you, and then you question my opinion, what I say." Eric yelled. Frank could tell it was he's voice, the voice that he hated the most. He could hear his mom crying begging for him to calm down, that she was sorry.

"Eric please." She begged crawling toward him. Eric began to shake his head violently at her, trying to send a message that there was nothing she could say to stop him from being angry. "Please Eric, They're my children. What kind of mother would I be if I let you do that to her?" She wrapped her arms around his legs so he wouldn't be able to walk out, like how he promised he would. Eric tried kicking her, and shoving her away but she wouldn't move, she wouldn't budge, she would not let him walk out so she could return to the poor lifestyle her and her kids had to live in.

Finally he just gave up and punched her in the face, sending Frank and Alaska's mother backwards lying on the floor. His mother screamed from the pain. "Shut up!" He yelled. "Just shut the fuck up! You asked for this."

And that's when Frank got up and went to the door about to walk out, when he felt someone grab his arm and wrap him into a comforting hug. It was his sister, and she was as afraid as he was.

That night Alaska and Frank never had another petty fight.
That night Alaska became Frank's best friend
That night was the night there mother stopped loving them, when she put her boyfriend before them.

Frank's eyes shot open, missing his sister, and hating the man that had split them up, and his mother.

He couldn't go back to sleep. He couldn't have another horrible dream. Frank didn't bother trying to turn on the light; he would only wake up his aunt and uncle, which he really didn't want to do again.

So Frank got out of the bed and tipped toed to the Computer, and sat down on the chair. Turning on the motor and logging on to his private yahoo account that he only used to contact his sister. But when he got there it read 5 messages, but none of them were from Alaska, they were just businesses, and special offers.

Frank felt rage of anger over come him. He fucking knew it, he fucking knew it. She didn't want him in her life anymore; she had found a new little brother to take care, one that wasn't so bothersome he thought, or worse a little sister.

"She doesn't want me anymore." Frank whispered to himself, turning away from the computer, and letting his tears fall. "She doesn't like me anymore. She hates me."

"She fucking hates me!" he yelled. "She fucking hates me!" he chanted getting louder and louder. He could hear his uncle and aunt getting up, and coming to his room, but he couldn't stop himself he was too anger, he needed to leave, he needed to get out, he felt like he was suffocating himself. Killing him. Frank stood up and ran over to his door and locked it just in time before he's aunt and uncle could open it.

Frank picked up his guitar that was beside the door and slammed it into his amp over and over again, and threw it on his bed. He was tired of people forgetting him. He was tired of being hated, being not loved. More tears ran down his face, tears that would not stop running down his soft burning red skin. He threw himself on the bed and began banging his wrist into the headboard, he needed to hurt himself. He needed to see the purple and blue veins and arteries pumping oxygenated and deoxygenated blood every second of his existence.

Frank wrist began to hurt, and his fingers had felt like they were going to fall off. Sometimes his wrists would start to hurt like a time like this, especially the veins, and other times it wouldn't feel like the blood had glass in it, and it's cutting up the insides of his veins.

"Hey honey open the door up." Aunt Claire yelled at Frank in a concerned voice.

"Yea Frank open up. What was all that yelling about Frank?" They both sounded concern, and Frank began to feel terribly guilty.

"Uhh nothing, I just had another bad dream. I'm sorry I worried you guys. But I really don't want to talk about the situation now, can we talk in the morning or in the afternoon tomorrow." Frank held his arm up, because right now it had no strength but he knew the feeling would kick back in pretty soon. Frank walked into his bathroom to look for his bandage that he often used for situations like this.

"Okay Frank, will talk to you when you get home from school sweetie." Aunt Claire said and off they went. They were so nice to him Frank thought, too bad he was so screwed up. And now he was unlovable. Nobody wanted him. Frank pushed the thought out of his head, he didn't want to think about Alaska or anybody else that reminded him of his past. He didn't want to do anything else to himself.

If he did become self destructed again. He would simply puck the rubber band on his arm. He gave little harm to him, but it was he's therapy of trying to over come of self-injury.

Frank pulled on his sweat pants, white t-shirt, and old dusty shoes that his aunt and uncle continually encouraged him to throw them away, but he would always tell them they were special, that they were history. They never believed him though. Frank grabbed his pack off cigarettes and lighter, and lifted up his bedroom window and climbed out down the house vines using one arm.

He didn't want to inflict any more pain on himself that was serious.

Frank honestly didn't nowhere he was planning to go, he just needed to get away from his house. He had already smoked one whole cigarette and him was begging himself to treat with the last one, but something told him, to save it.

Why to burn myself again? He asked himself daringly.

Frank turned down the next street only for his attention to be caught by a body on the sidewalk.

I'm sorry that i didn't tell you about what happen to the sister, but you'll find out later on in the story.
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